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The three-grating optical interferometer used as a monitoring and stabilization device for an atomic interferometer

The three-grating optical interferometer is studied to identify restrictions
on alignment and improve stability. A description of the way a three-grating
interferometer works is given as well as a method for proper set up. The overall
power loss through the three gratings is measured and can be used to estimate
the amount of atoms that will be detected at the output of the atomic
interferometer. Criteria are developed for misalignment affects. Equations are
presented for spacing and rotation limitations which can then be applied to the
atomic interferometer. A stabilization technique is developed using a servo
system. The elimination of low frequency inertial noise is accomplished. / Graduation date: 1997
Date19 February 1997
CreatorsLopez, Peggy A.
ContributorsMcIntyre, David H.
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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