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Using cognitive behavioral techniques to help adolescents with mental health issues| A grant proposal

<p> The purpose of this proposal was to identify the need and write a grant to fund a mental health school based program for adolescents that have a variety of mental health concerns using cognitive behavior therapy techniques. The sponsoring school for the grant proposal was Gladstone High School in Azusa, California. If funded, the school will be able to implement provide mental health services specifically to the students of Gladstone High School. This program that consists of a licensed clinical social worker and 3 master of social work interns will help assess mental health needs of students, provide cognitive behavioral interventions in individual counseling sessions, psychoeducation groups for students, mental health trainings for students, teachers, and families, and meeting with students/families to track their progress.</p>
Date30 July 2016
CreatorsBarnes, Naomi
PublisherCalifornia State University, Long Beach
Detected LanguageEnglish

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