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Developing Test Methods for the Evaluation of Scooter Performance in Winter Conditions

Electric mobility scooters are increasing in popularity and are used extensively by individuals with mobility impairments to conduct activities of daily living. Scientific literature on the safety and efficacy of scooters in winter conditions is sparse and the current technical standards for scooters do not mandate testing in these conditions. This study paves the way for more rigorous standard testing by: 1) Describing a novel, motion-capture based method to quantify the tractive performance of scooters; 2) Describing methods to create a wide variety of simulated winter conditions; 3) Presenting pilot-test results of a scooter driven in these winter conditions. The outcomes of this study are significant because it is the first study to evaluate the performance of a scooter in winter conditions. Furthermore, it constitutes the first phase of a broader initiative to develop a rigorous, new winter test method for scooters and drive improvements in safety, performance and design.
Date09 December 2013
CreatorsOhri, Varun
ContributorsFernie, Geoff
Source SetsUniversity of Toronto
Detected LanguageEnglish

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