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Produktionsanalys på Efterbehandling

<p>Arvika Smide is a supplier to the automotive industry with a focus on advanced drop forgings including powertrain and bearings. The great experience and high quality is Arvika Smide’s speciality. Today's competition in the industries puts high demands on the efficiency where each company has a quest for perfection.</p><p>Arvika Smide has been through the thesis of Karlstad University, called for a situation analysis of aftertreatment whose effectiveness has not been fully desirable. The department includes the production steps blasting, quality control and packaging.</p><p>The thesis contains the results from the situation analysis and comparisons of the calculations for selected reference period Q4 2009<sup>th</sup>. The basis for the situation analysis has been carried out by extensive studies of production in close cooperation with the department's operators. For monitoring and developing of the current situation the project Bläster 2010 was started, which is an efficiency project aimed at developing 5S-work of the department and reach the goal of an e-factor of 1.0.</p><p>The Efficiency factor should work in a central part in the process which is the most important key figure.</p><p>A number of suggestions based on the current situation analysis are presented which is seen as inspiring ideas for further work.</p><p>The result reveals a number of factors affecting the cause of the current situation. The absence of a well-established production system, for example <em>Lean Production</em> together with communication, is the more abstract problems, while the mechanical defects of the blaster machines represents another significant part.</p>
Date January 2010
CreatorsSundbäck, Erik
PublisherKarlstad University, Faculty of Technology and Science
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, text

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