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Bedömning av teori och praktik : En jämförelse mellan teoretiska prov och nationella kursmål i ämnet idrott och hälsa A

A significant amount of a teacher’s work consists of evaluation and marking of the students, which involves a great responsibility. This essay put the teacher’s evaluation of the students in focus. Today’s course Idrott och hälsa A, at the upper secondary school level, consists of 100 points and all students take this course apart from students attending apprentice programs. A student’s knowledge should be judged with respect to the goals that are set up for a certain course. The teachers’ task is to individually interpret the national goals and thus be able to motivate the evaluation of the students’ knowledge in accordance with these goals. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate theoretical tests in Idrott och hälsa A towards the national goals of the course. The question formulation is consequently, how correspond schools theoretical test in Idrott och hälsa A with national goals? Consequently, theoretical tests in Idrott och hälsa A at upper secondary school level were reviewed and categorised according to Bloom’s revised taxonomy. At the same time, the goals of Idrott och hälsa A have been categorised in order to compare the individual test questions to the national goals of the course. The result is that the tests in most cases do not reach the same level in the process dimensions as the national goals. However, in some cases, the tests reach a higher level than the national goals. The fact that there are big differences between the test questions and the national goals of the course could mean that different teachers are setting up either too high or too low demands on the students in comparison to the national goals. Levin & Marton speak of the importance to set up tests in accordance with the predefined goals, in this case the national goals of the course. In other subjects, there are national tests but these tests do not exist within Idrott och hälsa, it might facilitate for the teachers having a national test as a base when evaluating the student. However, it still remains that national tests do not cover all national goals of the course, and therefore there still needs to be additional, complementary tests.
Date January 2009
CreatorsNelson, Erica, Nordfors, Susanna
PublisherHögskolan i Kalmar, Humanvetenskapliga institutionen, Högskolan i Kalmar, Humanvetenskapliga institutionen
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis, text
RelationHumanvetenskapliga institutionens rapportserie / Högskolan i Kalmar, 1654-6482

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