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A DiscourseAnalysis of Leadership in Non-Profit Cross-Cultural Organizations in Chiang Mai, Thailand : A Minor Field Study

This study is a discourse analysis of leadership among Thai staffworking in non-profit cross-cultural organizations in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The purpose is to study the pervading leadership discourses, how these are affected by the fact that they are working in non-profit cross-cultural organizations, and how the staffexperiencesconflicting discourses in the organization. The material consists of six interviews with Thai staff. The result includeseight leadership discourses, where the two greatest are relational leadership and national culture. Relational leadership includes the importance of relationship between leaders and followers, something that also characterizes the Thai culture. The national culture discourse consists of descriptions of leadership stylesthatdepend onnational culture. Several of the other leadership discourses presented also include similarities with the Thai culture as explained by for example Hofstede (1980) and Ukosakul (2005), while others are descriptions of transformationalleadership, a leadership style said by some to be universal(Den Hartog, House,Hanges, & Ruiz-Quintanilla, 1999). The leadership discourses are affected by the fact that the informants are working in non-profit cross-cultural organizations, causing for example challenges in communication. The informants also describe that they adapt to theculturesof the people they are working with, but also expect leaders to adapt to the local culture and context. Despite differences in national culture, the organizational goals create a common base. The conflicting discourses that are describedhave to do with national cultures, both between different national cultures, but also between culture and personality or religious discourses.
Date January 2014
CreatorsArenander, Charlotte
PublisherUmeƄ universitet, Sociologiska institutionen
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis, text

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