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Skin Cancer Knowledge and Prevention Counseling among Arizona Pharmacists

Class of 2009 Abstract / OBJECTIVES: Skin cancer is particularly prevalent in Arizona, with incidence rates ranking number two worldwide. Pharmacists are useful advocates for educating patients about the risks of skin cancer and methods of prevention. This study was conducted to assess pharmacists’ knowledge of skin cancer and their demographics and to evaluate how these factors impact skin cancer prevention patient counseling.
METHODS: Participants were recruited using a listserv from pharmacists that were members of the Arizona Pharmacy Alliance or preceptors of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. Subjects completed an online questionnaire consisting of knowledge- based questions, questions about patient counseling preferences and subject demographics.
RESULTS: The average score by pharmacists on the Skin Cancer and Sun Exposure Knowledge Indicator was 5.8 + 1.9. Pharmacists living in Arizona for longer times were more likely to know the minimum recommended SPF of sunscreen for adults to use when outdoors (p=0.003) and the factors associated with malignant melanoma prognosis/survival (p=0.004), but were less likely to know the definition of ABCD acronym (p=0.027). Having a family or friend diagnosed with any form of skin cancer or precancerous skin condition led to more pharmacists knowing the risk factors for developing melanoma (p=0.046) and knowing how often to apply water resistant sunscreen (p=0.035).
CONCLUSIONS: The length of pharmacy practice in Arizona and having a family member or close friend affected by skin cancer significantly impacted a pharmacists’ knowledge of skin cancer.
Date January 2009
CreatorsCampbell, Charlotte, Van Allen, Ashley, Vincent, Erin
ContributorsArmstrong, Edward P., College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona
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