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On the interactions between supply chain and project management : theoretical and empirical considerations

The research presented in this document is predominantly addressed via eight main journal publications and further supported by fifteen conference proceedings, other industrial projects and research grants. The research rests on two interlinked main pillars within the overall scientific discipline of Operations Management namely Supply Chain Management and Project Management. It focuses on "softer" contemporary themes where the overall contribution falls within the thematic area of collaboration, integration and development. The contribution is realized via research in numerous "softer" contemporary themes such as leadership styles, organizational structures and cultures, cooperation, knowledge management, usage of new technologies and strategy, all within the two aforementioned pillars. Application ranges from private small medium enterprises to larger organizations and to the public sector. In that respect my research addresses the needs of practitioners while providing a clear contribution to the relevant body of knowledge. Methodologically, the work presented here utilizes the grounded theory approach. Arguably, large sample, positivistic driven, survey methodologies are certainly very useful in providing an understanding of "how much" and "how many" as well as drawing inferences to a larger population. Nevertheless, they cannot provide the information required regarding "how" or "why" events occur which relate directly to most of the work presented in this document. Consequently, a case-based methodology has been employed directly or indirectly in all papers addressed here. In all instances the main criterion used to select cases as part of the data collection process was based on theoretical relevance.
Date January 2011
CreatorsPolychronakis, Yiannis E.
PublisherUniversity of Salford
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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