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The development of a fire safety evaluation procedure for the educational establishment

The thesis proposes a solution towards the evaluation of acceptable fire safety standards for the Educational Establishment particularly the Secondary Boarding Schools in Malaysia. The approach taken was the analysis of the available regulations, the development of questionnaires, the acquisition of the professionals and non-building professionals perceptions and knowledge, formation of check lists and some experimental work. Bibliographical studies were carried out to identify the problems and objectives to focus upon within the research scope. Questionnaires were used to investigate human behavior and reactions in confronting fire emergencies and also the occupant's level of awareness about the importance of fire safety. They also assisted in the confirmation of the existing and expected risk, fire threat and safety features that might contribute to safety within the establishment's boundary. Two Delphi groups were formed to undertake the study of the loss of impact, the development of a rank order of building performance, fire safety systems, building areas, activities and occupancies. The questionnaire responses and Delphi group conclusions enabled the confirmation of the possible fire dangers and ways to tackle them. The next step of the evaluation procedure was the production of the Check List for the performance assessment of the fire safety systems. It was based on the perceptions and contributions given by the professionals which can be applied to evaluate the level of fire safety requirements and the risk to be reduced to an acceptable standard. A points scheme was introduced for the fire safety components to be evaluated in terms of numerical values within the whole procedure. Trade-off between the existing and upgrading systems can be economically referred to the outcome of the risk assessment and professional advice. The experimental model was designed with a flexible configuration for measuring the optimal location for smoke detectors in the school building plan. The results could support the decision making of the authorities and professionals on the practicality of the fire safety systems to be installed or upgraded.
Date January 1997
CreatorsIdris, Mohammed Fadzil Mohammed
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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