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An assessment of business processes development and their management practices in South Africa / M.S. Tshinu

The aim of this research was to assess the business processes development
and management practices as practiced in South Africa. This study applied a
multiple case studies research strategy. It used the qualitative research
method as its research approach, and used the grounded theory technique as
its data analysis method. The participants were senior business processes
developers from different business organisations with experience ranging
from six to thirty-two years.
Based on the participants' views, this study found that the need for effective
and well defined business processes exist as long as business organisations
exist. This is because business processes create harmony and ensure
control of different actions and activities of different stakeholders internal and
external to the organisation to ensure that organisations produce quality
products and services that satisfy the needs of their customers (internal and
external) and at the same time ensure that the vision, mission, and objectives
of these organisations are achieved.
This study also found that effective business processes can be developed
only if the organisations apply the tested best practices and principles.
Including a better understanding and mastering of the environmental factors
that interact with business processes such as the vision, mission, and
objectives of the organisation. The understanding and involvement of people
(users and executives managers) within the organisation, the understanding
of the needs and requirements of the business and its external stakeholders,
the ability to select proper management framework (s) and other related tool
(s) to be adapted or entirely used to develop the processes that satisfy the
identified needs. It is also important to mention that this study identified the
ability to establish proper measurement units (such as KPAs or KPIs) to
assess the performance of business processes and proactively develop
strategies to deal with challenges and quality requirements when developing
and managing business processes are key activities toward successful
development of business processes. / Thesis (MBA) North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, 2011
Date January 2011
CreatorsTshinu, M S
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish

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