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The openness of the concept of technology open innovation

Generally, organisations continue to strive
for sustainability and competitive advantage. This
leads some of the organisations to employ various tactics
and mechanisms in attempts to fulfill their aims and
objectives, overtime. The challenges of sustainability
and competitive advantage could also be attributed to
organisations’ reliance on technology which has
increased significantly in recent years. The increasing
competitiveness amongst the organisations drives
technology innovations. As technology evolves, more
organisations are challenged, hence the quest to explore
the concept of open innovation.
The paper focuses on the concept of open innovation
from both academic and professional (corporate)
perspectives. Through interpretivism philosophical
assumption we sought an understanding of the impact
and implications of the openness in the concept of open
Date09 May 2012
CreatorsMashilo, MM, Iyamu, T
Source SetsSouth African National ETD Portal
Detected LanguageEnglish
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