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Competitive Advantage of Environmental Sustainability

Berzengi, Raz, Linbom, Anna January 2008 (has links)
<p>More and more companies are trying to adopt a sustainability strategy, because of a growing awareness among people about a need for better environment in the future. It has been noticed that a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects is of great significance. The benefits of a strategy to become more balanced are said to be competitive advantage and stakeholder satisfaction besides the economic, social and environmental benefits.</p>

Competitive Advantage of Environmental Sustainability

Berzengi, Raz, Linbom, Anna January 2008 (has links)
More and more companies are trying to adopt a sustainability strategy, because of a growing awareness among people about a need for better environment in the future. It has been noticed that a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects is of great significance. The benefits of a strategy to become more balanced are said to be competitive advantage and stakeholder satisfaction besides the economic, social and environmental benefits.

Competitive Advantage Research of Foundry Industry Cluster¡X A Case of T Company

Wang, Chi 20 August 2010 (has links)
Abstract The foundry is a new concept of IC industry. ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute ) make the concept from a lab into a real company. It encourages many people engaged into this field. The foundry industry has become the famous logo of Taiwan¡¦s manufacturing capabilities in the world. The foundry industry made a whole new way to develop a Hi-Tech manufacturing and efficient management company in Taiwan. We could combine well all resource in this field, for example, human resource, knowledge resource, technology resource and financial resource. We are so proud of the IC capabilities and strength we got after developing years. There are no any one company to overthrow our leading position. So T company is my interesting about this topic to research it. From the leading position of foundry field to the biggest IC manufacturing company, Taiwan and TSMC are key roles of the IC stage. The research has two purposes. 1. Realize the importance of an enterprise success though a ¡§cluster¡¨ concept. And an enterprise could promote its economies of scale and enhance its own core competence in cluster conditions. 2. Explain industrial cluster for an enterprise development and competitive strategy application. Key words : Foundry, Cluster, Competitive Advantage

How to Build Up Sustained Competitive Advantage for International Express Industry - A Case Study of DHL Taiwan Corporation

Wu, Gwo-Li 22 July 2002 (has links)
An International Express Delivery Service offers "door-to-door" comprehensive domestic and international courier and bulk mail services over 200 countries in the world. Through an efficient and multi-service international shipping network, their operations include clear import/export custom clearance, set up customized flight schedule, arrange material storage, perform custom reporting, and ground logistics. In a world of increasingly global competition, an International Express Delivery Service not only provides solution (service) to satisfy their customer needs, but also approach customer's supply chain information. Then, the express service company has achieved as called "Competitive Advantage" in the global market. Companies achieve competitive advantage through analyzing conductive resources and implementing effective strategies. Ultimately, the only way to sustain competitive advantage is to upgrade companies' constant resource-to move to more sophisticated type. Since 1973, DHL, the case study of this research paper, entered Taiwan express service. Today, DHL is still the market leader in the international express industry. Successful companies, like DHL, tend to develop a bias for predictability and stability; they obtain successful factors to be in competitive advantage. This research will try to find out the factors by analyzing their resources, business scope and strategy planning.

The Study of Competitive Advantage in Taiwan Biochip Industry: exemplified by DR. Chip Biotech, Inc.

Tang, Yu-chen 03 August 2009 (has links)
At present, the global medical healthy strategy take the preventive medicine as a goal, and the most important thing of the preventive medicine prospect is personalized medical service, in which the medicine examination communication tool is the small and facile biochip platform. Lives the medicine tech industry is a strategic industry of industrial upgrading in our country, and the biochip industry is one of the important industries. The biochip industry is an emerging industry. In order to grasp this good opportunity and to avoid our country absenting in this stage, the biochip entrepreneurs need to adopt the superior strategy to satisfy the field. The focus of this research is the development process of biochip industry and industrial competitive advantage. We take Porter¡¦s raises ¡§The Competitive Advantage of Nations¡¨ diamond model as the research foundation to discuss Taiwan biochip industry. By the competitive advantage, the strategy localization and the competitive power analysis, we find out the relation between the biochip industries, the demand condition, the essential factor condition, the industrial structure and the enterprise manage. And further, we find out the influences of environment and government coordination on it. The conclusion of this research is that the biochip industry is a cross domain industry. It is possible to continue to manage forever only by the strategy alliance or the partner to seek for the market the tally company.

The openness of the concept of technology open innovation

Mashilo, MM, Iyamu, T 09 May 2012 (has links)
Abstract Generally, organisations continue to strive for sustainability and competitive advantage. This leads some of the organisations to employ various tactics and mechanisms in attempts to fulfill their aims and objectives, overtime. The challenges of sustainability and competitive advantage could also be attributed to organisations’ reliance on technology which has increased significantly in recent years. The increasing competitiveness amongst the organisations drives technology innovations. As technology evolves, more organisations are challenged, hence the quest to explore the concept of open innovation. The paper focuses on the concept of open innovation from both academic and professional (corporate) perspectives. Through interpretivism philosophical assumption we sought an understanding of the impact and implications of the openness in the concept of open innovation.

Application of mineral resource nanagement in South African mining companies (MRM) : which elements of it have contributed significant strategic competitive advantage?

William, Mack 13 May 2010 (has links)
The question of how mining companies compete is a not a new question. The study looked at the elements of corporate strategy in general but also with specific emphasis to the mining business, the elements of mineral resources management (MRM), and how the business of mining is assisted by such work. The research tapped into the experiences of people at the forefront of MRM work, through a qualitative study of their opinions on the research questions, to contribute to formulation of improved ways of application of MRM as a source of strategic advantage anchored of RBV aligned theory of strategy The research sort to understand whether MRM application over the years has led to strategic competitive advantages for mining companies in South Africa, specifically the following;1.) What are the most important elements of MRM? and 2.) How is MRM used to obtain strategic competitive advantage in the mining business in South Africa? A proposal was made of the key areas of MRM and which elements of it offer strategic advantage to mining business. Copyright / Dissertation (MBA)--University of Pretoria, 2010. / Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) / unrestricted

The transformation of Airline's resource and competitive advantage

Wang, Hsiu-Lin 26 June 2007 (has links)
The effect of liberalization and the great improvement of the internet using caused a huge impact in global airline industry which has brought more opportunities to airline¡¦s company but fallow with keen competition. Using China Airlines as research object by using a detailed case study method to analyze its changing of resources to achieve competitive advantage since the rapid changing of the environment and understand how China Airlines changes its worse resource become a superior resource to gain competitive advantage. Airlines firm resources can be conveniently classified into four categories: physical asset, intangible asset, human capital resources and orginazation capabilities. After the analyzing, this study found that firstly, after China Airlines no more a monopoly, its core resources turned into a weak resources comparing with competitor. Second, airlines industry¡¦s resources indeed changed or adjusted due to the changing of the environment. Third, the resources of airlines industry can be imitable and substitutabile easily. Therefore, human resource can be the most potential resource which establishes sustainable competitive advantage and make differentiation. Forth, all the resources of the airline¡¦s company are core resources however one resource itself is impossible to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, only the fit and the connection of the resources can become sustainable competitive advantage. Finally, unique history conditions help airline industry to gain more resources and become more advantage than competitor. Key words: Resource, Competitive advantage, Sustainable competitive advantage, Airline industry

Build up Competition Advantage from Industrial Specificity - Using Fu-Yam Wire Industry Co., Ltd. as a Research Case

Chen, Ming-Chen 26 June 2002 (has links)
ABSTRACT In the record of the theory, we found out that the competitive advantage always be focused on the thinking of strength, the strength aiming at ¡ugood¡v¡B¡ustrong¡vresources or conditions, whatever in the resource-based theory or the strategy-based theory. The reason is all research was deeply influenced by SWOT. Japanese Industry successfully growing up, ¡§with small to win huge¡¨, to beat global deader, had highlighted the important issue, ¡§ Shall small always be small? Shall big always be big? ¡§ Gray hamel and C.K. Prahalad in ¡uCompeting in the future¡vdeclared¡G ¡¨ Mastering industrial spaces is not by company¡¦s small or big, not by less or much resource, not by less or much market-share.¡¨ In case, it shall convince of us to study the factor of competitive advantage shall be in a vision more than ¡ustrength¡v, good , strong, or much resources and conditions. Meanwhile, in the record of theory, we also found out that the efficient method of resource & strategy must carefully consider the differentiation of product, industry and industrial structure. On fact, the differentiation of product, industry and industrial structure formed at each industry¡¦s differentiation and each industry¡¦s specificity. Concluding all of above, the writer is interested in the research of the topic; the key of factor of competitive advantage shall be emphasized and aimed at the specificity of the industry. In order to studying the relevance between the competitive advantage and the industry¡¦s specificity, the writer design the researching range as followings as: 1. The original of the competitive advantage. 2. The relevance between the competitive advantage and resource, strategy. 3. The relevance between the competitive advantage and the industry¡¦s specificity. Keywords: Competitive advantage ¡BIndustrial specificity¡B Chains-strand competitive advantage

The Pursuit of Sustainable Competitive Advantage : A Profile of the Starbucks Corporation

White, Benjamin, Moraschinelli, Ettore January 2009 (has links)
<p>Title: The Pursuit of Sustainable Competitive Advantage – A Profile of the Starbucks Corporation</p><p>Authors: Benjamin Adam White & Ettore Moraschinelli</p><p>Advisor: Jean-Charles Languilaire</p><p>Date: 2009 May 29</p><p>Program: International Business and Entrepreneurship</p><p>Purpose: To study sustainable competitive advantages using Starbucks as a case study.</p><p>Methods: The qualitative method was utilized to collect the secondary data used in this type of thesis, being a case study. This approach applied to both the theories used in the analysis as well as the empirical data about Starbucks.</p><p>Conclusion: Nothing is sustainable in business including a company’s such as Starbucks competitive advantages.  It is the pursuit of the utopian idea of sustainable competitive advantages that can actually be sustained.  This approach does not guarantee success, but important components of a company’s pursuit are their leadership, innovative nature and relationship management.  Accordingly these theories do not cover all aspects or offer a full explanation of Starbucks success. Therefore, it is recommended for others to research Starbucks using different theories and perspectives in order to draw out other analyses from the empirical case</p>

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