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Role aspirinu v prevenci rakoviny kolorektálního karcinomu / The role of Aspirin in the prevention of Colorectal Cancer

Non-steroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs have been shown to play an important role in the chemotherapeutic prevention of Colorectal Cancer. Their mechanism in doing so has been proven as far as scientific works today allow results and an understanding of this mechanism. Without a doubt, many aspects of this drug in terms of chemotherapy tailored to the treatment of Colorectal Cancer remain to be illuminated and are subject to further investigations. Whether a cyclooxygenase inhibitor can be used as a chemopreventive agent needs to be assessed in each case individually and the whole view of a patient must be taken into account considering his overall status of health and the exclusion of the potential harm of side effects. Given the fact that these drugs provide protection of Colorectal Cancer to a certain extent, their use will most probably increase in countries where they are easily accessable.
Date January 2009
CreatorsGalas, Ron Eric
ContributorsKment, Milan
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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