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Leniency program v soutěžním právu / Leniency program in competition law

This thesis aims to provide a legal framework concerning Leniency Program which is by far one of the most successful tools in detection and prosecution of criminal cartel conduct, which has been recently perceived as one of the most important and dangerous anticompetitive conduct. Under the current system, an applicant making a leniency application will apply to seek full immunity from sanctions. If full immunity is not available, the applicant can apply for a reduction of any fine levelled against it. The study examines the level of transparency, predictability and effectiveness in the Czech Republic, European Union and United States. Chapter three provides an overview of a historical aspect of a Leniency Program including case law and recent development in each of abovementioned jurisdiction. In order to take all aspects into account, an impact of this program on human rights and recidivism is also discussed in this paper. Final chapter contains a recent development concerning Antitrust Damages Actions and rules on disclosure of evidence on leniency.
Date January 2015
CreatorsTupá, Kristýna
ContributorsHoráček, Vít, Rozehnal, Aleš
Source SetsCzech ETDs
Detected LanguageEnglish

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