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The examined life: personal therapy and the social worker's ethical obligations to self

This thesis addresses how personal therapy for therapists, with specific focus on social workers, is personally and professionally beneficial. A thorough review of the literature highlights the efficacy of psychotherapy, risks facing mental health professionals, and an examination of the relationships between personal improvement and professional development. My own research into the attitudes toward and experiences with personal therapy among MSW's in South Dakota expands upon the existing literature, further discussing the association between personal and professional as shown in the quantitative and qualitative data that emerged from my study. Finally, this paper explores the ways in which the personal value of self-care and the professional value of care-for-clients interact vis-à-vis ethical obligations to self, client, and colleagues, and competent social work practice.
Date01 January 2008
CreatorsSmith, Brian Reed
ContributorsMurty, Susan A., Kleinschmit Rembert, Julia
PublisherUniversity of Iowa
Source SetsUniversity of Iowa
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceTheses and Dissertations
RightsCopyright 2008 Brian Reed Smith

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