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Materials Acquisition Cycles for Manufacturing Firms

The general purpose of this investigation was to identify general models of materials acquisition cycles for manufacturing firms as found in representative industries.
The study further undertook to identify types of industrial situations in which the acquisition cycles display unique characteristics.
Date05 1900
CreatorsThompson, George H. (George Hutchinson)
ContributorsLittlefield, C. L. (Cleatice Louis), Barton, Sam Beal, Cox, Alfred A., Copeland, Benny R., 1936-
PublisherNorth Texas State University
Source SetsUniversity of North Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis or Dissertation
Formatvii, 234 leaves : ill., Text
RightsPublic, Copyright, Copyright is held by the author, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved., Thompson, George H. (George Hutchinson)

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