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Using the concept of play to broaden the reach of cultural theory

The purpose of this thesis is to explore methods of learning and teaching cultural theory that differs from the traditional classroom-based methods. Using Jacques Derrida’s “Structure, Sign and Play,” I designed and created a videogame prototype that engages Derrida’s ideas in an interesting and accessible way. This thesis explores how the concept of play can be applied to theory, and how the use of play can allow a deeper and more thorough understanding of theory. These methods were born from a criticism of the elitism witnessed in both contemporary society and academia, as well as a desire to make theory, especially cultural theory, accessible to a wider audience. / Graduate
Date01 May 2019
CreatorsRichter, Mairi I.
ContributorsSayers, Jentery
Source SetsUniversity of Victoria
LanguageEnglish, English
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsAvailable to the World Wide Web

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