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Very low frequency - Magnetic spatial position detection range and map

Poplawski, Jaroslaw January 2008 (has links)
Automated positioning systems designed to measure three-dimensional locations of objects are of paramount importance to flexible manufacturing applications. These systems should perform in an industrial environment, withstanding obstacles of solid objects and must be immune from external influences including changes in atmospheric conditions and surrounding noise. Automated positioning systems should also be free of mechanical contact and able to perform without having to establish a line-of-sight with the measured object. In this thesis, a novel design is proposed for the spatial measurement of the six degrees of freedom industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Not only does the proposed system comply with the above characteristics, but it is also capable of achieving better resolutions than CCD cameras, easier to implement, safer than laser devices and more accurate than ultrasound systems.[...] / Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Monitoring the impact of occupational health and safety education

Thatcher, Anthony January 2006 (has links)
"This research investigated whether engineers, graduating from universities more than a decade after the introduction new occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation in Australia, were being equipped with the knowledge and skills to fulfil their professional, legal and moral responsibilities in relation to occupational health and safety. The study focussed on engineering students as future business leaders and designers of working environments. An instrument was designed to examine the ability of OH&S education to affect decision-making and problem solving competence in engineering students and graduates. The study found that engineering graduates in the 1990's were departing [from] their academic institutions with superficial knowledge of occupational health and safety responsibilities and accountability in the workplace. The evaluative tool identified an absence of safety management skills and knowledge within graduate and student engineer groups and an extensive urge to blame and discipline the victim or blame a government regulatory authority. The research found that although occupational health and safety professionals adopt a strategy of a safe work place rather than place emphasis on individual workers the engineers did not adopt the safe place approach and focussed on the person. It is recommended that the evaluative tool or a derivative of it should be used to evaluate the extent to which our community progresses in developing the vital OHS decision-making skills of the people who will manage and design workplaces." --p.ii. / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Program evaluation : issues related to planning, implementing and evaluating ethically responsible and clinically required research

Scott, Wayne C January 2006 (has links)
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

A locale of the cosmos : an epic of the Wimmera : exegesis and text

Rieth, Homer Manfred January 2006 (has links)
"This project has, for its central component, an epic poem, 'A locale of the cosmos'. The accompanying exegesis examines epic as an ancient, but continually evolving form. It argues that, as a contemporary example of the genre and, as a sustained poetic rumination on landscape and memory, 'A locale of the cosmos' represents a significant development within the modern tradition of autobiographical epic. In broader terms, 'A locale of the cosmos' privileges the landscape and history of a region of Australia, the Wimmera region of north-western Victoria and, in doing so, explores the cumulative effects of the physical environment as a site for sustained poetic treatment. The poem is, therefore, an epic of both historical narrative and philosophical reflection, giving meaning to and interpreting ideas of space, place and locale. "Furthermore, it explores, in particular, the psychological and spiritual effects of vast horizontal distances, created by a landscape in which endless plains and immense horizons form an analogue of the wider cosmos. The poem's themes, therefore, bear not only on the prominences of the visible locale, but also explore the salients of an interior world, a landscape of the mind to which the poetry gives shape and meaning." / Doctor of Philosophy

Outcomes and implications of a koala translocation in the Ballarat region

Santamaria, Flavia January 2002 (has links)
This research examined the outcome of a translocation of 30 koalas moved from French Island to three sites on mainland Victoria (Creswick, Enfield and Lal Lal State Forests) / Doctor of Philosophy

Continuing "assimilation"? : a shifting identity for the Tiwi 1919 to the present

Morris, John January 2003 (has links)
The Tiwi are the indigenous people of the Tiwi Islands, located off the Northern Territory mainland. In 1919, as a unique and distinct people they appeared to be in a position to maintain their identity, to resist absorption into western culture and to avoid some of the serious social problems that came to affect some other Indigenous communities. While aspects of the Tiwi culture and lifestyle were gradually modified or abandoned through contact with outside societies between 1919 and 2000, other traits remained strong or were strengthened. These included their relationship with the land, the local language, dancing and singing, and adoption customs. Forms of visual art, some introduced, brought fame to the Tiwi. Government policies on Indigenous matters changed dramatically over the twentieth century. The earlier ones, including assimilation programmes were discriminatory and restrictive. Later approaches to Aboriginal and Islander welfare, including land rights, had significant consequences for the Islanders, some beneficial, others detrimental in nature. From the 1970s, the departure of resident missionaries and government officers from the islands led to an influx of private European employees. The exposure to these people added to that which the Tiwi experienced as they travelled far beyond their islands. After 1972, the policies of self-determination and, then, self-management placed enormous strains on the Tiwi as they strove to meet the requirements of government, private enterprise and the wider society. New forms of land and local government controls replaced the law of the elders. A younger, western-educated generation now spoke on behalf of the people. Ultimately, under the influence of outside pressures, degrees of socio-cultural absorption occurred in the islands even though the official policy of assimilation had been abandoned. Fortunately, the strong identity of the Tiwi ensured a level of social cohesion capable of combating full assimilation into a wholly western lifestyle. / Doctor of Philosophy

Restoration ecology in the semi-arid woodlands of north-west Victoria

Murdoch, Fiona January 2005 (has links)
Arid areas are often overgrazed and dysfunctional with poor recruitment of desirable species, diminished control over resources and altered soil properties. Restoration ecology re-establishes these valued processes. State-and-transition models summarise knowledge of vegetation dynamics and tools for restoration, and encourage the incorporation of new information. The model developed here for semi-arid woodlands of north-west Victoria highlighted the unknown cause of observed, natural recruitment and the need for a technique, other than direct seeding and handplanting, for enhancing the recruitment of desirable species. I pursued these knowledge gaps for two dominant, woodland trees: Allocasuarina luehmannii and Casuarina pauper. Natural recruitment of juvenile C. pauper was found to be limited and primarily from root suckers. Extensive recruitment of A. luehmannii was shown to be mostly seedlings established following substantial reductions in grazing pressure since 1996. Seedlings were associated with areas devoid of ground flora near a female tree. The importance of competition between seedlings and ground flora, spatial variation in soil moisture and individual variation in the quantity of seed produced deserves further investigation to enhance future restoration success. Root suckers of both C. pauper and A. luehmannii can be artificially initiated, albeit in low numbers and this was found to be a feasible, new tool for restoration. Suckers are preceded by the growth of callus tissue on exposed or damaged, living, shallow roots. Both male and female trees can produce suckers and spring treatments may be more successful. Genetic fingerprinting of mature A. luehmannii and C. pauper trees in six populations did not identify any clonal individuals indicating that recruitment in the past has been from seedlings. Despite this, the high level of gene flow suggests that the impact of introducing small numbers of root suckers into existing populations is unlikely to impact negatively on the population genetics of these species. / Doctor of Philosophy

Ballarat and its benevolent asylum : A nineteenth-century model of Christian duty, civic progress and social reform

Kinloch, Helen January 2005 (has links)
"This study of Ballarat and its Asylum covers the period between the 1850s and the early 1900s when an old-age pension was introduced in Victoria. It is essentially a case study. It argues that Ballarat's Asylum progressively developed and expanded upon a model of organised poor relief practiced among the industrial classes in England, in consequence of the perceived need for rapid capital expansion in Australia, and knowledge of the dangers associated with mining, building construction, and other manual work. The introduction of a secular education system in Victoria, together with enthusiasm among producers for technological innovation and skill development, led to changes in the nature and conditions of paid work, as well as to a push among workers and their sympathizers for greater appreciation of past contributions by older workers and the needs of the ill and/or incapacitated. This push was only partially addressed by the Victorian government in 1901 when it introduced the old-age pension." / Doctor of Philosophy

Program behaviour modelling with flexible logical entity abstraction

Andrews, David January 2006 (has links)
"This study extends the use of abstration in program behaviour modelling, and provides a flexible abstraction technique that allows modelling in terms of the logical abstract concepts with which a program operates. This technique is called a Logical Entity Abstracted Program Behaviour Modelling (LEAPBM)."--leaf [ii] / Doctor of Philosophy

Underwater kicking following the freestyle tumble-turn

Clothier, Peter January 2004 (has links)
Swim turns are a component of competitive swimming where considerable advantage can be gained or lost. This thesis investigates underwater dolphin and flutter kicking techniques and their application to exits following the turn in freestyle swimming. Five separate investigations were conducted to examine the kinetics and kinematics of each underwater kicking technique and are presented in expanded journal manuscript form. Studies one, two and three involved the comparison of freestyle turns when using flutter and dolphin kicking wall exit techniques. The results obtained indicated that freestyle turns using flutter kicking were faster than dolphin kicking in age-group swimmers. For this group, significant and equal improvements were made to flutter and dolphin kick turn performances following six weeks of dolphin kick and dolphin kick turn training. However, no difference in turn times were observed between kicking conditions by older and more highly skilled swimmers. Study four involved a kinematical comparison of maximal underwater free-swimming dolphin and flutter kicking. Results showed dolphin kick to be a superior underwater free-swimming technique. Greater foot width, increased ankle range of movement and greater vertical displacement of the ankle and foot during kicking were shown to be highly predictive of faster underwater dolphin kicking. Investigation five compared the drag forces and kinematics between the dolphin and flutter kicking techniques while subjects were towed at velocities representing those experienced following wall turn push-off. Results favour the dolphin kick as a superior underwater technique at these higher velocities. Increased underwater dolphin kicking efficiency, as measured by decreased net towing force, was found to be associated with larger kick amplitude – rate ratios, and higher kick amplitude – streamline length ratios. / Doctor of Philosophy

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