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A copula based joint multinomial discrete-hazard model of work arrangement choice and telecommuting duration

Aziz, H. M. Abdul, 1985- 20 August 2010 (has links)
Two important dimensions of work related choices are work location and working hours. Telecommuting (working from home or any convenient place instead of commuting to the conventional working place) can potentially have a substantial impact on traffic demand distribution on a particular day by means of its replacement and displacement effect. Consequently, it is of interest to analyze the effect and extent of telecommuting adoption across the labor force. This study proposes a copula based joint discrete multinomial-duration model of choice accommodating the two dimensions of work related choices: work arrangement and aggregated duration of telecommuting episodes on a particular day. In the econometric model telecommuting episodes are defined so as the duration is at least 30 minutes and only home-based telecommuting is considered and sample is drawn from the ATUS, 2007 data. The results from the estimated model show that gender, higher-education, responsibility for child-care, family ties act as driving forces for adopting telecommuting. The sign of the Gaussian copula parameter or dependency parameter implies that the unobserved factors act in opposite direction on the two dimensions: work arrangement choice and aggregated telecommuting episode duration. / text

A physiological approach to optimal time allocation modelling using the tufted duck, Aythya fuligula

Parkes, Roland January 2002 (has links)
No description available.

Distorted perception of sleep in insomnia : phenomenology, mechanisms and intervention

Tang, Nicole K. Y. January 2003 (has links)
No description available.

A Comparison Of Earned Value Analysis Method To Earned Schedule As Of Time Duration

Abdulahad, Mumtaz 29 April 2015 (has links)
Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a well- known planning and control management system that integrates cost, schedule and technical performance. It allows for the calculation of cost and schedule variances, and performance indices as well as forecasting project final cost and schedule duration. The Earned Value Analysis method provides timely assessment of project performance highlighting the need for eventual corrective action. Earned Value Analysis method (EVA) was originally developed for cost management and has not been widely used for forecasting project duration. EVA typically calculate the Schedule Efficiency through the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) based on budgeted cost and not on the time of work(s) accomplished. Therefore, it may not accurately determine the time - base schedule efficiency, particularly for late completion projects, and it makes it difficult to correlate the final duration with project planned duration determined through critical path network (CPM) calculation. The purpose of this study is to compare the classic Earned Value Performance Indicators with the time dependent Earned Schedule Performance Indicators to help a program manager(s) to estimate / predict a more realistic /reliable time duration of project that can better correlate with CPM. It also explores how Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools simulation could be incorporated with Base-line or S-curve to reflect the timely phased physical progress synthesis during the development of project as opposed to the traditional use of cash flow analysis.

An analysis of pitch and duration in material used to test L2 processing of words

van de Vijver, Ruben, Sennema, Anke, Zimmer–Stahl, Anne January 2006 (has links)
The material reported on in this paper is part of a set of experiments in which the role of Information Structure on L2 processing of words is tested. Pitch and duration of 4 sets of experimental material in German and English are measured and analyzed in this paper. The well-known finding that accent boosts duration and pitch is confirmed. Syntactic and lexical means of marking focus, however, do not give the duration and the pitch of a word an extra boost.

Amning : Duration, problem och skäl till att sluta : En retrospektiv studie av mammors erfarenheter

Hed, Ann-Louise, Ohlén, Veronica January 2005 (has links)
Syftet med uppsatsen var att relatera amningstidens längd till amningsproblem och kvinnors upplevelse av sin amning samt att kartlägga orsaker till delvis amning och upphörande av amning. Studiens design var en deskriptiv, retrospektiv korrelationsstudie med kvantitativ ansats. Materialet till studien hämtades från redan utförda intervjuer. Populationen bestod av 250 kvinnor i åldrarna 19-46 år varav 103 var förstföderskor och 147 omföderskor.Resultatet av studien har visat att tiden för enbart amning och den totala amningstidens längd varierade. De kvinnor som var positiva till amningen hade en längre amningsperiod än de kvinnor som var negativa till amningen. Anledningarna till att kvinnorna upphörde med den exklusiva amningen var främst medveten tillvänjning till annan kost än bröstmjölk. Det näst vanligaste skälet var enligt rekommendation från BVC att börja ge smakportioner, och det näst, näst vanligaste skälet var relaterat till barnet, nämligen hungrigt barn. Skälen till att avsluta amningen var jämnt fördelade mellan mor- och barn-relaterade orsaker. Bland barn-relaterade orsaker var barnets ointresse för bröstet det klart dominerande skälet till avslutad amning och bland mammorna en medveten avvänjning. Under BB-tiden var det varannan mamma som led av problem med amningen. Det vanligaste problemet var fel sugteknik hos barnet och det näst vanligaste problemet var såriga bröstvårtor. Under barnets första vecka efter hemgång var det såriga bröstvårtor som var det största problemet. Under BVC-tiden var det mjölkstockning som var det vanligast förekommande problemet tätt följt av såriga bröstvårtor. Majoriteten av mödrarna hade upplevt sin amning som positiv, en mysig och värdefull tid. Men många hade även negativa upplevelser såsom känsla av bundenhet och stress.

Malayalam prominence and vowel duration : listener acceptability / Listener acceptability

Terzenbach, Lauren M. 27 February 2012 (has links)
In Malayalam, a Dravidian languages spoken in India, there is a contrast in vowel length, as in [ka[retroflex lateral approximant]i] 'game' and [ka:[retroflex lateral approximant]i] 'goddess of death'. This vowel length contrast is the basis for any theory of stress placement in Malayalam. A listener acceptability study was performed to determine how acceptable vowel duration variation was to native speakers. It was found that listeners prefer a long vowel to have a longer duration than a short vowel. It was also found that listeners only accepted short vowel reduction and/or deletion when it was next to a vowel of contrasting length. Implications of these findings are discussed. A listener acceptability study was performed to determine how acceptable vowel duration variation was to native speakers. It was found that listeners prefer a long vowel to have a longer duration than a short vowel. It was also found that listeners only accepted short vowel reduction and/or deletion when it was next to a vowel of contrasting length. Implications of these findings are discussed. / text

Svenskfödda och utlandsfödda kvinnors amningsplanering och amningsduration

Rönnberg, Christina, Sköldh, Angelica January 2015 (has links)
Background: In Sweden, the breastfeeding rate has decreased in recent years. Breastfeeding provides short-term and long-term health effects of the child and the woman. Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate planning and duration of breastfeeding, and examine whether there were differences between Swedish-born and foreign-born women regarding duration of breastfeeding during the child's first year. Design / Methodology: This is a survey in which 3390 women responded to a questionnaire at enrollment prenatal, 2581 women responded to a questionnaire in late pregnancy and 1257 women responded one year after pregnancy. The material was analyzed with descriptive statistics. Results: There were 1135 women who responded to both questionnaires regarding planning and duration of breastfeeding. A significant difference was found between the planned breastfeeding and duration of breastfeeding. There were 260 women who breastfed for a shorter period and 265 who breastfed for a longer period than they had planned. This issue included all women regardless of country of birth. A large proportion of women who breastfed the child at the age of 12 months wanted to continue breastfeeding until the baby was 1-1.5 years or as long as the child himself wanted. It showed no difference regarding duration of breastfeeding between Swedish-born and foreign-born women. The most common reasons why women chose not to breastfeed was that the woman or the child did not want to. The most common reasons that women choose to stop breastfeeding was that the child did not get satisfied or that the child did not want to suckle. Conclusion: Differences were observed regarding breastfeeding planning and duration of breastfeeding. Care needs to focus on providing support and education to women in order to increase motivation to breastfeeding.

Compensatory lengthening and the theory of syllabification

Rodier, Dominique January 1988 (has links)
No description available.

Verification of rain-flow reconstructions of a variable amplitude load history /

Clothiaux, John D. January 1990 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1990. / Vita. Abstract. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 40-44). Also available via the Internet.

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