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Buying decision determinants of U.S. purchasing managers for products from newly industrialized countries /

Yoon, Heon Deok, January 1986 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Ohio State University, 1986. / Includes vita. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 272-280). Available online via OhioLINK's ETD Center.

Transportation procurement planning with side constraints /

Xu, Zhou. January 2007 (has links)
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2007. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 179-191). Also available in electronic version.

Corporate adoption of microcomputers : an analysis of industrial buyer behavior /

McNeeley, Brian James, January 1985 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Ohio State University, 1985. / Includes vita. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 276-281). Available online via OhioLINK's ETD Center.

Procurement KPIs analysis / Procurement KPIs analysis

Flisníková, Klára January 2013 (has links)
The work aims to analyze and deduce subsequent key performance indicators in the Procurement department of the gas transmission company operating in the Czech Republic. In the first part are summarized the theoretical principles concerning procurement processes and performance measurement theories. By combining these two theoretical scopes was created a concept of Balanced Scorecard for Procurement and simultaneously was drawn a process for derivation of the key performance indicators. In the practical part were analyzed current processes in the procurement department and simultaneously were performed external and internal analyses and from the ascertained data was formed the SWOT matrix. Subsequently, the findings from the theoretical part were used and was proceeded accordingly to the pre-defined process in order to identify key performance indicators. In the conclusions were summarized the outputs of the work, the proposed key performance indicators and recommendations were given for successful implementation of the indicators into the process.

Productivity improvement in engineering-procure-construct projects through a value stream based scope change management system

Cleaver, Jayson 17 September 2014 (has links)
M.Ing. (Engineering Management) / This dissertation provides a study of productivity improvement to project Scope Change Management (SCM) processes in the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) project environment using lean techniques. The motivation for carrying out this study was, to optimise the typical scope change management systems to improve efficiency and most importantly the process productivity. It aims to present a conceptual approach to reduce bottom line impact brought about by the management of scope change events. A brief literature study of the industry, scope change management systems and the EPC project environment is provided together with an overview on the Value Streams (VS) mapping methodology for lean systems improvement. The improvement study sets out to establish the current status quo of EPC project change management systems through survey and literature study. The assessment establishes a necessary baseline and identifies various aspects within the scope change management system that need to be improved. An improvement effort is made on the current state map using lean principles and Design Structure Matrix (DSM) techniques to establish process efficiency and hence productivity increase. The study presents the results of the lean improvement; this is presented in the form of a process future state map proposal for further lean intervention and implementation. The study concludes with a brief discussion of an implementation plan. Collectively, the study aims to provide tools for VS based improvement and consequently meet the objective of a solution for bottom line productivity improvement in EPC Scope Change Management systems.

Veřejné zakázky a volební cyklus - mikroekonomická analýza / Public investments and election cycle - microeconomic analysis

Duraj, Adam January 2020 (has links)
The present thesis is devoted to public procurements. Our data set consists of 58 largest municipalities in the Czech Republic and our time period is 2017- 2018. The longer time period is not available in current data sources. We very broadly describe the process of data cleaning a then the creation of our testing data set. The primary aim of this thesis is to figure out whether higher expenses in different types of public procurements (e.g. small-scale contracts in different price limits, soft-service contracts, etc.) lead to a higher or lower probability of mayors' re-election. The regression equation is examined by the ordinary least squares method. We prove the hypotheses about the small-scale contracts in price limits around 6,0 million CZK and 200 000 CZK. These price limits lead to a higher probability of mayors' re-election. Whether mayors spend more through these procurements in these price limits in election year then they have a higher probability that they are going to be re-elected. The hypotheses about the soft-service purchases or about the concluding the amendments are not proved. JEL Classification C12, D72, H57, H72 Keywords public procurement, political cycle

The Legal Challenges to the Zambian Public Procurement System

Sipalo, Jane Lucky 12 1900 (has links)
The procurement process of health care merchandise has not gone without mishaps, incidences have occurred that show numerous misadventures at the expense of human life. It is for this reason that this paper will examine health care procurement with particular emphasis on Zambia. Governments all around the world engage in the procurement of health care resources both from local and international markets and this is no exception to African governments. A lot of controversy has arisen as to African governments spending patterns around the health sector. Corruption in health procurement sector has been seen as a major challenge and concern for almost all African states, and a close observation into the same will show that the issues surrounding procurement in the health sector is a plague that needs to be eradicate in order to foster overall health and promotion of health rights. Government spending is without doubt one which has gained widespread criticism in Africa and questions have arisen as to the process’ that the governments use to procure public goods and services. There have been concerns on the lack of transparency, secrecy around the tendering process, bid rigging, corruption, flawed contract allocation and above all the procurement of sub-standard medicines and health care resources. It is for this reason that the health care sector in Zambia continuously faces challenges that are attributed to lack of medicines owing to budget deficits and substandard medication and facilities. In light of the foregoing, like many African countries, Zambia has in place legislative reforms that are aimed at governing the procurement process which also extends to health sector procurement. Zambia has the Public Procurement Act of 2020 which has been through the knife a number of times to bring it into conformity with international best practices in public procurement. Despite the progressive legal reforms by the country, the health sector demonstrates significant challenges compared to other sectors, this is primarily owed to the human aspect attached to it. Owing to the sensitivity and fragility of the health sector, the challenges are more acute, as such procurement decisions made in the sector have to be closely monitored and effectively regulated. The advent of the Covid 19 Pandemic has seen the need for more consolidated efforts to harmonise procurements laws globally, primarily those around health sector procurement. / Mini Dissertation (LLM ( International Trade and Investment Law in Africa))--University of Pretoria, 2021. / Centre for Human Rights / LLM / Unrestricted

Exploratory and Empirical Analysis of E-Marketplaces for Truck Transportation Services Procurement

Collignon, Stephane Eric 11 August 2016 (has links)
In the late 1990s, early 2000s, academic literature considered electronic marketplaces as a game changer in truck transportation services procurement. Early enthusiasm was followed by skepticism regarding e-marketplaces' usefulness and the popularity of e-marketplaces appeared to wane both in industry and in academic literature. However, recent sources argue that almost half of the freight currently transported by truck in the USA is subject to transactions conducted in e-marketplaces. This dissertation intends to fill a gap in the academic literature by showing that truck transportation e-marketplaces necessitate renewed dedicated research efforts, by exploring the strategies implemented by e-marketplaces in this specific industry and by linking these strategies to marketplaces' performance. First, transportation and non-transportation e-marketplaces are compared in chapter 2 with regard to their usage of mechanisms designed to generate trust among users. Results show that truck transportation e-marketplaces use these trust mechanisms differently than non-transportation e-marketplaces, which supports a call for research on e-marketplaces in the specific context of truck transportation services procurement. In chapter 3, a database inventorying the usage of 141 features by 208 e-marketplaces is then created to initiate the empirical exploration of these specific e-marketplaces. Thanks to that database, a new typology (a way of classifying objects based on several simultaneous classification criteria) is developed in chapter 4 that identifies three main truck transportation e-marketplace strategies (two with sub-divided into two sub-strategies). The typology provides a state of industry and puts in perspective the specificity of truck transportation e-marketplaces with regard to their structure along 11 dimensions known to the general e-marketplace literature. Finally, the link between e-marketplace strategies and performance is investigated in chapter 5. Performance is measured with three traffic metrics: number of unique visitors per day, number of page views per day, and website ranking. Results show that third-party-owned e-marketplaces that provide auction mechanisms with a fairly high level of user decision and transaction support are more successful than other e-marketplaces. This dissertation provides a picture of existing e-marketplaces for the procurement of truck transportation services, challenges components of existing theories and provides ground for further research. / Ph. D.

Buying decision determinants of U.S. purchasing managers for products from newly industrialized countries /

Yoon, Heon Deok January 1986 (has links)
No description available.

History and development of a philosophy of evaluating purchasing performance with an analysis of the relationship between purchasing department operating cost and end product material cost /

Kennedy, George Thomas January 1964 (has links)
No description available.

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