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ISLAM, MAHMUDUL, ZHU, TAN January 2012 (has links)
Summary:  Business Administration, Business Process & Supply Chain Management, Degree Project (master), 30 higher education credits, 5FE02E, Spring 2012   Authors:      Mahmudul Islam and Tan Zhu Tutor:           Peter Berling Date:             May, 2012   Keywords: e-procurement, MRO procurement, e-procurement implementation, driving forces of e-procurement, hindering factors of e-procurement   Title: Driving forces and hindering factors of e-procurement adoption for MRO products in Bangladesh and China.    Background: MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations procurement) materials, as time goes by, are now attracting more and more enterprises´ attentions due to their enormous varieties, large quantity and huge cost. The traditional MRO procurement method has the problem of lacking of centralized management, funds, and channels, short of products and information flow. Meanwhile, e-procurement (electronic procurement), due to its advance, has nowadays been introduced to more and more enterprises for procuring mainly MRO materials, which leads to much savings and efficiency.   Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is aiming at throwing light upon two cases: one is BATA shoes in Bangladesh and one is GE aviation group in China, the driving forces and hindrances of their electronic procurement for MRO goods. Thereafter the authors intend to compare both cases according to the empirical findings and draw some future suggestions.   Method: In this thesis, the authors will employ qualitative multiple case studies method in the combination of interview and questionnaires with both cases to create the deep understanding of e-procurement implementation of them.   Results, conclusion: First, the current status of e-procurement implementation for MRO materials will be explained in the within-case analysis. Then, the internal driving forces and hindrances of each case will be thoroughly analysed according to the four sections-perceived benefits, perceived critical success factors, future organizational performance and perceived barriers in the theoretical framework. Finally, the authors will use cross-case analysis comparing both cases´ driving forces and hindrances according to the model, in order to draw systematic future suggestions for BATA shoes in Bangladesh with GE´s successful views.   Future work: The authors find it interesting that in the future if the seller firms´ perspective on e-procurement implementation for MRO materials could be studied.  Also a quantitative study on e-procurement for MRO, its impact on organizational performance would be very interesting subject to focus on.  Moreover, a study in the background of different countries, their cultural influences on e-procurement implementation would also be a suggestion.

Characteristics and effects of relationships involving Federal Government contracting officers

Lawless, John Noel Jr. 12 1900 (has links)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited / The role of the contracting officer has evolved through our nation's history from one of simply an intermediary between supplier and consumer to that of a sophisticated manager of requirements and resources. In the execution of his many and varied duties and responsibilities, the present-day contracting officer must interact with a variety of individuals and organizations. This report attempts to identify these various relationships, to analyze their characteristics, and to determine how each affects the contracting officer' s accomplishment of his primary tasks and responsibilities. The researcher proposes a model of the contracting officer's environment and identifies ten relationships involving the contracting officer which appear to predominate in this environment. The 169 procurement tasks compiled by Fowler from previous research are analyzed in the context of these relationships . The researcher concludes by revising the proposed model and suggesting that it be further refined by subsequent field validation. / http://archive.org/details/characteristicse00lawl / Captain, United States Army

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense procurement system in theory and practice: a Ministry of Defense perspective

Minkov, Daniel Velislavov. 06 1900 (has links)
MBA Professional Report / Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited / This project is planned to analyze the congruence between the theoretical aspect and legislative base of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense procurement system and their implementation with the present practices. This will help the proper understanding of how the system works and if it could better serve the national security needs. The project analyzes existing acquisition practices and proposes recommendations for improving key acquisition processes and policies. In addition, the project presents analysis of the procurement system as organizational structure within the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense with its existing interconnections and activities. The recommendations for possible improvements consider the existing constraints and barriers that originate from acting legislation, organizational design, or applied practices. The project is intended to be prolonged and developed additionally by other Bulgarian students from the perspective of their respective organizations and experience. / Major, Bulgarian Air Force

An organisational approach to sustainable public procurement

Ridzuan Kushairi, Mohd Ramli January 2014 (has links)
Purpose – The study aim to investigate the adoption of social and environmental objectives in public procurement. Design/ methodology/ approach – This study undertook an exploratory case study research based on the theory of bureaucracy and the theory of organisational configuration. A semi structured interview and a survey was conducted among public procurement professionals at five Ministries in Malaysia. Findings – The public procurement system were found to contain two organisational structures – The Machine Organisation and the Innovative Organisation. These structures were based on the analysis that there were two approaches to public procurement – the Compliant Approach and the Sustainable Objective Adoption Approach that respectively contained organisational structures of its own in managing public procurement. Mutual adjustment with the stakeholders was seen as a key driver in implementing sustainable objectives successfully in public procurement. Research limitations/ implications – Case studies have been viewed as controversial for the generalizability of knowledge and philosophical approaches to academia due to the low number of respondents. An in-depth study was the key direction of this study in investigating the organisation structure and relationships with the public procurement system that contained the system of administration and governance, people of the organisation, and the hierarchy of the organisation. Practical Implications – This research adds volume to practitioners and policy makers in designing public procurement policies and regulations by identifying the key areas of sustainable adoption in public procurement. Originality/ Value – The in-depth nature of this study provides a perspective into the intricacies of the public procurement system where the procurement officers were found to consolidate working with the regulations, the components of the organisation, and the hierarchies to achieve organisational objectives.

The Reflection of Practicality E-marketplace ¡V take Carrefour implement GlobalNetXchange for example

Yueh-Yun, Wang 26 August 2004 (has links)
Already the online community has witnessed the rise and decline of several technologies and business models inspired by the advent of the World Wide Web: E-mail, chat room, push technology, content distribution, dot-coms, business-to-consumer, business-to-business, wireless Web access, and business exchanges. E-procurement exchanges emerge in every industry: automobile, chemical, convenience store, food and beverage, forest products, house construction, retail merchandise, and travel businesses. Such exchanges are typically, though not necessarily, created by a buyer or by a group of buyers those are alliance in this action. Once in operation, each exchange functions as an electronic bulletin board to which each buyer posted its needs; each posting identifies an item and may stipulate a quantity, a price, a timetable, and a delivery address. Items also carry physical specifications. Similarly, would-be sellers posted items to be sold; of course, they may respond to buyer postings, and vice versa. In this study, the e-procurement advantaged suggested by Michael J. Cunningham to analyze that implement an e-procurement system. The analysis shows that reduce purchase cost, increase cash flow management have positive value on this e-procurement. A further analysis shows that increase stabilization of supply goods, increase quality standard depend on implement circumstances to adjust the purchase strategy.

An examination of the importance of purchase planning and decision management activities in industrial firms /

Shields, M. Dale January 1986 (has links)
No description available.

Vybrané otázky zadávání veřejných zakázek / Selected issues of public procurement

Ludvík, Pavel January 2015 (has links)
Selected issues of public procurement This thesis deals with analysis of the course of simplified sub-limit proceedings which is one of the types of public tenders according to Act No. 137/2006, Public Procurement Act, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"). The main object of the thesis is a broad analysis of course of action of the principal within the respective public tender. The thesis focuses on legal regulation "de lege lata" and points out selected issues in daily practise. Following the brief introduction, first chapter focuses on historical development of legal positivism in the the area of public tenders in the Czech Republic. Regarding the particular statutes preceding the Act, the thesis mainly searches for types of public tenders with similar features to the current legal regulation of simplified underlimit proceedings. Second and third chapter focuses on fundamental principles of public procurement and determines fundamental terms used by the Act which is necessary for better understanding of the subject matter. The following main part of the thesis describe particular stages of the sub-limit proceedings, from its very beginning, i.e. from the moment of despatch of the call on initiation of the public tender until its completion. On the basis of analysis of the legal...

Corporate responses to management consultancy procurement

Tallis, Deborah January 2008 (has links)
This study examines the variance in methodologies employed by executives and Procurement professionals to engage management consultancy services. The exclusion of Procurement from specific categories of consultancy expenditure is then viewed in the context of its aspirations to be a strategic function. The conclusion drawn is that such aspirations are flawed. Literature in the areas of services marketing, consultancy, value choice, and sourcing are examined. It is noted that the services and consultancy literature refers to the subjective approach of the individual to assess value. In addition, literature that stresses the role of individual contingency in value choices concludes that individuals will not necessarily refer to price when making such assessments. In contrast, the sourcing literature adopts objective organisational approaches to value. This dissonance is reflected in the research data which concludes that senior executives procuring strategy consultancy or ‘coaching’ services tend to use subjective value constructs to make selection decisions. This situation is problematic for procurement professionals who refer almost exclusively to objective value constructs that are specifically designed to produce benefits at an organisational level. This situation makes unlikely the full integration of procurement at a strategic level within the organisation. The choice of a subjective approach to the research using ideographic methodology produced rich and complex data. Semi-structured interviews with senior executives and an extended observation of a consultancy engagement were used. Access of this nature would normally be problematic due to the time constraints under which executives work and the sensitivity of the material. A rare opportunity, however, was presented by the status of the researcher as employee and this was exploited to gain privileged insights into executive behaviour.

Organ donation in South Africa: OPT-in, OPT-out or mandated choice

Hawkins, Kirstin January 2017 (has links)
Submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science in Medicine (Bioethics and Health Law). Johannesburg, 2017 / Given the enormous gap between supply and demand for donor organs in South Africa, this research report seeks to answer the question ‘which system of organ donation is the most ethically and practically suitable for South Africa?’ I begin with an analysis of the varying aspects of the country that influence organ donation rates. Following this, opt-in, opt-out and mandated choice are all critically evaluated in terms of their suitability as organ procurement systems in the country. The four principles of autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice (theory of Principlism) are used to assess each system. In conclusion, a hybrid system of opt-in and mandated choice is argued to be the most ethically and practically appropriate system for South Africa to improve organ donation rates. As would be required for any improvement of the system, effort needs to be made to increase awareness on the topic of organ donation throughout South Africa. / MT2017

Three essays on the theory and practice of defence procurement : the case of shipbuilding

Liston, Catherine January 1992 (has links)
No description available.

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