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Liu, Jung-chi 24 January 2008 (has links)

Acculturation, social support, and self-esteem as predictors of mental health among foreign students: A study of Nigerian nursing students

LaFleur, Verna V. 1 January 2010 (has links)
Nigerians are an integral part of the nursing profession, yet there is no literature on their common health risks, such as homesickness, isolation and suicide ideation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between lack of acculturation, social support, and self-esteem and mental health among Nigerian nursing students. Berry's model of acculturation was used which identifies individuals perception of self in relation to their ethnic culture and the host culture. A sample of 76 Nigerian nursing students enrolled in Baccalaureate nursing programs from 3 universities in the District of Columbia and Maryland participated in the study. Data were obtained using an online survey of 69 items assessing their acculturation, social support, self-esteem and their mental health. A descriptive cross sectional design was used. Analysis of the data included descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, multiple regression, and ANOVA. The final regression model revealed that acculturation, companionship construct of social support and self-esteem are predictors of mental health status as shown by the adjusted R squared (R2 = 0.638). Recommendations are for universities to commit to increasing acculturation, social support, and self-esteem among foreign students in an effort to decrease isolation and improve their mental health. It is also recommended that future studies should be conducted on social isolation of subcultures to improve acculturation and reduce incidence of low self-esteem among foreign students within the American society. The strategies would create positive social change for healthcare organizations and nurse educators, resulting in an increase of ethnic diverse nurses and reducing the shortage of nurses in the USA.

Variations in the persistence of subjective culture : cross-ethnic views of characterstics of persons

Selkirk, Sheena Ann 1991 (has links)
Research investigating the problems experienced and the advantages enjoyed by the minority-culture child in the North American schoolroom has focused both on changing the child and on changing the school environment. Little attention has been paid to the more basic question of differences in subjective aspects of culture across ethnic grouping and generation of residence in Canada. In addition, little appears to be known about the variability in subjective culture across levels of variables like gender, ethnic salience, or use of mother tongue. The research reported in this dissertation is a basic study of subjective aspects of the concept of "person", a concept important in virtually every society and, in addition, central to Western educational thought. The study itself was an investigation of the views of 1288 Grade 10 students in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Each subject ranked the importance of each of 21 positive qualities of a person, and listed up to three criteria for concluding that a person has each of 11 of those qualities. Substantive hypotheses about differences in students' rankings across ethnic groups and generation of residence in Canada were confirmed. The results suggested both persistence and change in views of personal qualities, which were dissimilar across ethnic groupings. Exploratory analyses revealed provocative information about the moderating relationships of strength of religious feeling, gender and a complex of variables related to ethnicity including ethnic salience, mother tongue, religious affiliation and occupational information. Examination of the students' criteria yielded useful information about the behaviors and traits related to each of the 11 qualities, and about ages and genders of people thought to have a great deal of each quality. It was concluded that the overall results may further development of theory in the area. In practical terms, they may help to guide the classroom teacher, may stimulate the development of policy and practice in the multicultural educational setting, and may be useful for curriculum development and teacher education in the Canadian context. Education, Faculty of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP), Department of Graduate

A pilot study of a curriculum for a field study in human and intergroup education

Risberg, Douglas Farnham Unknown Date (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1972. Vita. Typescript. eContent provider-neutral record in process. Description based on print version record. Includes bibliographical references.

Egyptian migrant peasants in Iraq : a case-study of the settlement community in Khalsa

Solh, Camillia Fawsi 1985 (has links)
In 1975, the Governments of Iraq and Egypt signed a bilateral agreement according to which Egyptian peasant families would be resettled in Iraq. One hundred settlers and their families arrived in 1976 in the Khalsa Settlement south of Baghdad, where each was given a house and the indefinite lease to a plot of land. The present study set out to discover the type of community which evolved in this Settlement given the fact that the Egyptian peasant families were recruited from different provinces in Egypt. It was assumed that the geographical remoteness of the home villages as well as the confrontation with a relatively alien socio-economic environment - cultural similarities between Egypt and Iraq notwithstanding - would serve to diminish the importance of the settler households' heterogeneous provincial origins and encourage the formation of a relatively cohesive community. The majority of the Egyptian peasant families included in the present study have not failed to take advantage of new economic opportunities which have come their way after resettlement. This has necessitated a certain change in social values and norms. It was found that there is a certain selectivity with regard to the extent to which values and norms have been modified in response to the demands of a new way of life after resettlement. This very selectivity has had an impact on the scope of male and female social networks in Khalsa and thus on the type of community of social control which has evolved in this Settlement.

Political institutions, contexts, and ethnic conflict in comparative perspectives

Lee, Feng-yu 2007 (has links) (PDF)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 2007. Vita. Includes bibliographical references.

The (Re)production of Social Capital in the Post-Chinatown Era: A Case Study of the Role of a Chinese Language School

Tan, Guangyu 17 April 2009 (has links)
No description available.

The Impact of Ethnic Identity on Student Achievement in China: A Meta Analysis The Impact of Ethnic Identity on Student Achievement in China: A Meta Analysis

Wu, Xinyi 1979- 15 November 2006 (has links) (PDF)
There have been concerns about low educational achievement of ethnic minority students in China. Previous studies have explored this area, especially in regard to the relationship between economic backwardness and achievement. However, a new field of study examines ethnic identity being considered as a cause of low achievement. This study is to use meta-analysis to determine the aggregate results of current research on the effects of self-identity on ethnic minority students and their achievement in China. The literature has been collected through searching library holdings, and online electronic resource search. Different levels of identity construction are discussed. This thesis concludes that there is a significant relationship between ethnic identity and student achievement. The findings show that the issue of identity is especially significant to ethnic groups. However, current focus is still on monetary inputs of education and its relationship with achievement.Some recommendations are provided for future research.

Kulturens påverkan på ätstörningar och behandlingen av dess symtom

Lind. Nobelius, Elin. Maria 2009 (has links)
Denna systematiska litteraturstudie var inriktad på att studera ätstörningar ur ett kulturellt perspektiv. Syftet var att kartlägga forskningsläget kring hur ätstörningar betraktas i olika kulturella kontexter. Studien har gjorts genom att systematiskt söka vetenskapliga artiklar och forskning. Detta har sedan sammanställts och diskuterats utifrån det givna syftet. Resultaten var motsägelsefulla detta mycket på grund av problematiken kring begreppet kultur som anses skapa ett ”vi” och ”dem” synsätt. Diagnostiseringskriterier som har använts ansågs som otillräckliga vid ätstörningar. Västvärldens skönhetsideal och kultur har beskrivits som den påverkande variabeln som också gjort att den övriga världen även drabbats av ätstörningar men denna studie har visat på att det fanns många fler faktorer som spelar in. Minoritetsgrupper som inte assimilerats till majoritetskulturen har även visat på högre utveckling av ätstörningar. Det som framkommit var att det behövs mer forskning på området och en större förståelse för den kulturella aspekten i forskning samt i det praktiska arbetet vid behandling.

The Study of Autonomy Institutions of Ethnic Minorities of Mainland China¡Xthe Regional Autonomy Law of Ethnic Minorities analysis

Lee, Yuan-hsin 22 July 2005 (has links)

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