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Feminist textual practice performance and critique

Threadgold, Terry January 1999 (has links)
Abstract not available

In the words of a woman

Rose, Kerin G. 26 June 1997 (has links)
I am a woman who writes. I am a writer who is a woman. In the Words of a Woman is an exploration of how these two facts of my life merge and influence each other. It is a work written to mediate between the supposed dichotomies of creative and critical, personal and academic, imaginative and scholarly. My desire is that this text will serve as autobiography, critical inquiry, creative response, and credo. The form of this thesis dances between prose and poetry. I have thoughts that need to be expressed sometimes in one form, sometimes in the other, and sometimes in the interplay of the two. As a collection of essays, I have brought together works that are primarily concerned with my story as a woman and a writer with essays that articulate my engagement in other women's writing. Within and between the prose pieces, I have included poems that touch on the same topics, giving different shadings to these themes. This text is a May Day dance, a joyous enactment of a performance long in the creating and rehearsing, not without struggles and challenges, but I hope for the reader a pleasure to participate in. / Graduation date: 1998

Post-colonial legal forms a feminist critique of Irish abortion law /

Fletcher, Ruth. January 2000 (has links)
Thesis (D. Jur.)--York University, 2000. Graduate Programme in Law. / Title on thesis acceptance page: A feminist critique of Irish abortion law as a post-colonial legal form. Typescript. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 233-250). Also available on the Internet. MODE OF ACCESS via web browser by entering the following URL: http://wwwlib.umi.com/cr/yorku/fullcit?pNQ67939.

The pendulum is swinging backwards : gender, politics and modernity in the interwar writing of Winifred Holtby, Storm Jameson, Naomi Mitchison and Rebecca West

Sponenberg, Ashlie Kristin January 2002 (has links)
No description available.

Theory, institution and text: feminism and critical strategies.

January 1990 (has links)
by Yu Kwan Wai. / Thesis (M.Phil.)--Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1990. / Bibliography: leaves [146]-[159] / INTRODUCTION His/ Her/ My Story --- p.1 / Chapter CHAPTER ONE --- Feminist Criticism: An Overview --- p.3 / Chapter CHAPTER TWO --- Moving in an Institutional Space --- p.63 / Chapter CHAPTER THREE --- Feminist Criticism: Possibilities and Strategies --- p.118 / WORKS CITED / APPENDIX Some Current Journals and Magazines Publishing / Feminist Criticism

希伯來聖經之"十誡"研究: 一个文化与女性主义的诠释. / Study on the Decalogue in the Hebrew Bible: a cultural and feminist interpretation / 希伯來聖經之十誡研究 / CUHK electronic theses & dissertations collection / Xibolai Sheng jing zhi "Shi jie" yan jiu: yi ge wen hua yu nü xing zhu yi de quan shi. / Xibolai Sheng jing zhi Shi jie yan jiu

January 2005 (has links)
In sum, as an important text, the Decalogue not only stipulates religious and social life for ancient Israelite and create the symbol of their identity, but also, in the process of its historical dissemination, responds to different cultures continuously and presents vivid impetus. / The fourth chapter is based on ideological criticism of feminist reading on the Decalogue, which aims to explore the relationship between gender and power. Especially, I will pay close attention both to the subject of the Decalogue and the seventh commandment on adultery, and show that how the paradigm of male domination and female subordination is shaped in the androcentric discourse, including patriarchal control of female sexuality, which results in absentation of female sexual autonomy and woman's helplessness in sexual violence. The thesis will try to explore the normative notions of 'masculinity' and 'femininity' through Foucauldian genealogical critique. / There is always interaction between reader and text. All readers of text, including biblical texts, bring their own interests, presuppositions and prejudices with them. The reader's own interests, values and commitments are what make him or her a person with identity and integrity. The third chapter presents the Decalogue in a Chinese context. In the reader's own context, I will argue how the Decalogue was reinterpreted and reconstructed both by the Jesuits and Chinese Christians in the process of cross-textual reading, and show the dual meaning of "inculturation" and "accommodation". / This dissertation is composed mainly of four chapters. In the first chapter Introduction, I present a history of scholarship on the Decalogue in the past, and explore different interpretive genre, which is identical with the development of biblical interpretation in the twentieth century. As a unique and important text, the Decalogue has very positive significance for religion and social ethics of ancient Israel. The second chapter deals with its literary context and tradition history. The Decalogue is put into a vast cultural context of the Ancient Near East to examine the process of how the Decalogue is sprouted and developed, in which the law codes of Mesopotamia and covenants of Hittite and Neo-Assyrian have a deep influence on it. / This thesis intends to focus on the text of the Decalogue in the Hebrew Bible, and to interpret it in the literary, cultural, and reader's contexts, and feminist perspective. In a broader horizon, the methods of literary criticism, historical criticism, reader-response criticism and feminist criticism will be applied throughout the thesis. / 田海華. / 论文(哲学博士)--香港中文大学, 2005. / 参考文献(p. 232-247). / Adviser: Archie C. C. Lee. / Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-07, Section: A, page: 2615. / Electronic reproduction. Hong Kong : Chinese University of Hong Kong, [2012] System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader. Available via World Wide Web. / Electronic reproduction. [Ann Arbor, MI] : ProQuest Information and Learning, [200-] System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader. Available via World Wide Web. / Abstracts also in English. / School code: 1307. / Lun wen (Zhe xue bo shi)--Xianggang Zhong wen da xue, 2005. / Can kao wen xian (p. 232-247). / Tian Haihua.

The poetics of difference : woman, death, and gender in the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Kossick, Kaye January 1995 (has links)
This thesis considers the representation of women and the gender principles in the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins and situates his perceptions of "masculinity" and "femininity" within a cultural, historical and literary context. A selection of his less canonical poems and prose is discussed and re-evaluated in the light of feminist and psychoanalytieal theory. In particular, the binarisms that fracture the representation of woman in Victorian art and literature and the issue of woman's alterity and subsequent association with death are identified and analysed. The thesis is organized into a tripartite introductory section, ten chapters and a conclusion. The first section of the introduction offers a broadly-based sociohistorical and theoretical examination of the gender principles and their origin. Part 11 of the introduction focuýSp s on Hopkins and his society, examining Victorian cultural views of gender diff6rence and the construction of masculinity. The third introductory section gives specific attention to Hopkins's theory of creativity and its relation to the gcndering of genius and aesthetic production. Chapters 1,2, and 3, offer detailed critical consideration of the deep psychosexual ambivalence towards woman, and the carnal materiality she embodies, in Hopkins's early poems: "ll Mystico", "A Voice from the World", "Hcaven-Havcn", "I must hunt down the prize", and "A Vision of the Mermaids". Chapter 4 gives a contextualized consideration of asceticism as an expression of the masculine will-to-power, and examines Hopkins's attraction to violence and the suffering of martyrs. The following three chapters explore the themes of death, violence and martyrdom, with particular emphasis on the issues of female sexual purity and masculine aesthetic vifility in Hopkins's verse drama on the murder of St. Winefred, St. Winefred's Well, and its accompanying chorus: "The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo". The final three chapters of the thesis elucidate Hopkins's aesthetic and personal response to the Virgin Mary and the "feminine" pyschological characteristics and virtues she represents. Chapter 8 assesses the status of the Roman Catholic Church and the Virgin Mary in nineteenth century England, and also suggests that the image of the Madonna and the fictive "angel in the house" arc symbolically conjoined in opposition to the Tennysonian view of "Mother Nature" as a monstrous destroyer. This is followed, in Chapter 9, by a consideration of the view of Mary presented in Hopkins's prose. Chapter 10, the final chapter, presents a detailed analysis of Hopkins's Marian poem, "The Blessed Virgin Compared to the Air we Breathe", in which the ambivalence and anxiety that surround his concepts of selfhood, masculinity and the body of the mother arc examined. In conclusion, I argue that Hopkins's aesthetic and spiritual vocations are intimately linked with his notion of actual selfhood and are subject to the profoundly damaging influence of conflicting role expectations and mythic paradigms of masculinity and femininity which cannot be reconciled, either within the individual psyche, or in the society in which they are nurtured.

Bless God and die : an examination of the role of Job's wife in the Masoretic text of Job /

Meade, Sonya R., January 1997 (has links)
Thesis (M. A.)--Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1997. / Bibliography: leaves [94]-101.

The changing image of women in Francis Imbuga's Oeuvre

Oketch, Selline Atieno, West, Mary Eileen January 2014 (has links)
The aim of this study was to examine the changing image of women in the oeuvre of Francis Imbuga. Focusing on seven stage plays and two novels published between 1976 and 2011, the study examines the depiction of female characters within the social, cultural and political contexts of post-independence African societies. The depiction of female characters in literature has attracted the attention of numerous scholars globally, particularly with regards to negative female stereotypes in male authored works. This study explores Imbuga’s attitude towards female stereotypes and gender inequalities in literary texts. Using an eclectic framework that includes feminist criticism, feminist stylistics, gender theory and the formal strategies of literature, the study examined gender relations in these texts through the analysis of language and discourse of characters. Further, the study uses the interpretive methods of textual analysis to categorize these works into three phases based on their portrayal of female characters. This method reveals a systematic transformation in the characterization of women from disadvantaged positions in the patriarchal society to more prominent positions in the contemporary society. The study demonstrates that Imbuga makes a positive response to feminism and devices a unique perspective on feminism that celebrates both the domestic and public roles of female characters. In this sense, the female characters contribute to the moral content and aesthetic values of Imbuga’s works. The study concludes that Imbuga views the transformation of female characters in literary texts as part of the broader social change that is desirable in the society. Ultimately, this vision involves shifting focus from the preoccupation with gender inequalities to concern for the welfare and dignity of the human person. Based on the conclusions, recommendations for further study include investigation into the educative and social role of the performing arts as a means of raising consciousness on issues such as HIV/Aids, use of indigenous knowledge in solving contemporary issues, incorporation of African morality and traditions in contemporary literature and a comparative study of Imbuga’s feministic vision with that of other writers.

Codependency : a review of the feminist critique and other voices

Elliott, William 12 1900 (has links)
Thesis (MA)--University of Stellenbosch, 2002. / ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This review begins by tracing the history and initial formulations of codependency, followed by the presentation of ten main themes distilled from the feminist critique of codependency: disparate and problematic definitions of codependency; viewing codependency as a disease; the use of codependency as a label; codependency as blaming the victim; codependency as a plot against women; codependency has an attack on femininity and traditional female roles; issues of individualism, narcissism and interdependence; lack of research in the field; over simplification of complex realities; and codependency as big business. These themes are presented along with recent developments and other perspectives in the field. The review concludes with a number of alternative formulations of codependency, as well as a recommendation of a number of criteria against which to evaluate future conceptualisations of the concept. / AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie werkstuk begin met h uiteensetting van die geskiedenis en vroeë formuleringe van mede-afhanklikheid, gevolg deur h voorlegging van tien hoof temas gedistilleer uit die feministiese kritiek van mede-afhanklikheid: disparate en problematiese omskrywings van mede-afhanklikheid; die bedinking van mede-afhanklikheid as h siekte; die gebruik van mede-afhanklikheid as h etiket; die gebruik van mede-afhanklikheid om slagoffers te blameer; die gebruik van mede-afhanklikheid om vroue te onderdruk; die gebruik van mede-afhanklikheid teen vroulikheid en die tradisionele vroue-rol; narsisme en interafhanklikheid; gebrek aan navorsing; oor-vereenvoudiging van komplekse realiteit; en mede-afhanklikheid en groot besigheid. Hierdie temas word uiteengesit tesame met huidige ontwikkelinge en ander perspektiewe in hierdie gebied. Hierdie werkstuk word afgesluit met met h aantal alternatiewe formuleringe van mede-afhanklikheid, sowel as aanbeveelings van kriteria wat in die toekoms as h maatstaf gebruik kan word om nuwe konseptualiserings te evalueer.

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