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Determinering av sol- og utsiktskvaliteter ved hjelp av geografiske informasjonssystemer og regresjonsanalyse

Hallén, Mats Thorleif January 2011 (has links)
The background for the thesis was a desire to find methods that determine prices of new homes and estimate how much the value of existing houses diminish when neighboring land is developed. The problem was as follows: "Is there a relationship between house prices in Trondheim and factors such as solar radiation, view and proximity to the center? What are the existing methods used by real estate brokers to appraise residential qualities? Can multivariate regression analysis be used to determine house prices? " I solved these problems by using GIS to create an urban 3D model of Trondheim. The 3D model was used as the basis for calculating the sun and view conditions using a solar radiation and viewshed analysis respectively. When the GIS analysis was done, I used SPSS for statistical calculations and regression analysis. Based on the regression results, I conclude that there is a significant correlation between the purchase and view conditions of town houses in Trondheim. The methods I have used make it possible to calculate the solar radiation and viewshed and thus predict the purchase of houses by using a multivariate regression. The method also makes it possible to calculate the compensation for loss of views, due to for instance an increased building density.

Att utbilda elever med hjälp av GIS : En studie i hur geografilärare i grundskolans senare år och på gymnasiet använder sig av GIS i undervisningen / To edcate students in using GIS : A study of how geography teachers in the elementary schools later years and in high school use GIS in teaching

Einarsson, 'Håkan' January 2019 (has links)
Seven years ago came a new curriculum in Sweden. It emphasized that the students should be taught GIS (geographical information systems).  This survey was done with the aim of getting to know more about how the geography teachers today work with GIS. What problems and challenges do they have in their daily work in the teaching and why they experience their situation as they do? How the curricula are interpreted and how the teachers believe that the teaching in GIS gives the students skills that they will use in life. Both here and now, but also in the future. The survey was conducted through interviews with teachers within the compulsory school’s later years and within upper secondary school and showed that there is much to be done to make the education in GIS better and correspond to the curricula for the subject of geography. Teachers who, in their profession, are comfortable using digital aids were also more positive to using GIS in geography education. The study showed that the teachers think they need more time, more money and, above all, more education in GIS in order to manage using GIS more effectively in teaching.

Územní diferenciace migračních procesů v České republice / Spatial differentiation of migration processes in the Czech Republic

Koňařík, Eliška January 2014 (has links)
Spatial differentiation of migration processes in the Czech Republic Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze internal migration in the Czech Republic and assess the extent to which selected indicators contribute to internal migration of the population in the municipalities in the Czech Republic. The first part is focused on the theoretical background for this study and on the discussion of literature. On the basis of literature the indicators were selected for subsequent analysis. The selected indicators are: the number of completed dwellings, the number of jobs, unemployment rate and population density. The next part outlines the development of internal migration in the Czech Republic between 1991-2012. After the subsequent evaluation of the development of selected indicators and internal migration at the municipal level, the relationship of migration and selected indicators for determined years is analyzed through linear regression, exploratory spatial data analysis and geographically weighted regression. The result is an assessment of the impact of selected indicators on internal migration in the Czech Republic and evaluation of the contribution of the methods used for exploration of relationships between migration and selected indicators. Keywords: migration, internal migration, spatial analysis,...

Building a Multi-View 3D Web GIS with VRML

Chen, Tai-hung 02 August 2001 (has links)
Abstract ¡§Web GIS¡¨ is a Geographic Information Systems¡]GIS¡^ operating on the Internet. Web GIS is very popular in the world now. This 2D web GIS can¡¦t display real world spatial information in three dimension. Virtual Reality (VR) is a fancy technology, which can display real world objects in 3D and is able to walk or fly through in this virtual world. Virtual Reality Modeling Language¡]VRML¡^can be used to construct local terrain and structures in 3D on the internet. In order to use geographic coordinates in the VRML, GeoVRML was developed for GIS purposes. This research tries to integrate the tools of 2D web GIS, VRML and GeoVRML into a 3D web GIS. Concept of multi-view is used for this 3D web GIS, which combines a plan view, a model view and real view in a web page. The function of the plan view is to display 2D map and query attributes. The model view and real view are used to display 3D objects and link with database. However, the real view provides more object details in content and texture. This study tried to transform 2D polygons of the manmade structures into VRML and GeoVRML format without using specific software tools. The transformed 3D buildings are independent objects, which can link with database. The ways of creating terrain in GeoVRML are also discussed. A new node in the GeoVRML is suggested. A simple 3D spatial analysis is also explored. Finally, the campus of our university ( National Sun Yat-sen University ) was used as an example for 3D web GIS. The orthophoto of the IKONOS satellite image and 40m digital terrain model data were used. The interaction among plan view, model view and real view were also designed. A database was successfully linked with model view and real view. The calculation of 3D spatial distance between two points was demonstrated. This 3D web GIS is proved to be a 3D GIS with capabilities of 3D data display, query and 3D spatial analysis.

The dynamics of diffusion of corporate GIS

Chan, Tai On Unknown Date (has links) (PDF)
The hypothesis of this research is ‘Diffusion of GIS in an organisation is affected by the qualities of GIS as seen in the context of the structure of the organisation’. A review of the GIS diffusion literature establishes the theoretical background of the research. It is argued that the qualities of a corporate GIS reflect the GIS qualities mentioned in the hypothesis. These qualities are identified and applied to Rogers’ model of organisational innovation process to give a model of diffusion of a corporate GIS, which serves as a working model for the hypothesis. The model describes how the qualities of a corporate GIS can affect GIS diffusion, and predict four sets of relationships as follows . / - A corporate GIS is made up of modules of GIS which play the role of either a business process or an infrastructure, with an infrastructure GIS supporting the development of one or more business process GIS / - Diffusion of a corporate GIS takes place in the dispersed scenario. / - Diffusion takes place when the purposes served by a module are focused and well defined. / - Reinvention of a corporate GIS can be monitored by the outcome of diffusion of the modules of GIS in the focused scenario. / These relationships are confirmed by the outcomes of a survey of the State Government of Victoria and a subsequent case study that involves the Department of Natural Resource and Environment of the government. As a result, the hypothesis is validated. (For complete abstract open document)

Crime in Space and Time: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Burglary in Christchurch

Thornley, Abby January 2005 (has links)
This thesis provides analyses on the spatial and temporal distribution of residential burglaries in Christchurch for the five-year period 1998/1999 to 2002/2003. The specific aspects of residential burglary that are explored are the geography of burglary and clear-up rates, the characteristics of burglars, the distance they travel and the characteristics of the burgled properties. It was important to research these aspects of residential burglaries in Christchurch as there has previously been minimal research conducted into burglaries in Christchurch. The research that has been conducted is almost ten years old and did not comprehensively cover all aspects of burglaries. This thesis provides up to date analysis of the current burglary problem in Christchurch. The residential burglary data was provided by the Christchurch Branch of the New Zealand Police Department. This data included the addresses of both burglary victims and offenders and demographic characteristics of offenders. Information regarding the burglary event such as the items stolen and the time and date that the burglary occurred, was also supplied. This data allowed for analysis into many aspects of burglaries. In order to substantiate the conclusions formed there is comparison with the results of international and national studies into burglaries. The key findings of this research were that Christchurch residential burglary rates decreased and were positively related to deprivation. The greatest percent of burglaries occurred during traditional work times, during the traditional workweek. Conversely, the clear-up rates increased and were inversely related to deprivation. The majority of offenders were unemployed European males, aged between 15 and 19 years of age. Generally, offenders travelled short distances to burgle, and the distance was found to be negatively correlated with the level of deprivation of the area in which the victim lived. There were also some interesting findings regarding the characteristics of the burgled and non-burgled properties and how they differed depending on whether the property was in a deprived or non-deprived area.

CEMPS - spatial decision support system for evacuation planning : an operational research - geographical information systems approach

Silva, Frederica Nishakumari de January 1997 (has links)
No description available.

The application of image registration and geographic information systems in the comparison of historical and recent cartographic data : a case study of woodland change in Furness (1786-1964)

Mousir-Harrison, Stuart N. January 1997 (has links)
No description available.

The application of remote sensing to the study of the geology and structure of the Carboniferous in the Calanas area, pyrite belt, SW Spain

Woldai, Tsehaie January 1995 (has links)
No description available.

Remote sensing of deciduous woodlands : a tool for ecological investigations

Blackburn, George Alan January 1993 (has links)
No description available.

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