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Continuous on line relative tan delta monitoring of high voltage insulation.

Cormack, Roger. January 2004 (has links)
The thesis discusses the findings of an investigation into the use of novel condition monitoring techniques for oil-paper insulated high voltage equipment as used on the Eskom Main Transmission System. This research into the monitoring of the condition of high voltage (RV) insulation was undertaken because of the high failure rate of high voltage current transformers (eT's) and transformer bushings on the Eskom Transmission National Grid. These failures reached unacceptably high levels in the 1990's. The extent of failures has been quantified and was the driving motivation behind this research. Techniques for the condition assessment and condition monitoring of oil-paper filled high voltage equipment have traditionally focused on off-line techniques, in particular off-line tan delta measurements. This requires that the equipment be removed from service temporarily, but at widely spaced intervals before a measurement may be taken (typically every 3 to 6 years). Such techniques will not be able to detect faulty equipment where the insulation integrity deteriorates rapidly, resulting in catastrophic failure with risk to both adjoining equipment and personnel. The need for an on-line technique for detecting deteriorating insulation prior to failure was identified in the early 1990's and various systems were developed. This research investigation has focussed on assessing the use of on-line relative tan delta monitoring of RV insulation and compares this to off-line monitoring. In particular, the ability of such a relative tan delta measurement system to detect deteriorating oil-paper insulation has been assessed. The investigation has included the design, construction and commissioning of a dedicated test facility located at Eskom's Tugela substation. This test facility is unique in the world. This test facility has resulted in a number of experiments that have provided invaluable insight into possible failure modes of oil-filled high voltage equipment and the ability of on-line techniques to detect rapid failure modes has been carefully assessed. Further assessment of the on-line monitoring systems was also undertaken at various Eskom operational installations. The results of these tests and operational monitoring are addressed in this research. The research work and its findings are assessed against published literature and global activity in this important area. / Thesis (M.Sc.-Eng.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2004.

Approches physiques et numérique du phénomène des vibrations induites par effet de couronne /

Privé, Michel, January 1986 (has links)
Mémoire (Sc.A.)--Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, 1986. / Document électronique également accessible en format PDF. CaQCU

Evaluation and modeling of high-voltage cable insulation using a high-voltage impulse

Bialek, Thomas Owen. January 2005 (has links)
Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Mississippi State University. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. / Title from title screen. Includes bibliographical references.

Multi level reinjection ac/dc converters for HVDC : a thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand /

Perera, Lasantha Bernard. January 1900 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Canterbury, 2006. / Typescript (photocopy). "February 2006." Includes bibliographical references (p. [151]-160). Also available via the World Wide Web.

A wideband signal conditioning system for high voltage measurements using a transconductance topology

Agjee, F. M. D. E. (Faatima, Moosa, Dawood, Ebrahim) 03 1900 (has links)
Thesis (MScEng)--Stellenbosch University, 2000. / ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Recent research has shown that standard substation capacitive voltage transformers (CVTs) and current transformers (CTs) can be used for the measurement of wideband high voltage phenomena by employing these apparatus in a transconductance topology. With this topology the voltage waveform can be obtained by integration of the ground return current in the earth straps of the CVT and the CT. This technique does, however, impose unique requirements on the amplification and integration instrumentation due to large dynamic range requirements and the strict offset specifications required for accurate integration. This thesis describes a programmable, wideband signal conditioning system for high voltage (HV) measurements using the transconductance topology. A suitable system topology, optimised to reduce the problems usually associated with grounding and electromagnetic interference (EMI) in HV environments, is proposed. This system consists of an analog signal conditioning subsystem, a digital signal conditioning subsystem and a high speed serial fibre-optic link. The analog signal conditioning subsystem conditions the signals from a sensor to levels suitable for the digitiser of the digital signal conditioning subsystem. The high bandwidth specification of the application made it necessary to consider both discrete and integrated implementation of the analog signal conditioning subsystem. Based on the simulated and laboratory test results of both implementations, the optimum design was chosen for the developed system. The digital signal conditioning subsystem, which performs the integration, as well as the serial optic-fibre link control logic was implemented using programmable logic array (PLA) technology. The digital data is transmitted across the fibre-optic link. This data is then converted back to an analog signal. Keywords: High voltage measurements, Transconductance topology. / AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Onlangse navorsing het aangetoon dat standaard substasie kapasitiewe spanningstransformators en stroomtransformators gebruik kan word om wyeband hoogspanningsverskynsels te meet deur hierdie apparatuur in 'n transkonduktansie topologie aan te wend. Met hierdie topologie kan die spanningsgolfvorm verkry word deur die integrasie van die aardstrome in die aardverbindings van die kapasitiewe spanningstransformators en stroomtransformators. Hierdie tegniek stel egter unieke vereistes vir die versterkings- en integrasieinstrumentasie te wyte aan groot dinamiese bereik vereistes en die streng afset spesifikasies wat benodig word vir akkurate integrasie. Hierdie tesis beskryf 'n programmeerbare, wyeband seinkondisioneringstelsel vir hoogspanningsmetings deur van die transkonduktansie topologie gebruik te maak. 'n Geskikte stelseltopologie, wat geoptimiseer is om probleme, wat gewoonlik met aarding en elektromagnetiese interferensie in hoogspanningsomgewings geassosieer word, te verminder, is voorgestel. Die stelsel bestaan uit 'n analoog seinkondisioneringsubstelsel, 'n digitale seinkondisioneringsubstelsel en 'n hoëspoed seriële optiese vesel koppelvlak. Die analoog seinkondisioneringsubstelsel kondisioneer die seine vanaf 'n sensor na geskikte vlakke vir die versyferaar van die digitale seinkondisioneringsubstelsel. Die hoë bandwydte spesifikasie van die toepassing vereis die inagneming van beide diskrete en geïntegreerde implementerings van die analoog seinkondisioneringsubstelsel. Gebaseer op gesimuleerde en laboratorium toetsresultate van beide implementerings is die optimale ontwerp vir die ontwikkelde stelsel gekies. Die digitale seinkondisioneringsubstelsel wat die integrasie uitvoer, asook die seriële optiese vesel koppelvlak beheerlogika is geïmplementeer met behulp van programmeerbare logika skikking tegnologie. Die digitale data word gestuur oor die optiese vesel koppelvlak. Hierdie data word dan terug geskakel na 'n analoog sein. Sleutelwoorde: Hoogspanningsmetings, Transkonduktansie topologie.

High voltage direct current strategy solving power delivery shortages to localized area of national grid

Smith, Johan January 2009 (has links)
Thesis (MTech (Electrical Engineering))--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2009 / The industrial and population growth of a nation can cause power delivery problems to localized areas of a national grid through their increased demand for electrical energy. One reason for these power shortages is the insufficient current carrying capacity of existing high voltage alternating current, (HVAC), transmission lines supplying the area. High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines are a possible solution as they provide better power delivery than HVAC lines. New or upgraded HVAC lines, or HVDC lines or combinations of HVAC and HVDC lines are possible solutions to improve power delivery. This research investigates the various line possibilities using theory. and cutting edge frequency and time domain software tools. The challenge is how to approach this problem. What methodology or structure should be used? Thus one of the contributions of this work is the development of a strategy (flow chart), for solving power delivery problems to localized areas of a national grid through individual or combinations (e.g. parallel operation) of HVAC and/or HVDC transmission lines. The main contribution is the evaluation of a HVDC system as a solution to overcoming power delivery shortages to a localized area of a national grid. Three different software packages (two industrial and one academic) namely, PSCAD/EMTDC (time domain), DlgSILENT PowerFactory (frequency domain) and MathCAD software are evaluated for their capability to perform the simulation studies necessary to prove the possible solutions given in the developed flow chart. The PSCAD/EMTDC software package is evaluated for integrated HVAC/HVDC load flow analyses, DlgSILENT for individual and parallel combinations of HVAC lines and MathCAD to prove hand calculations to software results. Five case studies are conducted. The first case study demonstrates a healthy system with no delivery shortcomings, the second case study portrays the delivery shortcoming due to increased localized area demand, and the remaining three case studies explore possible solutions to solve the problem. The first possible solution is to construct an identical HVAC line in parallel to the existing line.

Fonte CA ressonante de alta tensão para ozonizadores / High-voltage AC resonant source for ozonizers

Sperandio, Giuliano Salomão 19 July 2007 (has links)
Orientador: Jose Antenor Pomilio / Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Faculdade de Engenharia Eletrica e de Computação / Made available in DSpace on 2018-08-11T05:49:41Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 1 Sperandio_GiulianoSalomao_M.pdf: 1492429 bytes, checksum: f30c57d63ec881417a2d7f6ebaf926c2 (MD5) Previous issue date: 2007 / Resumo: O ozônio se apresenta como um excelente produto químico para ser usado em substituição ou em conjunto com o cloro para o tratamento de água. O ozônio é um potente bactericida e viricida e não deixa resíduos no meio ambiente. A produção deve ser local e requer apenas ar e eletricidade. Um método simples e eficaz para a produção de ozônio é através de microdescargas em barreiras dielétricas em oxigênio. A produção da microdescarga é feita numa célula onde é aplicada uma alta tensão, da ordem de quilovolts. A alta tensão é gerada através de um circuito eletrônico de alto rendimento e interage com a carga para produzir a alta tensão desejada. A fonte de alta tensão foi projetada para fazer o uso das não idealidades do conjunto formado pelo transformador de alta tensão associado a célula ozonizadora. O comportamento da carga permite que a potência de saída seja ajustada pela freqüência de trabalho. A potência de saída é uma variável que está associada com a produção de ozônio a qual pode ser ajustada. O controle da potência foi realizado por um microcontrolador que também incorpora funções de proteção e comando remoto. Os resultados obtidos pela implementação prática do circuito eletrônico corroboram o modelo e as simulações feitas. O circuito foi desenvolvido por uma demanda da indÚstria. A etapa de desenvolvimento do circuito em laboratório atingiu uma maturidade satisfatória para industrialização / Abstract: The ozone gas is a powerful oxidizing substance and it can be used for the treatment of water. It is known to be a potent bactericide and viricide and leaves no harmful residues to the environment. Ozone has to be produced on-site and requires only air and eletricity. An efficient way to produce ozone is through diclectric-barrier discharge in oxigen. An electronic high-efficiency circuit is used to generate the necessary high- voltage to make the electric discharge. The circuit was designed to use the resonance of the transformer plus the silent-discharge ozone-generator tube. The transformer non-idealities are usefull for allowing the converter operation in the resonance region, minimizing the commutation losses. The output power can be adjusted setting the switching frequency. The circuit works properly and the practical results match to the simulations. This converter was developed according to the specification of an industry and it is now going into commercial production / Mestrado / Energia Eletrica / Mestre em Engenharia Elétrica

Engine Exhaust Treatment By Electrical Discharge Plasma : A More Realistic Case

Das, Subhankar 06 1900 (has links) (PDF)
No description available.

Some Aspects Of Surge Voltage Distribution In Transformers With Enhanced Resolution

Sumangala, B V 07 1900 (has links) (PDF)
No description available.

A comparison of the performance of high-voltage insulator materials in a severely polluted coastal environment

Vosloo, Wallace L. (Wallace Lockwood) 04 1900 (has links)
Thesis (PhD)--University of Stellenbosch, 2002. / ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The main aim of this research programme was to compare the relative performance of different insulator materials used in South Africa when subjected to a severe marine pollution environment. A test programme and procedure, test facility and instrumentation were established. Some novel instrumentation and monitoring equipment were developed and built specifically for this research programme, supported by data analysing software programs. In order to compare material performance only, all non-material design variables between the test insulators had to be removed (e.g. creepage distance, connecting length, inter-shed spacing, profile, etc.). To achieve this some of the test insulators had to be specially manufactured. Leakage current, electrical discharge activity, climatic and environmental data was collected successfully over a one-year test period, starting with new test insulators. The peak and energy values of the leakage current were identified as the two main parameters needed to describe the leakage current activity on the test insulators. A correlation was found between the climatic and environmental data and the leakage current data, and it was found that the leakage current can be determined successfully from some of the climatic and environmental parameters monitored by using multiple regression techniques. Surface conductivity and energy were found to be the best parameters to show the maximum and continuous interaction of the insulator material surface with the electrolytic pollution layer. A natural ageing and pollution test procedure was developed, which has become a South African standard and is gaining international acceptance. A model and hypothesis are proposed to describe the electrical discharge activity that takes place on the test insulators and explain the difference in leakage current performance of the various materials. Keywords: Insulator, Pollution, High Voltage, Leakage current, Material performance. / AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die hoofdoel van hierdie navorsingsprogram was om die relatiewe prestasie van verskillende isolatormateriale wat in Suid-Afrika gebruik word te vergelyk in 'n swaar besoedelde marine omgewing. 'n Toetsprogram en prosedure, toets fasiliteit en instrumentasie is gevestig. 'n Paar nuwe instrumente en moniteer toerusting is ontwikkel en gebou spesifiek vir hierdie navorsingsprogram, gesteun deur data analise sagteware programme. Ten einde slegs materiaalprestasie te vergelyk, moes alle nie-materiaal ontwerpsveranderlikes tussen die toetsisolators verwyder word (bv. kruipafstand, konnekteer lengte, tussen-skerm spasiëring, profiel, ens.). Om dit reg te kry moes sommige van die toetsisolators spesiaal vervaardig word. Lekstroom, elektriese ontladingsaktiwiteit, klimaat en omgewingsdata is suksesvol versameloor 'n een-jaar toetsperiode, beginnende met nuwe toets isolators. Die piek en energie waardes van die lekstroom is identifiseer as die twee hoof parameters wat nodig is om die lekstroomaktiwiteit op die toetsisolators te beskryf. 'n Korrelasie is gevind tussen die klimaat- en omgewingsdata en die lekstroom data, en dit is gevind dat die lekstroom data suksesvol bepaal kan word van sekere van die klimaat- en omgewingsparameters wat gemoniteer is deur veelvoudige regressie tegnieke te gebruik. Oppervlakskonduktiwiteit en energie is gevind die beste parameters te wees om die maksimum en kontinue interaksie van die isolatormateriaaloppervlak met die elektrolitiese besoedelingslaag aan te toon. 'n Natuurlike veroudering en besoedeling toetsprosedure is ontwikkel, wat 'n Suid-Afrikaanse standaard geword het en besig is om internastionale aanvaarding te wen. 'n Model en hipotese word voorgestelom die elektriese ontladingsaktiwiteit wat op die toetsisolators plaasvind te beskryf en om die verskil in lekstroomprestasie van die verskeie materiale te verduidelik. S/eufelwoorde: Isolator, Besoedeling, Hoog Spanning, Leek stroom, Materiaal prestasie.

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