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Towards political education for transition : the development of political studies in Hong Kong secondary school /

Sum, Ngai-ling, Ivin, January 1985 (has links)
Thesis (M. Ed.)--University of Hong Kong, 1985.

Politik als Staatsklugheit und Staatskunst ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der politischen Wissenschaft in Deutschland.

Johannsen, Dieter, January 1972 (has links)
Inaug.-Diss.--Albert-Ludwigs-Universität zu Freiburg i. Br. / Bibliography: p. 162-170.

The epistemological foundations of political decision making

Ackerman, Michael, January 2007 (has links)
Thesis (M.A.)--Rutgers University, 2007. / "Graduate Program in Political Science." Includes bibliographical references (p. 139).

Inheriting the legacy of critique dreams of freedom and nightmares of despair.

Panfilio, Kenneth Michael. January 2007 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Rutgers University, 2007. / "Graduate Program in Political Science." Includes bibliographical references (p. 218-220).

Towards political education for transition the development of political studies in Hong Kong secondary school /

Sum, Ngai-ling, Ivin, January 1985 (has links)
Thesis (M.Ed.)--University of Hong Kong, 1985. / Also available in print.

Political Recruitment to the Ontario Legislative Assembly: A Research Schema

Williams, James Robery January 1967 (has links)
Political recruitment is a process by which individuals with certain expectations and occupying certain specified social positions ln their community are screened by representatives of political institutions for elective office. In this inquiry, three pairs of variables corresponding to the three elements of the process -- resources, opportunities, and motivation (interpreted as expectations )-- are structured into a research schema. This schema is applied to the Members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly with the objective of identifying recurring uniformities of activity among the recruitment experiences of those political actors. / Master of Arts (MA)

Wanted: a united states of Europe

Haight, Shirley G. January 1947 (has links)
No description available.

The Brain Drain and Underdevelopment: A Study of Emigration from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to Canada

Hutchinson, Carlyle J. 04 1900 (has links)
<p>The brain-drain from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to Canada, constitutes one of the most serious, though often overlooked aspects of the overall underdevelopment of these two Caribbean countries.</p> <p>More specifically, Canada's immigration policies have played a major part in creating and maintaining this highly-selective outflow of wrokers from the region.</p> <p>The net effects of the drain can be seen in the social and economic distortions it creates in the West Indies, while at the same time contributing to the economic and social well-being of Canada.</p> <p>The underdevelopment of these countries, inlcuding the brain drain, can end only by the coming into being of new political mechanims aimed at placing their politial economies at the commnad of the local populations.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Protesting the "Protest": Understanding "Non-Native" Reactions and Responses to the Six Nations Land "Occupation and Protest" in Caledonia, Ontario

Vyce, Amanda 05 1900 (has links)
<p>The Six Nations land "occupation and protest" in Caledonia, Ontario, provides an important case study through which to better understand the attitudes and responses of local "non-Native" peoples to "Native" land disputes. This study explores the ways in which the residents of Caledonia think about the Six Nations claim that encompasses the land subject to the "occupation"; the ways in which the provincial and federal governments responded to the "occupation"; the tactical. activism that was employed to buttress the land claim; the response of the Ontario Provincial Police to the "occupation"; and the perception that there has been an iniquitous application of the rule of law between "Natives" and "non-Natives" leading to a system of "two tier justice" in Caledonia. This study also examines how the discourse of opposition employed by the residents of Caledonia towards the "occupation" is embedded in the liberal democratic notion of equality. I argue that vehement opposition to the Six Nations' land claim stems from the residents' desire to preserve their own economic interests, which they think would otherwise be threatened by Six Nations ownership of the disputed property. I found that the tactical activism employed by "protestors" created more tension, hostility, and concern for the residents of Caledonia than the Six Nations claim to the disputed property. Lastly, I found that many residents believe they would have been as hostile towards any group that closed down their roads and inconvenienced their daily lives, as they were with the Six Nations. Although opposition to the "occupation" was tempered by racism on the part of some individuals, I argue the concept of racism does not adequately explain the opposition arising from all individuals. Instead, opposition to the "occupation" is primarily grounded in the rhetoric of equality. The case of Caledonia is important because the "occupation and protest" has had lasting impacts on individuals from both the Six Nations and Caledonia. It has also damaged the previous harmonious and amicable relationship between the Six Nations and Caledonian communities. As well, the climate of "non-Native" public opinions towards "Native" Peoples and issues can act as a vehicle or an impediment to the settlement of "Native" land claims and the decolonization of "Native" Peoples from the state. Thus, it is important to understand the nature of local public opinions since they could impact the ability of the Six Nations to achieve swift and fair settlements to their land claims throughout the Haldimand Tract.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)


Berry, Raymond Glyn 09 1900 (has links)
<p>A considerable amount of attention has been paid by political scientists to the rise of public voting support for third parties, including separatist parties in such western democratic states as Canada and the United Kingdom. This study, .however, attempts to probe within such a party in order to discover the characteristics of its active members rather than its voting supporters. It is hypothesized that here very different factors may be operating. <br /><br /> The study focuses on a group of activist members of Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalist Party, whose motivations and attitudes are diagnosed, together with their consequences for political action. The importance of cultural and idealistic as against political and economic motivations is examined, while the major attitudinal dimensions considered are those of political efficacy and opinions on the use of violence and other extra-legal methods, both of which are central to an understanding of the nature of Plaid Cymru as a political party. Finally, party activity, as an indicator of depth of involvement in the party, is examined, together with those factors which determine its intensity. In these ways it is hoped to construct a theory of separatist party involvement which may supplement existing models attempting to explain the rise of third parties.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

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