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Constituency Level Politics: A Case Study of The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and New Democratic Party in Brantford, Ontario

Szmigielski, John Joseph Walter January 1977 (has links)
<p>This study analyzes the development of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and the New Democratic Party in Brantford, Ontario from 1932-1975. Other scholarly work done on the C.C.F. - N.D.P. has tended to concentrate on general - federal, provincial - levels, rather than on the individual constituency level.</p> <p>The thesis argues that even though the Brantford C.C.F. proposed programmes embracing doctrinaire socialism, the Brantford N.D.P.'s policies have been overwhelmingly influenced by the managerial strategy of winning elections. The trend has been underlined with the advent of the Makarchuk Blackburn era (1965-1975) in Brantford wherein party fortunes began to rise. The thesis further argues that the C.C.F. - N.D.P. is unique in Brantford primarily because of its candidates, Mac Makarchuk and Derek Blackburn. By virtue of their backgrounds as middle class communicators, the Brantford N.D.P. has become more professionalized and subsequently more respectable and successful locally.</p> <p>In conclusion, it is argued that the chief difference between the Brantford C.C.F. and its counterpart, the N.D.P. has been a question of approach. When the C.C.F. sought to 'educate' the electorate through the use of doctrinaire platforms and labour candidates who preached rather than campaigned, the N.D.P. adopted the strategy of winning elections with middle class candidates and solid, issue-oriented election campaign.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)


Ingram, Joseph K. 04 1900 (has links)
<p>1) This thesis will examine and compare the objectives of the foreign aid programmes of both Canada and the UnitedStates.</p> <p>2) It will examine the motivations underlying those objectives and discuss their implications for the foreign policies of both Canada and the United States.</p> <p>3) A secondary aspect of the thesis will be an attempt to establish the extent to which Canada is reliant on American values, and to what extent Canada exhibits a similar world view.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)


Loomis, August Ardon 11 1900 (has links)
<p>It will be the purpose of this papar to critically examine those aspects of Sigmund Freud' s thought which seem relevant to the concerns of political philosophy by virtue of their ability to shed new and different light on such perennial problems as human nature, equality,. authority. and freedom .</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Candidate Selection in Great Britain and the United States of America

Hemingway, Robert Barry 10 1900 (has links)
Master of Arts (MA)

The Colonial Elephant in the Room: An Examination of North-South Academic Partnerships

Dufesne, Erin 08 1900 (has links)
<p>International collaborations have been steadily increasing in frequency as academic institutions in the global north and south continue to make connections with each other. However, the rate of our increasing interaction is outpacing the emergence of a structural analysis aimed at minimizing the power imbalances inherent in the colonial relationship between the global north and south. As actors within international social work continue to participate in collaborations tainted by professional imperialism and epistemological hegemony, we continue to disadvantage those in the south through the formation and implementation of these partnerships. The exploration of this topic is primarily informed through the use of the author's critical reflection of an academic seminar she participated in during the summer of 2004 in Malawi Africa. It is hoped that the subsequent analysis can be used as tool to inform the development of truly equitable international partnerships.</p> / Master of Social Work (MSW)

Ukrainian National Communism: A Recurrent Phenonomenon

Hanas, Bohdan George 09 1900 (has links)
<p>The objective of this thesis is to investigate the development of Ukrainian national communism as it has manifested itself from the period 1918 until the present. Particular emphasis i.s placed on examining its ideological dimensions and the strategic alternatives available to its proponents. Both the major political actors and political processes involved in its development are accorded separate treatment. Using a historical perspective, the technique of comparative analysis is employed in order to study the similarities and differences contained in expressions of Ukrainian national communism in the periods 1917-27 and the 1960' s.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Decision-Makers' Images in the Foreign Policy Process: The Case of the Korean War

Sinclair, Keith 11 1900 (has links)
<p>It is the object of this study to assess the thinking behind the actions of foreign policy decision-makers in the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. This i s done by examining the perceptions of United States decision-makers during the first year of Korean War, through a content analysis of their public speeches and communications.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Some Considerations of Democracy and Science in the political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Giannis, Vassilios January 1976 (has links)
<p>This thesis is a comparative study of Rousseau's Premier Discours and-Du Contract Social. The essay will attempt to establish the thesis that science is both indispensable and dangerous to a democratic order. Democracy, we assume, presupposes self-restraint, more specifically, the self-restraint of the few best citizens. The question then is-·does science support those virtues by which men may be persuaded to serve democracy or, quite the contrary, to destroy it?</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

The Overseas Chinese in the Politics of South-East Asia

Hill, Graham Peter January 1967 (has links)
<p>An examination of the position of the Overseas Chinese in South-East Asia today, and of factors which may influence their political behaviour in the future.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

Political Involvement: A Case Study of Urban Party Activists

Smith, Joseph Patrick January 1970 (has links)
<p>Political involvement is the process of becoming active in the particular political system. One of the most important areas of involvement is the political party. Differences exist among the major Canadian parties that allow them to be placed on a left-right continuum.</p> <p>In this study, the focus is resiricted to activity in local party structures. Four variables of the party involvement process -- political socialization, recruitment, motivation and socio-economic background -- are examined here to see if there are significant differences among the three major political parties in Canada and the personnel that makes up the local executives of their organizations. An analysis of these differences is undertaken to see if they can be explained by the ideological divisions that separate the party associations.</p> / Master of Arts (MA)

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