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Validation of the Essay Coding System for Performance Goals and Learning Goals: Associations with Goal Orientation Inventory, Coping, Mood, and School Performance.

D'Anjou, Tamara A. 13 November 2008 (has links)
The validity of a new essay coding system for rating performance goal orientation and learning goal orientation was tested using a sample of undergraduate students. The study was designed to remedy limitations in the design of the previous study using the essay coding system. The essay coding system was evaluated for its predictive power above and beyond the Goal Orientation Inventory, a self-report measure. Outcome measures included coping skills, depression, anxiety, well-being, and academic performance. It was predicted that performance goal orientation would be associated with unhealthy coping, more depression, more anxiety, less well-being, and lower GPA and learning goal orientation would be associated with healthy coping, less depression, less anxiety, more well-being, and higher GPA. Setback severity and setback frequency were predicted as moderators of the relationships between goal orientation and the outcome variables. Analysis of the Goal Orientation Inventory show that the subscales are associated with coping and mood as predicted. Using hierarchical linear regression, number of setbacks and severity of setbacks moderated the relationship between goal orientation and depression, wellbeing, and grades. High learning goals and high performance goals predicted more stable mood in the face of academic disappointments. High learning goals also predicted higher grades following a severe academic setback.

Revisiting the relationship between conscientiousness and job performance linearity or non-linearity? /

Little, Ian S. January 2007 (has links)
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Bowling Green State University, 2007. / Document formatted into pages; contains viii, 111 p. Includes bibliographical references.

Virtual Store Performance Measurement : A Logical consequence on Strategic and Operational Decisions

Mensah, Welford January 2007 (has links)
Performance measurement is the buzzword in today’s business world. This mechanism has become an essential tool in online marketplace to identify victors and losers. Apparently, virtual stores are searching for decision-oriented performance measures to aid them in addition to identifying strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities make sound strategic and operational decisions as they compete with their peers. In that paradigm this study attempt to measure performance of virtual stores using decision-making associated variables sternly to evaluate the impact of the variables or indicators on strategic and operational decisions. To achieve this purpose, the study used an evaluation framework to identify drivers which have a significant and positive effect on strategic and operational decisions. The study surveyed 100 internet users in Goteborg of a randomly selected four virtual store (EBay Amazon.com, Yahoo and Buy.com). The results identified three major dimensions: website, product and services and promotion. These dimensions share many common aspects with decision making determinants derived within the context of online market industry. Conversely, these dimensions have unique characteristics inherent in the online marketing environment. The study revealed a significantly positive relationship between the variables on operational and strategic decisions. The conclusion is that the fact that performance measures are assessed to firms’ business activities both operational and strategic decisions initiatives begin with defining users’ needs and preferences, and their related performance variable. If the virtual store understands what dimensions users use to judge quality, they can take appropriate actions to monitor and enhance performance on those dimensions and remedy service failures. Keywords: Virtual store, Strategic and operational decisions, Decision-oriented performance variables, variable dimensions, Website, product and service and Promotion

Measuring User-Perceived Internet Performance in Multiple Locations

Liston, John Richard 27 August 2004 (has links)
Measurement studies of Internet performance are critical for validating or refuting widely held beliefs about Web behavior, and for shedding light on unknown behaviors. Results from these studies can guide Internet architects in making decisions that affect Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers and end-users. Examples of decisions that can benefit from measurement information include provisioning network capacity, placing Domain Name System (DNS) and Web servers, and tuning parameters of transport layer protocols. Internet protocols and services may exhibit different performance characteristics when observed from different locations in the Internet topology; to date, however, there has been little work investigating the differences in these characteristics from multiple vantage points. Typically, performance studies present results of measurements taken in only one or two locations. Some of the reasons for the lack of work in this area are the following. First, performance measurement was not a high priority of Internet design and was not built into the network architecture. Second, it is difficult to obtain the necessary level of privilege at many different locations in the Internet topology to perform measurement studies. Finally, high expectations for real-time Internet performance is a relatively recent phenomenon. In this thesis we develop several methods for gathering Internet performance data from multiple locations throughout the world, and to analyze data gathered. Our focus is on the protocols and services that support the World Wide Web. In the first method we utilize a modified Web proxy. Our proxy captures and logs fine-grained performance information on a per-user basis. Our second method is to create and deploy a measurement package for examining DNS performance. We modified the BIND DNS server and packaged it with a script to drive the data collection. Our final method is to create and distribute an application to be run at user sites worldwide. One of the primary tasks of the application is to provide performance data from each instance of the application executing at locations throughout Internet topology. We can use the information provided by this application to examine user-perceived Internet performance throughout the globe.

An investigation of the effect of spacing of practice on the performance-efficacy relationship

Bhupatkar, Alok Ashutosh 15 May 2009 (has links)
The objective of the current study was to investigate the relationship between training performance and self–efficacy using a longitudinal design (approximately 11 weeks) in the context of massed and distributed practice. Limited attention in the training performance and efficacy literature has been paid to the spacing of practice (massed and distributed). However, it is conceivable that both the spacing of practice as well as the time frames over which it operates could influence the performance and efficacy relationship. Based on the practice schedule (massed versus distributed) and longitudinal study design, it was posited that the nature of the performance and efficacy relationship is likely to be quite different during two phases of learning (acquisition and reacquisition). Data were obtained from 198 undergraduate students over an 11–week training protocol using a 2 (distributed versus massed acquisition) × 2 (distributed versus massed reacquisition) × 16 (session) mixed design. Contrary to the first set of hypotheses, results indicated that the performance and efficacy relationship did not vary as a function of practice protocols (massed versus distributed) during acquisition and reacquisition. Also, no support was found for the hypothesis that the performance and efficacy relationship will vary as a function of whether the practice condition during acquisition is the same or different from the practice condition during reacquisition such that the relationships will be stronger when the practice condition is the same as opposed to when it is different. However, support was found for the hypothesis that when past performance is controlled the unique contribution of self–efficacy to subsequent task performance will be attenuated. Implications of these findings for research on the performance and efficacy relationship and training practice are discussed.

The Research on Performance Evaluation of Products' Marketing Channel

Lan, Ming-Sung 28 July 2006 (has links)
ABSTRACT Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. privatized from government in November 14, 2003, when the ¡§salt policy regulation¡¨ of monopolizing umbrella was cancelled. The sale of salt product was liberalized. The market becomes the perfect competition immediately. Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. conforms for the privatization policy to invest in ¡§biotechnology¡¨ industry. Collagen ¢º, the product of biotechnology, originally is applied for trauma caused by labor. Because Bureau of National Health Insurance pays low and it requires safety testing, they changed it to be the raw materials for cosmetics. It built up own brand, ¡§Lumiel¡¨ and the ¡§brand marketing¡¨ succeeded. Because ¡§Lumiel¡¨ sold fast through inappropriate planning, there were a lot bad consequences. Particularly the different costs of product of channels, violation rules offer goods and market overlap, and prices cutting were most serious. In addition, such big companies as Formosa Plastics Group¡BTaiwan Sugar Corporation also created their own cosmetics brand and joined the competition separately in same way, so the turnover fell by a wide margin. The main purpose of this research is to determine the order of strengthening sale throughout the channel members by assessing the sale performance and to achieve the sales peak again. The research objects are for Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. in 1993 and 1994, ¡¨shop allied¡¨, ¡¨systematic distributors¡¨, ¡¨ Key Accounts¡¨ and ¡§network distributors¡¨¡X four kinds of marketing channels. The study analyzes their sales performances of the products of Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. from ¡§financial performance¡¨ and ¡§the performance of marketing¡¨. The financial performance includes ¡¨the turnover¡¨, ¡¨rate of increase¡¨ and ¡§on sale throughout the expenses¡¨. The performance of marketing includes ¡§customer¡¦s demand for the products and service¡¨, ¡§customer¡¥s required term of payment and condition¡¨, ¡¨ convenient way of purchase¡¨, ¡§the situation of repeating buy¡¨, ¡§the customer's satisfaction about the price, value of the products and service¡¨. The reason and conclusion of the declined performance of channels¡G 1.When the life cycle of a product brand reaches mature period, no matter which kind of sale it utilizes, the improvement to uplift the marketing share is limited. Therefore it needs to assess the ¡§strengthening and packaging¡¨ the brand surtax value to create another wave of peak, or to invest money in developing a second brand separately. 2.Marketing strategy and price strategy of a company need cooperation with channel members. Before the strategies are stipulated, it is necessary to understand the demands and differences of each cannel member in order to fully coordinate and communicate with one another. Thus, it is unlikely to take care of to one thing and lose sight of another, which causes unfair competition and conflicts and injures the image of the brand. 3. The range between the purchase price and the end price should not be too large for the shop allied to replace the way of annual bonus to encourage marketing. This can reduce the space which destroys the uniform price. Besides, as the purchase prices of the shop allied to sell systematically are different, packaging of the products should be separate. 4. Beauticians and sales force's knowledge of products and marketing will of the shop allied determine success or failure of the trade and sales amount. Training, wages, and bonus of these personnel are under the care of shop allied at present, which disable unable marketing way to obtain professional knowledge and unity. 5. Systematic distributors get the price lower than stock price that the company gives to the shop allied by the purchase price of Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. too much, which result in that the shop allied to the systematic distributor to stock up indirectly, causing the thorough channel disorderly, thereby reducing the incomes of Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. 6. Advertising intention of the products is not strong, which can't cause desire to buy and sympathetic response. Besides, the publishing time has not planned to cooperate with marketing, which loses the marginal benefit. 7. Promoting plan is not done well ahead, causing incomplete promotion, or causing channel member's unequal treatment and the phenomenon of lacking supply. This makes kindness and effect a great discount. 8. Marketing path of cosmetic and health care products belongs to the complicated one, ¡§distributing the system in the multiple paths¡¨. To draft and integrate price strategy is very important. To do the thing right will get twice effect, sales amount, producer and profit of channel members will increase. On the contrary, it also causes the disorderly phenomenon of price war, market. Therefore, they should try to choose a leader of channel members to promote the cooperation of channel members and to solve the conflict of channel members. 9.The leader of channel members should promote the cooperation of channel members, solve the conflict of channel members, offer proper encouragement and give suitable power. The source of power is from channel members' self- personality characteristics as well as the award right, forcing right and information right that authorized by producers. Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. has not cultivated a good channel members¡¦ leader. It is not good to interact with suggestion leader in the channel members again which makes the disorderly phenomenon of price war worsen even more. 10. The keeping of product cost, setting-up of the market orders will be carried out by the channel members. The different products should choose different channel members who are suitable for. Taiyen Biotech co., Ltd. has not assessed the products carefully, but chosen to sell the salt products passively by channel members, the main reason is that the knowledge of channel members of product market is insufficient.

A study on relativity between staff training and operation performance for banks

Huang, Tun-Fu 20 June 2003 (has links)
A study on relativity between staff training and operation performance for banks

The impact of master scheduling models on student performance as identified by the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) database in the high schools of the San Antonio Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

Morgan, Scott Edwin 01 November 2005 (has links)
This study determined the impact of master scheduling models on student performance as reported by the AEIS database in the high schools of the SAISD. General student performance and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills were the primary measures for comparison. The SAISD made a transition from an A-B block schedule in 2002 to a traditional-seven period model in 2003. Conclusions have been made as to the degree of influence that traditional and block schedules have on student performance. The population of this study was the eight high schools of the SAISD. All students enrolled on these campuses were included in the data analysis. The population was 14,418 students during the 2002-2003 school year and 13,689 in 2003-2004. Descriptive statistics and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were the measures utilized for the purposes of population comparisons and data review. Based on the findings of this study, the recommendations for practice indicate the following: 1. Attendance ratings did not return statistical significance on a traditional schedule. 2. Advanced Course participation and AP/IB testing results returned statistical significance on a traditional schedule. 3. SAT and ACT did not return statistical significance on a traditional schedule. 4. TAKS Campus Performance did not return statistical significance on a traditional schedule. 5. TAKS Reading/ELA, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies scores returned statistical significance on a traditional schedule. 6. African American, Hispanic and Special Education Performance returned statistical significance in TAKS Science and TAKS Social Studies on a traditional schedule. 7. White Performance returned statistical significance in TAKS Science on a traditional schedule. 8. Economically Disadvantaged Performance returned statistical significance in each area of the TAKS assessment on a traditional schedule. 9. Limited English Proficient Performance returned statistical significance in TAKS Math on a traditional schedule.

IRLbot: design and performance analysis of a large-scale web crawler

Lee, Hsin-Tsang 10 October 2008 (has links)
This thesis shares our experience in designing web crawlers that scale to billions of pages and models their performance. We show that with the quadratically increasing complexity of verifying URL uniqueness, breadth-first search (BFS) crawl order, and fixed per-host rate-limiting, current crawling algorithms cannot effectively cope with the sheer volume of URLs generated in large crawls, highly-branching spam, legitimate multi-million-page blog sites, and infinite loops created by server-side scripts. We offer a set of techniques for dealing with these issues and test their performance in an implementation we call IRLbot. In our recent experiment that lasted 41 days, IRLbot running on a single server successfully crawled 6:3 billion valid HTML pages (7:6 billion connection requests) and sustained an average download rate of 319 mb/s (1,789 pages/s). Unlike our prior experiments with algorithms proposed in related work, this version of IRLbot did not experience any bottlenecks and successfully handled content from over 117 million hosts, parsed out 394 billion links, and discovered a subset of the web graph with 41 billion unique nodes.

The Reporter of Appraisal Performance- Taking Correspondents in Kaohsiung for Example

Tsai, Cheng-yen 17 June 2008 (has links)
Mass Media has developing rapidly, thus to managers, performance is required in order to earn more profits and increase efficiency. The key factor of success is ¡§person¡¨, especially journalists. The media demands for more capable employees than other enterprises results from the content of the media is their tool for competition, therefore, it is hard to survive without substantial content. As to detain fine journalists, the impartial performance appraisal is bound to be built. The performance appraisal of journalists is different from other walks of life, for there are more abstract ideas which are hard to be presented by statistics. This research aims to examine whether the appraisal of journals meet the criterion with the system which apply to businesses customarily. Also there are opinions form employees who accepted this system. The target of is the journalists in Kaohsiung who are respectively belong to Apple Daily, The Liberty Times, United Daily News and China Times which are regarded as the ¡§four major newspapers¡¨, questionnaire is formulated as to realize their viewpoints. And according to these results, the research conducts interviews to the correspondents or conveners of the ¡§four major newspapers¡¨ in order to know how they give their appraisals. That is, asking objects for answering the questionnaire then pursuing qualitative research. Owing to the journalists and correspondents have mostly covered the news for long in local regions, their opinions can be taken as the reference for the performance appraisal of journalists; moreover, it can also be taken as to examine the difference of performance appraisal between mass media and enterprises. The result shows that, the procedure and distribution of performance appraisal has profound effect on the aspect of working attitude, devotion and promise-making. However, there¡¦s still no convincing criterion for performance appraisal of the domestic ¡§four major newspapers¡¨. As a result, under the drastic pressure of competition in mass media, an acknowledged system should be built in order to cultivate excellent journalists, enforce their promises to organization and favor the management of newspaper offices.

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