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Crosby, David S., 1938- January 1967 (has links)
No description available.

Establishing the boundary conditions of probabilistic scales /

Riebe, Erica Unknown Date (has links)
Thesis (MBus)--University of South Australia, 2000

Extensions of Skorohod's almost sure representation theorem

Ceron, Nancy Hernandez. January 2010 (has links)
Thesis (M. Sc.)--University of Alberta, 2010. / Title from pdf file main screen (viewed on July 29, 2010). A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics, Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta. Includes bibliographical references.

The shape of an instant : measuring and modeling perceptual attack time with probability density functions (if a tree falls in the forest, when did 57 people hear it make a sound?) /

Wright, Matthew James. Unknown Date (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Department of Music, Stanford University, 2008. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 177-188).

Spectral analysis on fractal measures and tiles. / CUHK electronic theses & dissertations collection

January 2012 (has links)
在這篇論文中,我們將會首先討論什麼概率測度μ 上的L²空間會存在指數型正交基(exponential orthonormal basis) ,而μ 則稱為一個譜測度若指數型正交基存在。這個問題源於1974年的Fuglede猜想和Jorgensen與Pedersen對分形譜測度存在性的研究。我們有興趣理解怎麼樣的測度會是譜測度,而對於沒有指數型正交基的測度,我們則探討它們會否存在更廣義且在Fourier分析中常用的指數型基,如Riesz基或Fourier框架(Fourier frame) 。 / 我們知道一個測度可以唯一分解成離散、奇異和絶對連續三部份。我們首先証明譜測度肯定是純型(pure type) 。若測度是絶對連續,我們對有Fourier框架的測度的密度給出一個完全的刻直到。這個結果對研究Gabor框架的問題都有幫助。對於離散且只有有限個非零質量原子的測度,我們証明它們全都都有Riesz基。在最困難作出一般討論的奇異測度中,我們透過譜測度與離散測度的卷積找出了有Riesz基但沒有指數型正交基的奇異測度。我們進而探討自彷函數送代系統(affine IFSs) ,我們証明到如果一個自彷函數送代系統是測度分離且有Fourier框架,那麼它在每一個函數的概率權都是一樣的。我們亦証明了Laba-Wang猜想在絶對連續的自相似測度上是正確的。這些結果都表示了一個有Fourier框架的測度都應該在其支撐上有一定的均勻性。 / 在論文的第二部分我們會探討自彷tile其Fourier變換的零點集。在自彷tile的研究中,其中一個基本問題就是刻劃其數字集(digit set)使得那自彷函數送代系統的不變集能以平移密鋪空間。透過Kenyon條件,我們可將這個問題轉化成理解Fourier變換的零點集。男一方面,指數型正交基的存在性亦需要我們探討Fourier變換的零點集,而自彷tile 的Fourier變換是可以明確寫出來的。這使自彷tile成為一個很好去研究tilings和譜測度相互關係的好例子。 / 我們利用了分圓多項式(cyclotomic polynomials)對一維自彷tile的零點集進行了一個詳細的研究。從這裡我們把tile的數字集寫成某些分圓多項式的乘積。這個乘積亦可以一個樹上的切集(blocking)表示出來。這個表示亦把tile數字集的乘積形式(product-forms) 一般化成高階乘積形式。我們証明了在任何維數的tile數字集都是整數tile(即它們能平移密鋪整數集Z) 。這個結果讓我們能使用Coven和Meyerowitz所提出的整數tile分解方法,來使tile數字集完整刻劃成高階模乘積形式(high order modulo product-forms) 當數字集的數目為p[superscript α]q而p,q則是質數。由於我們對零點集亦完全清楚,這對在自彷tile上尋找完備的指數型正交基提供了一個新的方向。 / In this thesis, we will first consider when a probability measure μ admits an exponential orthonormal basis on its L² space (μ is called spectral measures).This problem originates from the conjecture of Fuglede in 1974, and the discovery of Jorgensen and Pedersen that some fractal measures also admit exponential orthonormal bases, but some do not. It generates a lot of interest in understand- ing what kind of measures are spectral measures. For those measures failing to have exponential orthonormal bases, it is interesting to know whether such mea- sures still have Riesz bases and Fourier frames, which are generalized concepts of orthonormal bases with wide range of uses in Fourier analysis. / It is well-known that a measure has a unique decomposition as the discrete, singular and absolutely continuous parts. We first show that spectral measures must be of pure type. If the measure is absolutely continuous, we completely classify the class of densities of the measures with Fourier frames. This result has new applications to topics in applied harmonic analysis, like the Gabor analysis. For the discrete measures with finite number of atoms, we show that they all have Riesz bases. For the case of singular measure, which is the most difficult one, we show that there exist measures with Riesz bases but not orthonormal bases by considering convolution between spectral measures and discrete measures. We then investigate affine iterated function systems (IFSs), we show that if an IFS has measure disjoint condition and admits a Fourier frame, then the probability weights are all equal. Moreover, we also show that the Łaba-Wang conjecture is true if the self-similar measure is absolutely continuous. These results indicate that measures with Fourier frames must have certain kind of uniformity on the support. / In the second part of the thesis we study the zero sets of Fourier transform of self-affine tiles. One of the fundamental problems in self-affine tiles is to classify the digit sets so that the attractors form tiles. This problem can be turned to study the zeros of the Fourier transform via the Kenyon criterion. On the other hand, existence of exponential orthonormal bases requires us to know the zero sets of the Fourier transform. Self-affine tiles are translational tiles arising from IFSs with its Fourier transform written explicitly. It therefore serves as an ideal place to investigate the relation of tilings and spectral measures. / We carry out a detail study in the zero sets of the one-dimensional tiles using cyclotomic polynomials. From this we characterize the tile digit sets through some product of cyclotomic polynomials represented in terms of a blocking in a tree, which is a generalization of the product-form to higher order. We show that tile digit sets in any dimension are integer tiles. This result allows us to use the decomposition method of integer tiles by Coven and Meyerowitz to provide the explicit classification of the tile digit sets in terms of the higher order modulo product-forms when number of the digits is p[superscript α]q, p, q are primes. Since the zero sets are completely known, this provides us a new approach to study the existence of complete orthogonal exponentials in the self-affine tiles on R¹. / Detailed summary in vernacular field only. / Detailed summary in vernacular field only. / Detailed summary in vernacular field only. / Detailed summary in vernacular field only. / Lai, Chun Kit. / Thesis (Ph.D.)--Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2012. / Includes bibliographical references (leaves 128-135). / Electronic reproduction. Hong Kong : Chinese University of Hong Kong, [2012] System requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader. Available via World Wide Web. / Abstract also in Chinese. / Chapter 1 --- Introduction --- p.9 / Chapter 1.1 --- Background and Motivations --- p.9 / Chapter 1.2 --- Results on spectral measures --- p.13 / Chapter 1.3 --- Results on self-affine tiles --- p.16 / Chapter 2 --- Fourier Frames: Absolutely Continuous Measures --- p.21 / Chapter 2.1 --- Beurling densities --- p.22 / Chapter 2.2 --- Law of pure type --- p.28 / Chapter 2.3 --- Absolutely continuous F-spectral measures --- p.31 / Chapter 2.3.1 --- Proof by Beurling densities --- p.32 / Chapter 2.3.2 --- Proof by translational absolute continuity --- p.35 / Chapter 2.4 --- Applications to applied harmonic analysis --- p.40 / Chapter 2.5 --- Remarks and open questions --- p.42 / Chapter 3 --- Fourier Frames: Discrete and Singular Measures --- p.45 / Chapter 3.1 --- Discrete measures --- p.46 / Chapter 3.2 --- Convolutions with discrete measures --- p.50 / Chapter 3.3 --- Self-affine measures --- p.56 / Chapter 3.4 --- Iterated function systems on R¹ --- p.65 / Chapter 3.5 --- Concluding remarks --- p.70 / Chapter 4 --- Spectral structure of tile digit sets --- p.74 / Chapter 4.1 --- Preliminaries --- p.76 / Chapter 4.2 --- Modulo product-forms --- p.81 / Chapter 4.3 --- Higher order product-forms --- p.86 / Chapter 4.4 --- Φ-tree, blocking and kernel polynomials --- p.90 / Chapter 5 --- Classifications of tile digit sets --- p.101 / Chapter 5.1 --- Tile digit sets --- p.101 / Chapter 5.2 --- The p[superscript α]q[superscript β] integer tiles --- p.105 / Chapter 5.3 --- Tile digit sets for b = p[superscript α]q --- p.112 / Chapter 5.4 --- Self-similar measures: Absolute continuity --- p.122 / Chapter 5.5 --- Remarks --- p.126

Analysis Of Sequential Barycenter Random Probability Measures via Discrete Constructions

Valdes, LeRoy I. 12 1900 (has links)
Hill and Monticino (1998) introduced a constructive method for generating random probability measures with a prescribed mean or distribution on the mean. The method involves sequentially generating an array of barycenters that uniquely defines a probability measure. This work analyzes statistical properties of the measures generated by sequential barycenter array constructions. Specifically, this work addresses how changing the base measures of the construction affects the statististics of measures generated by the SBA construction. A relationship between statistics associated with a finite level version of the SBA construction and the full construction is developed. Monte Carlo statistical experiments are used to simulate the effect changing base measures has on the statistics associated with the finite level construction.

A qualitative action research study introducing a metacognitive framework for teaching preparation and analysis of its efficacy

Sylvester, Catherine Mary January 2016 (has links)
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Science, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in fulfilment of requirements for the degree of Master of Science. Johannesburg, 28 May 2016. / This qualitative study sets out to examine a teacher’s metacognitive preparation for and reflection on the mathematical content and pedagogy of a short series of Grade Six Probability lessons, with their contribution to the development of a general framework for lesson preparation from a metacognitive perspective. An action research methodology is followed in which teaching episodes are collaboratively assessed by a panel of three colleagues. These fora serve to enlighten the author of their observations after the preparation and teaching of a series of Probability lessons, which also capture audio data for deep reflections and dialogue post teaching and fora. The analysis of the data will serve as the foundation for the development of a metacognitive framework that teachers can use in their preparation for and reflection of lessons that will pay particular attention to higher cognitive engagement of teachers with content and facilitating lesson delivery, always striving for them to be of higher quality. The efficacy of this framework for the teacher-researcher’s teaching practice is also examined.

Extensions of Skorohods almost sure representation theorem

Hernandez Ceron, Nancy 11 1900 (has links)
A well known result in probability is that convergence almost surely (a.s.) of a sequence of random elements implies weak convergence of their laws. The Ukrainian mathematician Anatoliy Volodymyrovych Skorohod proved the lemma known as Skorohods a.s. representation Theorem, a partial converse of this result. In this work we discuss the notion of continuous representations, which allows us to provide generalizations of Skorohods Theorem. In Chapter 2, we explore Blackwell and Dubinss extension [3] and Ferniques extension [10]. In Chapter 3 we present Cortissozs result [5], a variant of Skorokhods Theorem. It is shown that given a continuous path inM(S) it can be associated a continuous path with fixed endpoints in the space of S-valued random elements on a nonatomic probability space, endowed with the topology of convergence in probability. In Chapter 4 we modify Blackwell and Dubins representation for particular cases of S, such as certain subsets of R or R^n. / Mathematics

Is there a predictable criterion for mutual singularity of two probability measures on a filtered space?

Schachermayer, Walter, Schachinger, Werner January 1999 (has links) (PDF)
The theme of providing predictable criteria for absolute continuity and for mutual singularity of two density processes on a filtered probability space is extensively studied, e.g., in the monograph by J. Jacod and A. N. Shiryaev [JS]. While the issue of absolute continuity is settled there in full generality, for the issue of mutual singularity one technical difficulty remained open ([JS], p210): "We do not know whether it is possible to derive a predictable criterion (necessary and sufficient condition) for "P'T..." (expression not representable in this abstract). It turns out that to this question raised in [JS] which we also chose as the title of this note, there are two answers: on the negative side we give an easy example, showing that in general the answer is no, even when we use a rather wide interpretation of the concept of "predictable criterion". The difficulty comes from the fact that the density process of a probability measure P with respect to another measure P' may suddenly jump to zero. On the positive side we can characterize the set, where P' becomes singular with respect to P - provided this does not happen in a sudden but rather in a continuous way - as the set where the Hellinger process diverges, which certainly is a "predictable criterion". This theorem extends results in the book of J. Jacod and A. N. Shiryaev [JS]. (author's abstract) / Series: Working Papers SFB "Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Economics and Management Science"

Extensions of Skorohod’s almost sure representation theorem

Hernandez Ceron, Nancy Unknown Date
No description available.

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