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An ex post facto study: effects of suspension and corporal punishment on student behavior

Patterson, Cecil 01 July 1990 (has links)
The purpose of this study was to test the relationship between the types of discipline modalities and the incidences of deviate behavior and to identify specific disciplinary methods that directly affect students' behaviors. Disciplinary records for the school years 1987-1988 and 1988-89 were compiled for 180 students, randomly selected, 45 from each grade 9-12. The data were analyzed using a t test. It was hypothesized by the investigator that when the results were known, there would not be any significant difference between the incidences of deviate behavior and the discipline modality used to correct the behavior. It was found that the discipline modality used helped to reduce incidences of recidivism.

Misconceptions about health prevalent among children in a rural community

Parrish, Marguerite Battle 01 July 1958 (has links)
No description available.

Elderly Emergent Readers: A Story to Tell and a Voice to Tell It

Williams, Laura Elizabeth 27 July 2016 (has links)
This project involved a qualitative study with life history interviews of Black elderly men and women enrolled with a non-profit organization that seeks to provide education to adults. There was both an observational component and interviews; the observations, with the researcher acting as moderate participant observer, began in spring 2014 and continued through spring 2016. The interviews were conducted over the summer of 2014. The purpose of this project was to learn how and why the seven participants have been pursuing literacy for the majority of their lives, and how and why reading is important to them. This project began because of the researchers own love of reading and an interest in how so many adults remain illiterate in this day and age.

Exploring Teaching Approaches and Sociocultural Dynamics in the Middle and High School English Second Language Teaching Environment from the Perspective of the Multicultural Educator

Laguna Luque, Nancy 27 July 2016 (has links)
ABSTRACT The act of teaching in the middle and high school involves highly complex sociocultural dynamics in challenging environments. English second language specialists are the type of educators that closely work with the most at risk students in that context. This study explored middle and high school multicultural ESL instructors literacy delivery approaches, the understanding they have of difficulties in their field of action, and their particular awareness, interpretation of otherness and attitudes regarding the specific characteristics of their working milieu. This qualitative study utilized participant observation and Developmental Research Sequence (Spradley, 1980) as the systematic approach to gather and to analyze data. The study was conducted in an inner city public school district in the south of Louisiana where seven multicultural ESL specialists were located; participants included were originally from the United States (two), Latvia, the Philippines, Jordan, Romania, and Japan (one each). The findings of this study shed light over the fate of most Latino teenagers in public middle and high schools, the appropriateness of the States response to the literacy and human needs of all students at risk of failure in the middle and high school, and the level of appreciation education has in the country as perceived by the multicultural educators participating in the study. The results of the study also indicated a possible relationship among literacy, shame, and students behavior.

The effects of professional learning communities on middle school math teachers in developing curriculum, instruction, and assessments for common core

Kim, Jessika 16 July 2016 (has links)
<p> The world of education in the K&ndash;12 setting is constantly changing. The most recent shift in educational reform is the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These new standards require students to think critically and demonstrate higher depths of knowledge. As a result, teachers are faced with the large task of realigning curriculum, instruction, and assessments to meet the new demands of Common Core. Unfortunately, with new standards and new expectations for assessments, teachers may feel overwhelmed and overextended. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) offer a structure in which educators are able to collaborate and align content across grade levels. The six guiding principles outlined by DuFour, DuFour, and Eaker require PLC teams to state a shared vision, maintain a collaborative culture, collective inquiry, action orientation, commitment to continuous improvement, and result orientation. These principles, when combined with curriculum, instruction, and assessments, and the key elements of the CCSS provided the conceptual framework for this study. This study confirms when PLC structures are implemented with authenticity; individual members are better equipped to withstand the unpredictable changes in education. </p><p> This qualitative case study sought to better understand the manner in which PLC structures supported the development of curriculum, instruction, and assessments for 7<sup>th</sup> and 8<sup>th</sup> grade Common Core math. Through semi-structured interviews during the beginning and end of the first semester, multiple observations of PLC meetings, and document analysis, this study determined the following findings. First, this case study found that curriculum development for the Common Core Standards was supported as individual members built capacity between each other to redevelop new district-mandated textbooks. Second, instruction strategies for the new standards was maintained as PLC members demonstrated high levels of trust with each other in an effort to share individual shortcomings and challenges. Third, assessment development required teachers to reflect on both curriculum and instruction in an effort to promote student achievement. Finally, an unexpected finding of shared decision making was determined through participant interviews. Participants longed for greater autonomy within their PLC structures, and hoped to have greater input in the larger overarching decisions made school wide. </p><p> The implications of this study encourage educators in various school settings&mdash;urban, suburban, and rural&mdash;to continuously improve year after year through PLCs. Regardless of new reforms in education, PLC structures provide a stable environment for educators to professionally learn in their site communities. The recommendations for this qualitative case study include suggestions for policy, practice, and future research. For policy, district members and officials would be well advised to provide additional professional development days for all certificated staff on how to authentically implement PLC structures at school sites. For practice, the major themes of capacity building, trust, reflection, and shared decision making can guide PLC teams as they practice true collaboration through PLC structures. Once PLC structures are authentically implemented, curriculum development can begin, instructional strategies can be shared and improved, and assessments can be effectively aligned to new standards. For future research, it is recommended that the scope of study be expanded to include the K&ndash;12 grades as well as extend the study for multiple years. As educators and school sites continue to make greater meaning of the CCSS, the impact of PLC structures in relation to student achievement will improve. Therefore, additional research on the effectiveness of PLC structures in relation to curriculum, instruction, and assessments will be richer as Common Core continues to be implemented.</p>

The Taboo, The Necessary, and Curriculum: A Content Analysis of Sex Education Texts

Mitchell, Nicholas Ensley 21 July 2016 (has links)
This study is a directed content analysis that employs a memetic framework done in order to determine what discourses are evident in, how diversity is represented in, and how intersectionality is represented in two sex education texts, and to compare the relevant frequencies. Theories from the dominant schools of thought concerning sex education and sexuality are enumerated, compared, and contrasted. A historiography of sex education in the United States is provided to establish context for the sampled texts. A explanation of the content analysis process in general and the methodology specifically used in this study is discussed followed by the results of the content analysis along with a discussions of the implications of the data is presented. The texts selected for this study were done so on the basis that they were representative of the conceptualization of the intuitions that created them and used them; specifically the San Francisco Unified School District and the Roman Catholic Magisterium. It is suggested in this study that the sampled texts have striking similarities and stark differences. All coding, categorical, and thematic definitions are provided in the text and in the appendix.

Pre- and post-consolidation programs in Carroll County, Georgia

Ransom, Alonza Raphael 01 August 1959 (has links)
No description available.

A curriculum study: can biology be effectively taught in the ninth grade to academically talented students?

Peguese, Robbie Westene 01 August 1964 (has links)
No description available.

A resource unit on atomic structure and electronics

Page, Eddie B., Jr. 01 August 1963 (has links)
No description available.

A study of the opinions of two selected ethnic groups relative to an elementary school paper as a public relations organ

Pace, Walter Thomas 01 August 1953 (has links)
No description available.

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