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Some physical characteristics and exposure loss estimates of pea vine silage in a horizontal silo

Reports of large losses from exposed horizontal silos under high fall and winter rainfall were investigated by field observation on a full scale test silo. Density, dry matter, permeability and some proximate analyses of the silage are tabulated. Observed dry matter losses in order of magnitude are fermentation losses, sub surface losses, surface losses, and losses in runoff and effluent liquids. The value of these losses was computed. The best method of reducing the storage losses was a plastic sheet laid over the silage immediately after filling and packing. / Applied Science, Faculty of / Chemical and Biological Engineering, Department of / Graduate
Date January 1959
CreatorsCampbell, William Earl
PublisherUniversity of British Columbia
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
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