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Lean Production vs Lean Healthcare : En jämförelse inom sjukvården

This thesis focuses on how to describe how Lean adapts within the healthcare. Lean has become a control system   as more and more companies are using in order to create competition in order to increase the quality and efficiency. This theory has now become implemented in the healthcare. The project has been organized with patients and that has created a flow in the daily work. Our study has used qualitative research strategy where we have started from secondary data presented for hospitals in the Stockholm area and a report written by John Rognes and Anna Svarts “Lean i vården” (2011). To map which hospitals are using Lean. The purpose is to identify how lean production has been implemented into four hospitals in the Stockholm area, to study how the difference are between the hospitals version of Lean compare to the fundamental, Lean production. The study describe that Lean within the healthcare is not so different compared to Lean Production in the industry. But the big different is that Lean within the healthcare is more focused on the patients and their process during the hospital visit. Lean Production is more focused on the production to the final product.
Date January 2014
CreatorsCamber, Henrik
PublisherSödertörns högskola, Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis, text

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