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Deaf Lesbian Identity

Deaf lesbians are a population that is underrepresented in the academic literature. Through the use of narrative inquiry, the researcher conducted in-depth interviews with a woman who self-identified as Deaf and lesbian. She shared her experiences growing up as a woman who is Deaf and later in her life, realized she is lesbian. The researcher juxtaposed her experiences as a hearing, lesbian woman and an ally to the Deaf community to better illuminate the Deaf lesbian experiences. The research delved into how these dual minority identities have affected the Deaf lesbian participant as she makes her way in the world of the dual majority cultures of hearing and heteronormative.
Date25 July 2018
CreatorsCherasaro, Noël E.
PublisherScholar Commons
Source SetsUniversity of South Flordia
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceGraduate Theses and Dissertations

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