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Effects of Artificial Lighting in Dormitories on College Students’ Physiology and Production

abstract: The artificial lighting plays crucial role in the human life in the contemporary,

globalized and highly complex world. Its influence on the physical and psychological

health of the humans was studied by numerous reputable scholars from across the globe,

however this study focuses on the impact of light on the college students living in the

dormitories. The study seeks to find whether there is a correlation between light and health

of the student, his/her performance, productivity, mood and feelings. The paper uses a

relatively new housing near Arizona State University Tempe-campus as a case study as an

attempt to substantiate the problem dimensions and suggest feasible solutions.

Basing on the available literature on the topic and the case study evaluation, the

author determined the range of possible recommendations for the lighting professionals in

the industry to maximally satisfy the needs of the students and make their stay and life in

the dormitory comfortable and healthy experience. The relevant conclusions are made

basing on the obtained results. / Dissertation/Thesis / Masters Thesis Design 2019
Date January 2019
ContributorsAlaboudi, Noof (Author), Brunner, Lori (Advisor), Bernardi, Jose (Advisor), Mizukami Schoettker, Miho (Committee member), Arizona State University (Publisher)
Source SetsArizona State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMasters Thesis
Format112 pages

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