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Franchising a jeho uplatnění v podnikatelském plánu / Franchising and it´s use in business plan

Kulhavý, Zdeněk January 2012 (has links)
Theaimofthisdiploma thesis is a business plan and itsapplicationpossibility in franchisepolicy.Thetheoretical part isfocused on thebuinessplan, itsdescription and content.Wedealwithfranchise, itsdefinition, advantages and disadvantagesofparticipans, in theoretical part as well. Thepractical part describes business planofopeningfranchised branch "UniCreditBank Expres of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, i.n. c.

Podnikatelský záměr - rozšíření obchodní firmy na zahraniční trh / Business plan - expansion company to a foreign market

Kyjak, Marek January 2018 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with possibility of a Czech company to enter Slovak market. The company specializes in production and distribution of pub quizzes. Aim of the thesis is to evaluate whether entering Slovak market would be profitable or not. This possibility is judged on the basis of a comprehensive business plan. The theoretical part characterizes individual parts of a business plan in general. The practical part follows up specific parts of the business plan in question. The final part includes evaluation of the business plan and provides recommendation together with final decision about its realization.

Podnikatelský záměr / Business Plan

Jaroš, Tomáš January 2008 (has links)
If company wants to improve its market share and raise its earnings it has to expand. The only way to expand is taking the given opportunities. The goal of this thesis is the evaluation of business activities expansion of a company, and possible growth strategies of a small company.

Podnikatelský záměr / Bussines Plan

Hájková, Martina January 2009 (has links)
This Master’s thesis describes the goals and conditions for the foundation of the center for pastime activities for children and youth. The final prospectus goes from the complete analysis of the market in term of potential customers and also of current competition. It analyses a need of finance on behalf of the earnings and expenses comparison.

Podnikatelský plán pro založení Café baru Galerie / Business Plan for Café Bar Gallery Foundation

Suk, Tomáš January 2013 (has links)
The thesis deals with the business plan for establishing café bar with a gallery. The main goal is to create a feasible business plan and found, if the future company has a chance to succeed in the market based on the conducted analysis. The theoretical part defines the structure of the business plan and conditions for the establishment of a new company. Analytical part analyzes market environment where the company will operate and the factors that will affect the company. The practical part is focused on the development of specific business plan.

Plan de negocios para una empresa peruana (E-Business) de Crowdfunding

Pereira Castro, Carlos Alberto 08 May 2020 (has links)
El crowdfunding o micro mecenazgo es “aquella iniciativa que busca obtener la recaudación de dinero de muchas personas utilizando los medios electrónicos, en lugar de una entidad prestataria tradicional; como son los bancos. Y así llevar a cabo la realización de un proyecto o negocio” (SCHOLZ 2015: 8). Entre sus tipologías, su mayor uso es el dominado crowdfunding de recompensa. Pues, ofrece a los usuarios aportantes un beneficio a cambio de un importe de dinero. Pudiendo ser desde un agradecimiento e incluso un ejemplar del producto o servicio al cual el aportante contribuyo. De acuerdo con el portal1 STATISTA (2018), se ha estimado que al cierre de 2018 las múltiples campañas de crowdfunding a nivel mundial lograron una recaudación de US$ 9,370 millones de dólares americanos. Dicho portal también considera que para 2022 se habrá logrado recaudar US$ 25,900 millones de dólares americanos para diferentes iniciativas, tanto comerciales como de apoyo. Asegurando que lejos de disminuir, mantendrá su crecimiento. Dicho ello, el escenario para el crowdfunding en nuestro país es optimista. En el presente plan se ha realizado un análisis de la potencial demanda tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Indicando a LATAM como la segunda región con mayor nivel de emprendimientos en fase temprana (GEM: 2018). Como resultado de este análisis, se propone atender al segmento de los jóvenes entre los 18 y 34 años, quienes están cursando estudios universitarios privados de pregrado y posgrado. Destacando sus principales motivaciones para desarrollar emprendimientos en fase temprana (GEM: 2018). / Crowdfunding or micro mecenazgo is “an initiative that seeks to obtain the collection of money from many people using electronic channels, instead of a traditional borrowing entity; as are banks. And so be able to launching a project or business” (SCHOLZ 2015: 8). Among its typologies, its greatest use is crowdfunding reward. Well, it offers contributing users a benefit in exchange for an amount of money. Being able to be from a thank you and even a copy of the product or service to which the contributor contributed. According to the STATISTA portal (2018), it has been estimated that at the end of 2018 the multiple crowdfunding campaigns worldwide achieved a collection of US $ 9.37 billion. This portal also considers that by 2022 it will have been possible to raise US $ 25.9 billion for different initiatives, both commercial and support. Ensuring that far from decreasing, it will maintain its growth. That said, the scenario for crowdfunding in our country is optimistic. In this plan, an analysis of potential demand has been carried out for both nationally and internationally. Indicating LATAM as the second region with highest level of early stage ventures (GEM: 2018). As a result of this analysis, it is proposed to serve the segment of young people between 18 and 34 years old, who are pursuing private undergraduate and postgraduate university studies. Highlighting their main motivations to develop early stage ventures (GEM: 2018). / Trabajo de investigación

Podnikatelský plán: exkluzivní domácí produkty v luxusním balení / Business plan: exclusive home products in luxurious packaging

Štuláková, Denisa January 2015 (has links)
The main aim of Master's Thesis is create a business plan and then make a decision that the business project is feasible and viable. The theoretical part describes structure and crucial steps of founding internal business plan. The practical part is dedicated to creating a specific business plan according to steps described in theoretical part. The partial aims are: choosing suitable business and product, evaluation of legislative requirements, defining and determining the size of the target market, analysing of competitors and suppliers, determine the human resources, selecting appropriate marketing strategies (decisions on price, distribution and communication), preparation of realization project plan and financing plan, creating SWOT matrix, risk identification and selection of suitable methods for risk reduction. This business plan is evaluated at the conclusion.

Návrh podnikatelského záměru / Proposal of Business plan

Novák, Pavel January 2008 (has links)
ELEKON, ltd. is a stable firm which is active on the well-developed market with industrial clocks. Commercial successes of recent years have moved us to the position of the market leader for most of the products in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Because most of the SBUs does not provide for a chance of raising sales in the future, brings the subject of this business plan a new possibility for diversification of the product portfolio and further growth of the company. While developing the product it is possible to make use of experience gained while developing a similar product – digital clock of a DC series. The same technology of depicting data (LED), utilization of the identical construction of mechanical parts, the same parts of electronic circuits and similar principles of the software function will make it possible for acceleration of the development and lowering costs. The present state of the product development, which has been achieved by a purchase of know-how from a co-operating firm, enables usage of the text depiction in a simple effects mode and simple digital clock mode. The estimated current size of the market with information panels in the Czech Republic reaches at least ten millions of Czech crowns. We assume the market is growing, because of increasing quantity of inquiries as well as the turnovers of competitors. The demand for clocks with alpha-numeric depicting comes from both the Czech market, which is catered for by our firm, and from foreign companies, which belong to the competence of the group MOBATIME. In the last year the first order was provided for a county court of a total volume of 1.150.000,- CZK. This one-off sale generated surprisingly operation profit of approximately 430.000,- CZK. So far an amount of 150.000,- CZK has been invested into the product development. Putting the business plan to practice and including information panels among our products is an opportunity for further growth of the company. This will also become less dependent on its main commodity – the industrial clock.

Návrh podnikatelského plánu pro novou firmu / Proposal of Business Plan for a New Company

Slezáková, Martina January 2011 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to create a business plan. The subject of found is e-shop with original paintings. First part of the thesis consists of theoretical base, thesis conti-nues through a questionnaire survey to create a real business plan. The last mentio-ned part contains my recommendations and suggestions to the problems in each parts.

A business plan for Saddle Hill fishing company

Schroeter, Klaus-Peter 01 1900 (has links)
Thesis (MBA) -- Stellenbosch University, 1994. / Stellenbosch University. Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. University of Stellenbosch Business School. / ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The trawler industry is on the brink of proserity. This progress will result in both the trawler industry and the state amending their policy formulation to adapt to changing circumstances. The government will, for instance, have to consider subsidising the building of boats and the establishment of infrastructure, which is becoming increasingly expensive, and is already being done abroad. On the other hand, planning and organisation of trawler industries will have to be done in close consultation with the government, who is in fact responsible for fish sources. This will result in an enormous responsibility for the government, who will have to improve research on fish resources and availability of fish species. This information is of the utmost importance to trawler industries that have to plan for future production and sales. The progress of trawler industries is not just influenced by the government but also by their own internal planning. Future development will definitely require more capital outlay from industries in the form of modernized catching and processing equipment. In the present-day highly competitive and rapidly changing environment it is difficult to generate funds if no assets can be shown. Smaller enterprises that are not financially strong enough to establish their own infrastructure, should consider amalgamation with other small or large enterprises. The author is of the opinion that the possibility to obtain the necessary funds for the establishment of an own infrastructure without the required security, should exist with an efficient business plan. Insufficient planning in new enterprises is possibly the major contributing factor towards failure. Without investing capital at this early stage, new ideas can be tested on paper by means of planning. A literature study was undertaken to evaluate the opinions of various authors on a business plan. Factors for success in a good business plan were highlighted as follows: keep the business plan brief; do not over-diversify the enterprise; avoid describing technical products and manufacturing process in a way only comprehensible by an expert; organise and wrap the business plan effectively; the plan must be future orientated; avoid exageration; highlight critical risks; discuss and include any relevant problems; take care that the business plan is as complete as possible; and identify the target market and avoid ambiguous, vague and unrealistic statements. A business plan has been compiled for the purpose of this study. using the preceding information. Finally, a recommendation regarding future capital absorption and extension has been made to the company concerned. / AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die treilbedryf staan op die drumpel van vooruitgang. Hierdie vooruitgang gaan meebring dat beide die treilondernemings en die Staat hul beleidsformulering sodanig sal moet verander om aan Ie pas by die veranderende omstandighede. Die Staat sal byvoorbeeld daaraan moet dink om die bou van bote, wat at hoe duurder word, en die oprigting van infrastruktuur te subsidieer. iets wat weI in die buiteland gedoen word. Aan die anderkant sal beplanning en organisasie van treilondememings in nouer kontak met die Staat, wat verantwoordelik is vir die beheer van visbronne, moet geskied. Dit plaas 'n geweldige taak op die skouers van die Staat, want by sal beter navorsing moet doen oor visbronne en die beskikbaarheid van vissoorte. Hierdie inligting is van groot belang vir treilondememings wat moet beplan vir produksie en verkope in die toekoms. Die vooruitgang van treilondememings word egteT nie slegs deuT die Staat beinvloed nie, maar ook deur hul eie interne beplanning. Toekomstige ontwikkeling gaan definitief meer kapitaal van ondememings verg in die vorm van beter en meer modeme vang- en verwerkingstoerusting. In vandag se hoogs kompeterende en snelveranderende omgewing is dit moeilik om fondse te genereer veral as geen bates getoon kan word nie. Klein ondememings wat nie kapitaalkragtig genoeg is om 'n eie infrastruktuur op te rig nie, moet dit gewoonlik oorweeg om met ander klein of groot ondememings te amalgameer. Die navorser is van mening dat met behulp van 'n goeie besigheidsplan daar wei 'n moontlikheid behoort te bestaan om die nodige fondse, sonder die vereiste sekuriteit, te bekom om sodoende 'n eie infrastruktuur op te rig. 'n Gebrek aan beplanning by nuwe ondernemings is waarskynlik een van die grootste enkele bydraende faktore tot mislukking. Deur beplanning kan nuwe idees op papier op proef gestel word sonder om kapitaal op hierdie vroee stadium te investeer. 'n Literatuur ondersoek is onderneem om verskillende skrywers se menings ten opsigte van 'n besigheidsplan te evalueer. Suksesfaktore vir 'n goeie besigheidsplan is dan ook uitgelig: • hou die besigheidsplan kort; moet nie die onderneming oor-diversifiseer nie; venny dit om die tegniese produkte en vervaardigingsproses op so 'n manier, dat net 'n kundige dit kan verstaan, te beskryf; organiseer en verpak die besigheidsplan doelmatig; orienteer die plan volgens die toekoms; venny oordrewendheid; lig kritieke risiko's uit; bespreek en sluit enige toepaslike probleme in; sorg dat die besigheidsplan so kompleet as moontlik is; identifiseer die teikenmark en venny dubbelsinnige, vae en onwerklike stellings. Met hierdie kennis as agtergrond is 'n besigheidsplan opgestel wat vir die doel van hierdie studie gebruik is. Ten slotte is 'n aanbeveling aan die betrokke maatskappy gemaak met die oog op toekomstige kapitaalopneming en uitbreiding.

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