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Analysis of Time-Dependent Integrodifference Population Models

McAdam, Taylor J 01 May 2013 (has links)
The population dynamics of species with separate growth and dispersal stages can be described by a discrete-time, continuous-space integrodifference equation relating the population density at one time step to an integral expression involving the density at the previous time step. Prior research on this model has assumed that the equation governing the population dynamics remains fixed over time, however real environments are constantly in flux. We show that for time-varying models, there is a value Λ that can be computed to determine a sufficient condition for population survival. We also develop a framework for analyzing persistence of a population for which growth and dispersal behavior alternate predictably throughout time. Finally, we consider a number of time-varying models that include randomness.

Wavelet neural network algorithms and architectures : nonlinear modelling

Gomez, E. Ribes January 2003 (has links)
No description available.

Applications of Stability Analysis to Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems Modeling Interactions

Hughes, Jonathan L 01 January 2015 (has links)
Many of the phenomena studied in the natural and social sciences are governed by processes which are discrete and nonlinear in nature, while the most highly developed and commonly used mathematical models are linear and continuous. There are significant differences between the discrete and the continuous, the nonlinear and the linear cases, and the development of mathematical models which exhibit the discrete, nonlinear properties occurring in nature and society is critical to future scientific progress. This thesis presents the basic theory of discrete dynamical systems and stability analysis and explores several applications of this theory to nonlinear systems which model interactions involving economic agents and biological populations. In particular we will explore the stability properties of equilibria associated with inter-species and intergenerational population dynamics in biology and market price and agent composition dynamics in economics.

Nonlinear Dynamic Invariants for Continuous Speech Recognition

May, Daniel Olen 09 August 2008 (has links)
In this work, nonlinear acoustic information is combined with traditional linear acoustic information in order to produce a noise-robust set of features for speech recognition. Classical acoustic modeling techniques for speech recognition have relied on a standard assumption of linear acoustics where signal processing is primarily performed in the signal's frequency domain. While these conventional techniques have demonstrated good performance under controlled conditions, the performance of these systems suffers significant degradations when the acoustic data is contaminated with previously unseen noise. The objective of this thesis was to determine whether nonlinear dynamic invariants are able to boost speech recognition performance when combined with traditional acoustic features. Several sets of experiments are used to evaluate both clean and noisy speech data. The invariants resulted in a maximum relative increase of 11.1% for the clean evaluation set. However, an average relative decrease of 7.6% was observed for the noise-contaminated evaluation sets. The fact that recognition performance decreased with the use of dynamic invariants suggests that additional research is required for robust filtering of phase spaces constructed from noisy time series.

An information based approach to anomaly detection in dynamic systems

Oh, Ki-Tae January 1995 (has links)
No description available.

Θεωρία Mel'nikov και ομοκλινικό χάος σε μη γραμμικά δυναμικά συστήματα

Ρόθος, Βασίλειος 11 September 2009 (has links)
- / -

Μέθοδος εύρεσης περιοδικών τροχιών δυναμικών συστημάτων βασισμένη στις επιφάνειες τομών Poincare

Καλαντώνης, Βασίλης 01 September 2010 (has links)
- / -

A model for Hybrid Dynamic Beam Movement with Specific Application to Wind Energy Units

Patra, Ramakanta 09 September 2011 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to present a structural model for a wind turbine and its supporting pylon, to analyze and simulate attendant vibration phenomena and to suggest and simulate an appropriate control procedure. A wind turbine can be described as an elastic system consisting of distributed parameter, beam and rod type, elements coupled to a rotating lumped mass generator/turbine component at one end. We allow for both lateral and torsional movements of the beam. Solution methods for related vibration and control problems are suggested and analyzed. Results of computations for sample problems are presented. Applications of control of structural vibrations in wind energy units using proof mass type actuators as part of the tip mass are also analyzed. / Master of Science

Design of Automated Generation of Residual Generators for Diagnosis  of Dynamic Systems

Duhan, Isac January 2011 (has links)
Diagnosis and Supervision of technical systems is used to detect  faults when they occur. To make a diagnosis, tests based on residuals can be used. Residuals are used to compare observations of  the system with a model of the system, to detect inconsistencies. There are often many different types of faults which affects the  state of the system. These states are modeled as fault modes. The  difference between fault modes are the presence of faults in the  model. For each fault mode a different set of model equations is  used to describe the behaviour of the real system. When doing fault  diagnosis in real time it is good, and sometimes vital, to be able to change fault mode of the model, when a fault suddenly occurs in the real system. If multiple faults can occur the number of  combinations of faults is often so big, even for relatively small  systems, that residuals for all fault modes can not be prepared. To  handle this problem, the residuals are to be generated when they are  needed. The main task in this thesis has been to investigate how residuals  can be automatically generated, given a fault mode with a  corresponding model. An algorithm has been developed and to verify  the algorithm a model of a satellite power system, called  ADAPT-Lite, has been used. The algorithm has been made in two versions. One is focusing on numerical calculations and the other is  allowing algebraical calculations. A numerical algorithm is preferred in an automatized process because  of generally shorter calculation times and the possibility to apply it to systems which can not be solved algebraically but the  algebraical algorithm gives slightly more accurate results in some  cases. / Diagnos och övervakning av tekniska system används för att upptäcka fel när de inträffar. För att ställa en diagnos kan tester baserade på residualer användas. Residualer används för att jämföra observationer av ett system med en model av system för att upptäcka inkonsistens. Det finns ofta många typer av fel som påverkar ett systems tillstånd.Dessa tillstånd modelleras med olika felmoder. För varje felmod används olika uppsättningar av modellekvationer för att beskriva systemets beteende. När diagnoser ska ställas i realtid är det ofta bra och ibland avgörande att kunna byta felmod när ett fel plötsligt inträffar i systemet. Om multipelfel kan inträffa blir antalet kombinationer av fel ofta så stort att residualekvationerna för alla felmoder inte kan förberedas. Detta gäller även för relativt små system. För att hantera problemet bör residualerna kunna genereras vid den tidpunkt då de behövs. Examensarbetets huvuduppgift handlar om att undersöka hur residualerna kan genereras automatiskt, givet en felmod och en modell. En algoritm har utvecklats och verifierats med en model av ett kraftsystem för en satellit, kallad ADAPT-Lite. Algoritmen har gjorts i två versioner. Den ena tillåts göra algebraiska beräkningar men den andra, i så storutsträckning som möjligt, tillåts endast göra numeriska beräkningar. En numerisk algoritm föredras i en automatiserad process p.g.a. generellt sett kortare beräkningstid och dess egenskap att kunna lösa vissa problem som inte kan lösas algebraiskt. Den algebraiska algoritmen har dock visats sig ge aningen noggrannare resultat i många fall.

Investigating stakeholder evaluation within rapid application development

Barrow, Patrick D. M. January 1999 (has links)
No description available.

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