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Fibre optic sensors for applications in turbomachinery research

MacPherson, William Neil January 1999 (has links)
No description available.

Faseroptisches Interferometer mit miniaturisierter Messsonde zur hochgenauen Prüfung geometrischer Merkmale /

Depiereux, Frank. January 2007 (has links)
Zugl.: Aachen, Techn. Hochsch., Diss.

Miniaturisiertes Weißlicht-Interferometer mit hoher Messfrequenz für die absolute Abstandsmessung

Bosbach, Christof. January 2003 (has links) (PDF)
Techn. Hochsch., Diss., 2003--Aachen.

Edge Response Characterization of Interferometers and the Effect of Aberrations

Millstone, Daniel Brucker, Millstone, Daniel Brucker January 2017 (has links)
An edge response characterization technique to predict the ITF of an interferometer using non- interferometric measurements has been shown to be effective. This technique eliminates the need for phase objects to be used in the characterization process. Using coherent imaging with an irradiance sensitive detector and an irradiance step as a characterization artifact to determine an interferometer's ITF was proven viable for diffraction limited, defocused, astigmatic, and spherically aberrated systems. Simulations and collected data demonstrated agreement between the interferometric edge response characterization technique results and coherent imaging edge response characterization technique results. The effect that aberrations have on ITF curves has been investigated in this thesis and an understanding of the system behavior under aberrated conditions was investigated.

High precision short-baseline pointing system using GPS interferometry

Ho, Lap January 1995 (has links)
No description available.

The Modification Scheme for a Hybrid Mach-Zehnder & Sagnac Interferomtric Fiber Optical Leak Detection System

Hsieh, Yen-Li 27 June 2001 (has links)
The reason of the essay research find position of leakage point, and design a fiber optical leakage detection system. The research of fiber optical detection system in past year, because property of structure produce SNR smaller, quality of detection system is too bed. The essay brings to a hybrid Mach-Zehnder & Sagnac interferomtric can improve the SNR to 10dB. Therefore, it provides the better SNR. The experiment is added to signal process, such as PTL, PGC structure. To provide the systematic characteristic, such as dynamic range(60dB), percentage error(0.025%). The focal of the essay provide leak detection systematic characteristics how we make use of signal process.

The Measurement of the Fluid Pipes of the Distributed Fiber Optic Leak Detection System

Tseng, Kuan-Hua 09 July 2002 (has links)
The main frame of the distributed fiber optic leak detection system adopted the hybrid Mach-Zehnder & Sagnac interferomtric. We use the sensing fiber of In-Line frame to detect leak physical field. We can measure the position of the leak physical field through our sensing system and signal process system. In the cause of improving detective ability of leak detection system, we modify three elements of the system, including (1) the choice of the acoustic response of sensing fiber, (2) modification of the PZT phase modulator, and (3) modification of the PGC demodulator. The frame of our experiment is composed of the distributed fiber optic leak detection system and leak system of the fluid pipes. In which leak system of fluid pipes is designed the leaky frame of high-pressure fluid pipes. The main of experiment introduce the leak detection system to measure the leak acoustics of the fluid pipes. Then we can discuss the experimental result. The measurable minimum range of our distributed fiber optic leak detection system is3.3x10^-4(rad/¡ÔHz), and the dynamic range is above 75 dB. The dynamic range of this system can improve the original system to above 15 dB.

Interferometry-based Free Space Communication And Information Processing

Arain, Muzamil Arshad 01 January 2005 (has links)
This dissertation studies, analyzes, and experimentally demonstrates the innovative use of interference phenomenon in the field of opto-electronic information processing and optical communications. A number of optical systems using interferometric techniques both in the optical and the electronic domains has been demonstrated in the filed of signal transmission and processing, optical metrology, defense, and physical sensors. Specifically it has been shown that the interference of waves in the form of holography can be exploited to realize a novel optical scanner called Code Multiplexed Optical Scanner (C-MOS). The C-MOS features large aperture, wide scan angles, 3-D beam control, no moving parts, and high beam scanning resolution. A C-MOS based free space optical transceiver for bi-directional communication has also been experimentally demonstrated. For high speed, large bandwidth, and high frequency operation, an optically implemented reconfigurable RF transversal filter design is presented that implements wide range of filtering algorithms. A number of techniques using heterodyne interferometry via acousto-optic device for optical path length measurements have been described. Finally, a whole new class of interferometric sensors for optical metrology and sensing applications is presented. A non-traditional interferometric output signal processing scheme has been developed. Applications include, for example, temperature sensors for harsh environments for a wide temperature range from room temperature to 1000 degree C.

Implementation And Performance Evaluation Of A Three Antenna Direction Finding System

Arslan, Omer Cagri 01 October 2009 (has links) (PDF)
State of the art direction finding (DF) systems usually have several antennas in order to increase accuracy and robustness to certain factors. In this thesis, a three antenna DF system is built and evaluated. While more antennas give better DF performance, a three antenna system is useful for system simplicity and many of the problems in DF systems can be observed and evaluated easily. This system can be used for both azimuth and elevation direction of arrival (DOA) estimation. The system is composed of three monopole antennas, an RF front end, A/D converters and digital signal processing (DSP) units. A number of algorithms are considered, such as, three channel interferometer, correlative interferometer, LSE (least square error) based correlative interferometer and MUSIC (multiple signal classification) algorithms. Different problems in DF systems are investigated. These are gain/phase mismatch of the receiver channels, mutual coupling between antennas, multipath signals and multiple sources. The advantages and disadvantages of different algorithms are outlined.

Optovláknová interferometrie / Fiber optic interferometry

Srnský, Petr January 2017 (has links)
The aim of the diploma thesis is theoretical analysis of optical fiber sensory sensing using coherent and incoherent interferometry, creation of simulation models of interferometers and their practical measurement. The first part deals with the description of basic physical principles and interferometers. In the second part the thesis deals with the description and design of optical microphones, which are based on the principles of physical interferometers Michelson and Mach - Zehneder interferometer. Both models are simulated in the VPIphotonics simulation environment. In the third part of the thesis, both models are assembled and measured. The last part of the thesis presents the differences between the interferometers and the results of the measurements.

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