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Asinchroninių metodų interneto technologijose tyrimas / Analysis of asynchronous methods in web technologies

Rakita, Justinas 25 November 2010 (has links)
Populiarėjant AJAX technologiją naudojančioms sistemoms vis labiau aktualios darosi šios technologijos įtakojamos problemos. Verta paminėti, kad kai kurie tradicinių internetinių sistemų trūkumai dar labiau paaštrėja ir yra sunkiau aptinkami naujos kartos internetinėse sistemose. Dėl šios priežasties dauguma programuotojų anksčiau ar vėliau susiduria su įprastomis AJAX aplinkos problemomis: naršyklės navigacijos mygtukų panaudojimu, adresų išsaugojimu, paieškos varikliukų problema ir pan. Magistriniame darbe „Asinchroninių metodų interneto technologijose tyrimas“ pateikiamas AJAX pagrindu veikiančio karkaso projektas apima dažniausiai pasikartojančių problemų, kylančių kuriant šią technologiją naudojančias sistemas, sprendimus. Pateikiami sprendimai apima patį duomenų mainų mechanizmą, įskaitant patogesnio jo taikymo galimybes, navigacijos mygtukų panaudojimo problemas, suderinamumą su paieškos sistemų varikliukais, taip pat būdus kaip galima padidinti sistemos saugumą. / While internet applications based on AJAX technology becomes more and more popular, respectively problems rising from this technology becomes more and more serious. It is worth to mention, that some sorts of problems which comes from internet applications working in an old way, becomes more actual and harder to catch in systems of new generation. Due to this reason, lots of software developers sooner or later faces common AJAX problems: using of browser’s buttons, bookmarking pages, search engines (like Google) problems, etc. This work describes project of AJAX framework. Framework includes solutions for most common problems that faces programmers while developing AJAX based internet applications. Solutions covers the way of data exchange, including possibilities of using it more handy, browser’s navigation button problems, compatibility with search engines. It also covers ways in which could be increased application’s security.

Workflow graph editing and visualization in HTML5 and Javascript

Alfredsson, Marcus, Lundmark, Eric January 2015 (has links)
Being able to run applications written in a single language on multiple platforms is a strong incentive for migrating applications to the web. This along with the possibility to avoid the sometimes problematic procedure of installing software, makes the case even stronger. This thesis investigates how to migrate a workflow graph editing system into a web technology in order to publish it on the web. We will evaluate a number of different technologies such as WebGL, HTML5 canvas and SVG. SVG is deemed as the preferred technology due to its advantages when it comes to interaction. As it can leverage JavaScripts event system we get a potent way of handling events without writing a single line of code. When combining this with the framework D3JS we achieve a great tool for writing workflow management systems.

Cross platform applicationswith HTML5

Svedestedt, Hampus January 2013 (has links)
This thesis was made for Cybercom in Ostersund. They wanted an evaluation of HTML5 cross platform applications which studied HTML5 features as well as JavaScript libraries and frameworks. The resources put into mobile application development can be reduced bymaking applications that can work on all platforms instead of only natively. These types ofapplications are called cross platform applications and can be developed with specic tools.One way to develop cross platform applications is by using HTML5, which can either beused as a web application or packed into native applications using plug-ins. The purpose ofthis thesis was to create a mobile web app that can save maps to be used oine. The workwas done by evaluating frameworks for web applications. Frameworks that provide userinterface elements and features similar to those in native applications, and libraries that render maps served by map servers. Development environments for web development were also tested and evaluated. The results of the research and development were documented experience, and a HTML5 application that shows a map, has GPS functionality and can beused oine.

Thin HTML Clients auf Basis von Application Server Technologie

Dorda, Clemens. January 2002 (has links)
Stuttgart, Univ., Diplomarb., 2002.

Knihovna pro zjednodušení tvorby webových aplikací v JavaScriptu

Minx, Filip January 2014 (has links)
This work deals with the design and implementation of a JavaScript library. This library extends the JavaScript environment to improve quality, simplify and accelerate the development of modern Web applications in this language.


Gilorma, Mike 10 1900 (has links)
ITC/USA 2007 Conference Proceedings / The Forty-Third Annual International Telemetering Conference and Technical Exhibition / October 22-25, 2007 / Riviera Hotel & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada / Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) has improved web applications in a way that has enhanced performance and made the user experience more like that of a desktop application. As the performance of PCs increases and broadband Internet access is more prevalent, switching between web pages is less painful than ever. One of the biggest advantages of AJAX is the ability for a web application to update only a small piece of data without refreshing the whole page. AJAX also allows for piecewise validation of user entry as opposed to the standard form entry with which we have become so accustomed. This paper describes how AJAX enabled applications are different from classic web applications and shows the advantages and disadvantages from both client and server sides of an AJAX enabled application. AJAX is not a new technology, but rather a new approach to web applications that uses standards already in place for XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, and JavaScript. It is this new approach that eliminates the full page refresh that was so commonplace and now gives web applications the ability to look and feel more like desktop applications.

Webinar Tecnológico. Desarrollo y Gestión de Proyectos de Software: Introducción a ECMAScript 6 y TypeScript

Orozco, Victor 30 May 2020 (has links)
Ponente: Victor Orozco (Guatemala) / Descripción: Cuando hablamos de ECMAScript, nos referimos al estándar que ya va por la versión ES6 y determina cómo emplear el lenguaje Javascript. TypeScript es un lenguaje de programación libre y de código abierto desarrollado y mantenido por Microsoft. Es un superconjunto de JavaScript, que esencialmente añade tipos estáticos y objetos basados en clases. En este webinar se mostrara las novedades de ECMAScript 6 y la potencia del lenguaje de programación TypeScript.

Weiterentwicklung eines mikroskopischen Verkehrsfluss-Simulators und Analyse der Stauentstehung an Engstellen

Gidion, Fritjof 15 November 2016 (has links) (PDF)
Developing a traffic-flow simulation is one of the first steps to gain understanding of how traffic congestion occurs. This simulation will run the Intelligent-Driver-Model with an added simple lane-change model, settled in an on-ramp bottleneck environment. It aims at pointing out different styles of driver behaviour that can lead to traffic disturbances and jams. Besides analysing various traffic situations the JavaScript source code will partially be displayed and discussed.

Vvoj genertoru soubor / File Generator Development

Prochzka,  imon January 2021 (has links)
The topic of this masterâs thesis is the development of a file generator which will be used as a support tool for web application development in LOGEX Solution Center s.r.o. The application was written in TypeScript using the Node.js JavaScript runtime.

Application of single and multi-touch gestures in a WebGL molecule viewer

Slininger, Andrew David 07 November 2011 (has links)
The number of devices with touch input such as smart phones, computers, and tablets has grown extensively in recent years. Native applications on these devices have access to this touch and gesture information and can provide a rich, interactive experience. Web applications, however, lack a consistent and uniform way to retrieve touch and gesture input. With the quality and robustness of web applications continually growing and replacing native applications in many areas, a way to access and harness touch input is critical. This paper proposes two JavaScript libraries that provide a reliable and easy way for web applications to use touch efficiently and effectively. First, getTjs abstracts the gathering of touch events for most mobile and desktop touch devices. GenGesjs, the second library, receives this information and identifies gestures based on the touch input. Web applications can have this gesture information pushed to them as it is received or instead request the most recent gestures when desired. An example of interfacing with both libraries is provided in the form of WebMol. WebMol is a web application that allows for three dimensional viewing of molecules using WebGL. Gestures from GenGesjs are translated to interactions with the molecules, providing an intuitive interface for users. Using both of these libraries, web applications can easily tap into touch input resulting in an improved user experience regardless of the device. / text

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