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Thor's hammer deflected : a history of the protection of power systems from lightning, with special reference to Queensland, 1950 to 1995 /

Mercer, Douglas. January 2001 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Queensland, 2001. / Includes bibliographical references.

Transient temperature distributions in overhead fiber-optic ground wires

Wells, M. Glenn 05 1900 (has links)
No description available.

High temperature ampacity and sag model for ACSR conductors

Rehberg, Robert Lloyd 12 1900 (has links)
No description available.

Extra high voltage transmission corridor siting : technical, public, institutional and regulatory considerations /

Crnojacki, Zorica, January 1994 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1994. / Vita. Abstract. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 354-360). Also available via the Internet.

A SAG monitoring device based on a cluster of code-based GPS receivers : a thesis presented to the faculty of the Graduate School, Tennessee Technological University /

Komaragiri, Shalini Sushmitha, January 2009 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--Tennessee Technological University, 2009. / Title from title page screen (viewed on June 29, 2010). Bibliography: leaves 136-140.

A study and implementation analysis of an anti-sagging device for power transmission lines using shape memory alloys /

Lü̈ssi, Kevin M. January 2009 (has links)
Thesis (M.Sc.Eng.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2009. / Full text also available online. Scroll down for electronic link.

The impact of overhead power lines on an informal settlement: Motsoaledi Village, Diepkloof (Soweto)

Sitei, McDonald Gregory 02 February 2009 (has links)
M.A. / Emergence of informal settlements on vacant lands in urban areas results from intuition and political decisions, and sometimes cultural background. So any available vacant land is used for settlement development and dwelling sites. An informal settlement named after Elias Motsoaledi, a political activist of the African National Congress (ANC), was developed in the south-western part of the city of Johannesburg in 1993. Motsoaledi informal settlement was established on a vacant piece of land where there are overhead power lines. Motsoaledi community members that have their dwellings in close proximity and even underneath overhead power lines are exposed to an environment that is surrounded by electrical magnetic fields (EMFs). There are no reported cases of biological and health consequences that have been caused by EMFs as yet. This study aims to focus on the health aspect of persons who have their dwelling in the vicinity of the overhead power lines in Motsoaledi. The high levels of EMFs around Motsoaledi is further excelerated by the zinc structures that are conductive to electricity and may result in electrocution for dwellers that are in the direct vicinity of overhead power lines. Longer exposure to athermal conditions may result in bio-effects and lead to changes in human health. Furthermore, effects from EMFs are possible electrocution, often causing immediate death of persons and destruction of property. Due to the lack of proper planning of informal settlements, such settlements become vulnerable to potential environmental hazards such as the destruction of structures. This study hopes to identify the plight of a particular informal settlement, namely, Motsoaledi as an isolated case to reflect dire conditions of most of the informal settlements around the country.

Power line corona noise prediction from small cage measurement

Urban, Rodney Gordon 12 1900 (has links)
Thesis (PhD) -- Stellenbosch University, 2004. / Some digitised pages may appear illegible due to the condition of the original hard copy. / ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The radio noise (RN) performance of an AC high voltage transmission line is a determining factor when accessing the reliability of the design. The conducted RN level across the terminals of a PLC receiver, used in the teleprotection system of the line, is of particular concern. In this dissertation, existing empirical and semi-analytical RN prediction methods are evaluated by comparing the conducted RN levels of four South African lines to the predicted levels. Existing RN measurement protocols are consolidated and a new RN measurement protocol is proposed for the comparison. A prediction methodology, based on the EdF, EPRI and IREQ semi-analytical methods, is formulated. The semi-analytical methods are not able to accurately predict the variation of the conducted RN with frequency in the PLC band, nor are they able to predict the RN performance of short lines. A wideband excitation function, which considers the statistical characteristics of the measured RN pulse train, is therefore proposed in this dissertation. Having investigated the extraction of this excitation function from ESKOM’s Megawatt Park corona cage, it is concluded that a small corona cage is required. The design of a small cage is presented and the extraction of the excitation function is described. Attention is given to assessing the effect of changes in space charge distributions. The effect of space charge collision with an insulated cage on the extracted pulse parameters is linear, provided space charge diffusion is negligible. The onset streamer, positive streamer and negative streamer corona modes were identified as the only modes with measurable RN in the frequency regime 150 kHz to 30 MHz. Formulas are derived for the prediction of the inception gradients for these modes. The RN performance of an ACSR Hare conductor is extracted from the small cage. The RN performance of the Acacia-Koeberg line is also approximated in the PLC band. The dissertation concludes that the proposed wideband excitation function method is capable of accurately predicting the variation of RN levels with frequency. It can also be used to predict the RN performance of short line sections, as well as the relationship between RMS, QP and average RN levels from a transmission line. / AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die korona-werkverrigting van ‘n WS hoogspanningstransmissielyn het belangrike gevolge vir die betroubaarheid van die ontwerp van die lyn. Die geleide radioruis (RR) vlak op die kraglyndragolf kommunikasie sisteem, wat vir tele-beveiliging gebruik word, is veral van belang. In hierdie werkstuk word bestaande metodes gebruik om die korona-werkverrigting te bepaal en dan met gemete waardes van vier Suid Afrikaanse lyne te vergelyk. Bestaande RR meetmetodes word saamgevat en ‘n nuwe metingsprotokol word voorgestel om resultate te vergelyk. Na aanleiding van hierdie vergelykings word ‘n tegniek ontwikkel om die RR van ‘n lyn te voorspel. Hierdie tegniek gebruik die EdF, EPRI en IREQ metodes. Die voorgestelde tegniek kan nie die verandering van die RR met frekwensie bepaal nie. Dit kan ook nie die RR van kort lyne bepaal nie. ‘n Wyeband RR bron word dus voorgestel. Nadat ESKOM se Megawatt Park korona-kou ondersoek is, is die gevolgtrekking gemaak dat ‘n klein koronakou die nodige wyeband RR bron sal voorsien. Ruimtelading bots met die klein korona-kou. Die effek van hierdie botsings op die pulsparameters is lineer indien ladingsdiffusie nie plaasvind nie. Die aanvangs, positiewe en negatiewe kanaalontladings (“streamers”) is identifiseer as die enigste koronamodusse wat RR veroorsaak tussen 150 kHz en 30 MHz. Die spanning waarby hierdie modusse voorkom, is bepaal. Die korona-werkverrigting van ‘n “ACSR Hare” geleier is bepaal. Die korona-werkverrigting van die Acacia-Koeberg transmissie lyn is ook gekwantifiseer by die kraglyn-dragolf kommunikasie frekwensies. Die wyebandbron metode kan die verandering in RR met frekwensie goed voorspel. Die nuwe metode kan ook gebruik word om die RR van kort lyne te bepaal, asook die verband tussen RMS, QP en gemiddelde RR vlakke.

Design of overhead transmission lines subject to localized high intensity wind

Langlois, Sébastien, 1981- January 2007 (has links)
Wind loading considered in the design of overhead transmission lines is based on extreme values of synoptic wind, i.e. boundary layer wind originating from largescale meteorological pressure systems. Localized high intensity wind (HIW) storms such as tornadoes and downbursts are a different type of extreme wind frequently causing failures of overhead lines. This thesis covers the design aspects of overhead transmission lines when subject to localized HIW storms. A comprehensive review of the literature is included on the effects of such wind storms on lines and on mitigation measures. Furthermore, several options for the design of self-supporting transmission towers against localized HIW are discussed based on numerical simulations of several simple load cases on four examples of lattice structures.

A study of wet snow shedding from an overhead cable /

Roberge, Mathieu. January 2006 (has links)
Wet snow accumulating and shedding from overhead transmission lines can lead to a number of serviceability, safety and mechanical reliability issues. An innovative and inexpensive method to reproduce wet snow accretions on a cable in a controlled environment is explained. Wet snow sleeves were experimentally reproduced by using this technique to study their shedding mechanism. A numerical modeling technique using nonlinear finite element analysis is proposed to evaluate the dynamic response of an overhead cable subjected to any snow-shedding scenario. A time function is associated to the mass and weight of each snow element, which enables its virtual removal from the model at the time prescribed by the user. The response of a single span of overhead ground wire subjected to total and partial snow shedding scenarios is evaluated.

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