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MLAs and constituency representation in two Manitoba ridings

Rebizant, Jessica 10 September 2014 (has links)
Representation is a multi-faceted process that is integral to the Canadian democratic system. The process of representation relies on continuous negotiation between the elected representative and their constituents. It is through this process of building and maintaining connections with constituents that politicians develop their own representational strategy. This thesis examines two case studies—Manitoba MLAs Ralph Eichler and Blaine Pederson—to consider how Manitoba MLAs represent their constituents. A participant observation methodology was used to familiarize the researcher with the representational practices of these case study MLAs. It was found that even though the two MLAs were descriptively similar, the approaches they employed to represent their constituents were significantly different. It was further found that these vast differences were mainly attributed to three influential factors: personal goals, constituency context, and formative experiences.


Sewell, Rebecca 13 September 2010 (has links)
In this thesis, I provide an analysis of the representation within the environmental  movement that is based in critical theory. In considering the paradox which involves the  awareness of an ecological crisis as well as a strong resistance to the creation of  meaningful policy, I seek to root this problem in the representation of nature. This type of  representation is constrained by a virtual account that is based upon constitutive identity  and thus is sensitive to contextual perceptions of the discourse and depiction of the  concept of nature. My aim is to give a critical analysis of the environmental movement as  well as to explore the use of critical theory and contemporary art to enhance the approach  of virtual representation in order to challenge traditional notions of natural beauty that  can provide misleading accounts of the relationship between humanity and nature.

Improving the Educational Outcomes for Minorities: A Study of the Interactive Effects of Personnel Stability and Representative Bureacracy

Morton, Tabitha Susan 16 December 2013 (has links)
The goal of this dissertation is to determine how to create more equal public policy outcomes within the realm of public education. It is a well known fact that despite the passage of legal decisions such as Brown (1954) and federal policies like No Child Left Behind (2001), Latino and African American students still perform at lower rates than Anglo students. This poor academic performance results in lower graduation rates, lower college attendance, and a lower socioeconomic status than Anglos. This dissertation therefore sought to determine if two common bureaucratic theories, representative bureaucracy and personnel stability, could be used in combination with one another in order to improve the educational policy outcomes for African American and Latino students. Using data from Texas school districts from 1994-2010 and a cross-sectional longitudinal research design, I find that while each theory on its own improved the outcomes for these groups, the two did not have a significant combined effect on every indicator. Instead I find evidence of a substitution effect which allows one strategy to be used in place of the other in order to improve the academic performance of minority students. This creates a unique situation as this analysis suggests that there are other bureaucratic factors working to prevent an interactive effect from occurring on a consistent basis. Thus the next steps are to apply the same theories to other public organizations in order to determine if my findings are unique to public education and to determine if other public administration theories can be used to improve the outcomes for African American and Latino students.

Critical media analysis of female soldier representation from magazines to Instagram : a cultural studies perspective

Cedillo, Stacia Ann 17 February 2015 (has links)
The purpose of this work is to explore the gendered cultural meanings surrounding female soldier representations found in official print and online military recruiting materials during Global War on Terror (GWOT) period (2001-2014). Using recruitment advertisements found in three popular women’s magazines and on the official Instagram accounts of the U.S. military, three research questions are addressed: 1) What visual and/or textual codes found in female soldier representations are used to construct gendered cultural meanings around women in the military?; 2) How do print and online recruiting materials encourage audiences to co-construct, produce, and distribute these gendered cultural meanings?; and 3) What is the significance of these gendered cultural meanings and audience interactivity/participation in female soldier representations during the GWOT era? A visual analysis of the data was performed using critical media guidelines provided by Luke & Iyer (2011) and Kellner (2015, 2013). The findings of this study suggest that there continue to be underlying, embedded notions of essentialized femininity found in contemporary representations of female soldiers. These findings and military recruiting materials are discussed in relation to broader public discourse around female soldiers and civilian women in society, particularly within important cultural moments of rising fourth-wave feminism and changing patterns of media consumption. In addition, a discussion around the growing need to conceptualize and study audiences as hybridized producers/consumers and as active interpreters of media messages in the digital age is provided. In doing so, this work seeks to understand and recognize the incredible power mass media (particularly social media) audiences have in constructing popular representations of all women. Finally, important implications related to the overwhelming lack of critical gender, media, and military studies in American school-contexts, key sites for military recruiters, are discussed. / text

Power, knowledge, and Nanook; the relationships between colonialism and representation portrayed in Nanook of the North

McPhail, Katherine 14 July 2015 (has links)
Nanook of the North is a classic 1922 film by director Robert Flaherty, and despite its age and through its significance to popular culture has remained relevant. But whom does this film represent? The film represents avanishing culture that has been completely constructed and manipulated by Flaherty, a taxidermy that live in the space called ‘North’. Through the construction of props and costumes in Nanook of the North the western white (European) male justified their place in society by creating a primitive other. The question becomes how did Flaherty create justification for social status? Why did Flaherty do this? Finally what was occurring, spatially and temporally, to allow a film like this to be so successful? These questions are answered by exploring the ‘what’s there?’, ‘why there?’, ‘why then’, and ‘why care’ of Flaherty’s Nanook of the North. / October 2015

Keats : women, readers and revision

Park, Hye-young January 2000 (has links)
No description available.

Children's use of apparatus in the development of the concept of number

Foster, Robin January 2001 (has links)
No description available.

Berufsständische volksvertretung und ihre staatsrechtliche bedeutung (ein beitrag zu dem problem der repräsentation der wirtschaft im staat, insbesondere in Deutschland, Frankreich und Italien) ...

Hornig, Joachim. January 1933 (has links)
Thesis--Innsbruck. / "Literatur-verzeichnis": p. 4-5.

Ueber eine specielle conforme Abbildung der Flächen constanten Krümmungsmasses auf die Ebene mit einem Anhange, enthaltend die Literatur über die Flächen constanten Krümmungsmasses /

Busse, Friedrich, January 3796 (has links)
Thesis (doctoral)--Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin, 1896. / Vita. Includes bibliographical references (p. 23-31).

Surfaces characterized by certain special properties of their directrix congruences ...

Yeaton, Chester Henry, January 1916 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, 1915. / Vita. "Reprinted from Annali di matematica, serie III, tomo XXVI, 1916." Includes bibliographical references.

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