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Analyse théorique des termes de l'échange le cas de la Suisse /

Bürgenmeier, Beat. January 1977 (has links)
Thesis (doctoral)--Université de Genève, 1977. / Includes bibliographical references (p. 297-308).

An introductory glossary of criminal justice terminology

Murphy, Michael P. January 1976 (has links)
The main body of this creative project is divided into four sections. The first three sections will contain the listing of terminology used in the three main components of the criminal justice system; law enforcement, courts, and corrections. These three sections are further subdivided into three subheadings: terms applying to adult procedures, terms applying to juvenile procedures, and related Supreme Court decisions. The fourth section includes relevant journals and organizations that are related to the three main components of the criminal justice system.The purpose of this creative project is to provide Ball State University Criminal Justice and Corrections students with a listing of criminal justice terminology currently used in the criminal justice system.It is imperative that Criminal Justice and Corrections students at this university have a basic understanding of the terminology used in the criminal justice system, enabling the student to perform satisfactorily in the practical. and academic aspects of the Criminal Justice and Corrections curriculum, and later as a professional in one of the three main components of the criminal justice system.

My brilliant PhD with supplemental files

01 October 2015 (has links)
I could never get a PhD

The separable words in modern Chinese language =

Chang, Lui, 張蕾 January 2007 (has links)
published_or_final_version / abstract / Chinese / Master / Master of Philosophy

Delivering risks and keys in international sales : a survey of four jurisdictions

Al-Rushoud, Ahmad Hamad January 1997 (has links)
No description available.

Routine im Gespräch zur pragmatischen Fundierung der Idiomatik /

Coulmas, Florian. January 1981 (has links)
The author's Habilitationsschrift--Düsseldorf. / Includes indexes. Includes bibliographical references (p. 186-200).

Routine im Gespräch zur pragmatischen Fundierung der Idiomatik /

Coulmas, Florian. January 1981 (has links)
The author's Habilitationsschrift--Düsseldorf. / Includes indexes. Includes bibliographical references (p. 186-200).

Address and Referential Terms in Swedish and British Schools : A Sociolinguistic Perspective

Gabrielsson, Amanda January 2019 (has links)
Modes of address between speakers in Sweden and the U.K differ from each other, yet both countries are influenced by similar mass media and aspects of globalization that otherwise generally lean towards linguistic convergence. Survey data from students and teachers in UK and Sweden has revealed some noteworthy differences. Even though these are two Western European countries with rather similar cultures and conventions, their address systems have developed in relatively diverse ways. Therefore, this study aims to highlight the sociolinguistic aspects in the chosen languages, and how they play a role in the usage of address modes and referential terms in the two countries, primarily in schools, but other contexts are also considered. The purpose of the study is to establish how conventions regarding modes of address and referential terms vary between the two countries studied, and whether claims made following previous research satisfactorily account for such differences that might exists. Following a review of existing studies, primary qualitative research was conducted which involved interviewing students and teachers in Sweden, and this revealed which expectations and preferences are similar, and which differ, between the countries.  This study concluded that less formal modes of addressing in schools and other institutions are favoured in Sweden, whereas the UK generally adopts stricter forms of address, with hierarchial differences evident within the same institutions. This reveals one aspect of how discourse norms and sociocultural climates in the UK differ from those in Sweden. Swedish discourse norms appear to have been more influenced by globalization and mass media than the UK, and national culture and values appear to have a greater influence on the discourse norms in the UK.

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, einseitig gestellte Vertragsbedingungen und die allgemeine Rechtsgeschäftslehre /

Hellwege, Phillip. January 2010 (has links)
Habilitation - Universität, Regensburg, 2009. / Includes bibliographical references and register.

The design of corporate debt : evidence from Eurobond issues made by UK companies

Correia, Maria do Rosario January 2003 (has links)
This thesis provides a comprehensive analysis of the determinants for the optimal choice of contract terms on a unique type of debt instrument: Eurobonds. A discussion of corporate finance theories that postulate the use of debt contract features for mitigating financing inefficiencies provides the foundation for the development of the empirical investigation. More specifically, theories that associate the choice of debt features namely, maturity, call options, convertible options, and protective covenants with firm's and market's characteristics are discussed in detail. Emphasis is also given to the theoretical predictions about the interdependencies established between the debt features that are viewed as alternative control devises for mitigating debt-contracting costs. Panel data and simultaneous-equations estimation methods are used to regress the relevant debt features on a set of proxies for firm characteristics, market conditions, and related contract features for a sample of 377 Eurobonds issued by UK companies over the period 1986-1999. The evidence from both panel data and simultaneous-equations analyses provide strong support to the prediction that both callable and short-term debt and convertible and debt with protective covenants are used as alternative control devises to mitigate agency costs. Further evidence suggests, however, that contrary to the fundamentals guiding the choice of maturity and callability structures, the use of convertible options and protective covenants in Eurobond contracts seems to be determined by equity agency costs rather than debt agency costs. Some support is also found for the risk uncertainty theory underlying the use of convertibles and for the liquidity risk arguments regarding the choice of protective covenants. No support is found for signalling and interest tax-shield hypotheses. Some proposals for further research on debt contract design are identified and discussed.

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