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Comparative and ethnographic research on inclusion : the case of English and Greek secondary education

Spandagou, Ilektra January 2002 (has links)
This thesis presents a comparative ethnographic exploration of inclusion in English and Greek secondary education, and at the same time it examines how comparative ethnographic research can be used for understanding inclusion. Inclusion is seen as inseparable from exclusion and both of them as relating to a citizenship and democratic discourse in education. Educational policy and practice in England and Greece are examined in a comparative way in an attempt to highlight how inclusive/exclusive discourses are both localised and part of an international discourse. The purposes of education in each socio-political and cultural context are examined in relation to knowledge/ability and disciplinelbehaviour discourses as presented in young people's representations of their student identities in mainstream schools. The concept of "frameworks of competence" is used to explore how participants in schools actively negotiate inclusion and exclusion.

Organisational cultures, patriarchal closure and women managers : in what ways do organisational cultures act as a means of patriarchal closure to exclude and/or marginalise women managers?

Rutherford, Sarah Jane January 1999 (has links)
This research investigates the gendered aspects of organisational culture. Empirical studies of two organisations, both with distinctive divisional cultures were undertaken. Employing and extending the Weberian concept of social closure, I ask whether, and to what extent, different organisational cultures act as means of social closure to exclude and/or marginalise women managers. I design a research typology for studying gender and culture, consisting of gender awareness, management style, time management, public/private divide, informal socialising, and sexuality. I draw on several different theories of power to explain hierarchical gender relations in organisations. I found that a Weberian concept of legal rational authority is still relevant to organisational life, particularly leadership. The concept of discourse, as meaning what may be said at any one time, proved useful, particularly in illuminating the public/private divide. I argue that a concept of patriarchy is still vital for a feminist analysis of organisations and Gramsci's concept of hegemony helps explain why women are seemingly complicit in their own oppression. The research highlights the importance of an adequate definition of orgnisational culture in order to identify its exclusionary characteristics. Different constituents of culture may act to exclude women in different ways and in different areas, even where a strong equal opportunities policy exists. Key findings include the prevalence of sexual harassment even at senior levels and in'feminised' areas of work; the positive impact of a nonheterosexual culture on gender relations, and the importance of business demands on management style. At senior levels, long hours, informal socialising, management style, and the acceptance of a public/private divide act in combination or separately to marginalise and exclude women. Whilst women managers fare better in an equal opportunities organisation, men's resistance to women in organisations becomes more subtle as overt discrimination is outlawed.

Métapsychologie du sujet interdit pour une clinique du dompte-regard / Metapsychological development of the dumbfounded individual for a clinic Dompte-regard

Manfredini, Aurélia 16 December 2014 (has links)
Auprès du sujet sans «activité» (chômeur, allocataire du revenu minimal…) la pratique du clinicien évolue dans le champ de l’exclusion: entre principe de renoncement et logique de culpabilité, la dimension du mal-vu, suscitée par l’épreuve de l’impossible achèvement de l’action sociale, peut se révéler dans les discours des politiques sociales et des professionnels du secteur médico-social. S’ouvre ainsi la piste d’une clinique du Malaise. De plus, une posture singulière se profile où le sujet fait son entrée sur l’espace social soit par la plainte somatique, reconnaissable par la dimension d’injustice comme processus de déplacement, soit par le registre de l’obscénité de la scène du réel: d’une démonstration à une pure monstration –en montrant des clichés d’imagerie médicale, voire des parties du corps –la voie d’une clinique du Trauma semble se dégager également. Ce travail vise à proposer au lecteur une élaboration métapsychologique du sujet interdit, soit le sujet qui se montre incapable de répondre de l’impossible, se soumet à la loi surmoïque et manœuvre avec ce que Lacan définit de la fonction du tableau. Afin d’apaiser la relation avec l’Autre autorité, dont le pouvoir interdit le sujet de parole et de savoir, il met en place une tentative désespérée par le dispositif du «donné à voir» pour éprouver l’élision du regard; c’est un pouvoir capable de réduire la portée de l’œil féroce et vorace. A la croisée du malaise et du trauma, cette étude s’attache à présenter une clinique du Dompte-regard. / With an “inactive” individual (unemployed, beneficiary of social security...) the work of a clinician revolves around the field of exclusion: between the principle of renunciation and the sense of guilt, the dimension of the ill perceived, created by the ordeal ensuing the impossibility to achieve some kind of completion of social action, can come to light in the discourse on social policies and of professionals in the medical and social sector. This opens the path of a clinic malaise. Moreover, a singular posture looms where the individual enters the social arena. This posture either surfaces through a somatic complaint which is recognizable by the dimension of injustice as a moving process, or through the exposition of the real in an obscene way: from a mere explanation to a monstrous account of this reality -showing medical imaging , even body parts –the path to a trauma clinic seems to emerge as well. This work aspires to offer the reader a metapsychological elaboration of the dumbfounded individual, in other words, an individual who is unable to surmount the impossible, is submitted to the superego law and has to maneuver with what Lacan characterizes as the function of the painting. In order to appease the relationship with the Other authority whose power prohibits the individual of speech and knowledge, he sets up a desperate attempt through the method of “offered to view”, in order to test the elision of scrutiny; it is a power capable of reducing the scope of the ferocious and voracious eye. At the crossroads between discomfort and trauma, this study focuses on presenting a clinic of Dompte-regard.

Size Exclusion Chromatography of Poly (2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine) and its Interactions with Various Salts / Size Exclusion Chromatography of PMPC and its Interaction with Salts

Mahon, Jennifer 06 1900 (has links)
My current thesis is regarding the application of Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) equipment and principles to the study of polyelectrolyte configuration in solution. The main focus of this study is the effect of salt on the hydrodynamic volume/solution properties of polyelectrolytes and the ability of GPC to effectively determine the degree of variation. This involves the comparison of different salt types and concentrations in aqueous solution. The specific polyelectrolyte examined is poly (2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine) (PMPC), a zwitterionic polymer (i.e. one having both positive and negative charges on the monomer). PMPC is a fairly new and promising polyelectrolyte for use in protein drug delivery and biomaterial surface applications. Understanding the effects of salt on this polyelectrolyte will aid in the development of technologies involving this polymer as well as other zwitterionic polymers. Different salts were utilized to formulate an effect of salt ions so that a systematic analysis could be performed. Using a control as reference it was determined that the salt does have an effect on the solution properties of the polyelectrolytes, as expected. The specific properties examined were characterized into two categories; solution properties and ion properties. Solution properties involved the investigation of salt concentration, solution ionic strength and solution pH effects. For ion properties, salts were selected on the basis of ion charge, charge type and ion size, so that the effects of both the cation and anion components could be analyzed. Two parameters, namely, ion size/type and ion valency were examined for both the cation and the anion. In addition the configuration of the anion was also investigated. vSpecific conclusions found in this study were as follows: 1) The salt concentration has an effect up to a certain "saturation" point. 2) The ionic strength has no visible effect (any effect is related to the concentration component). 3) There is no observable solution pH effect. 4) There is no observable cation effect. This includes no cation type/size or cation valency effect. 5) There is a significant anion effect. 6) A smaller anion has a greater effect than a larger anion. 7) A divalent anion has a greater effect than a monovalent anion. 8) A monatomic anion has a greater effect than a polyatomic anion. It was found that the effect of ion properties is related to mechanisms associated with the geometry of the polyelectrolyte. The negative charge group of the polyelectrolyte which is situated closer to the backbone (inside) is less important to the change in hydrodynamic volume resulting from ionic interactions with the salts since it is shielded by the positive charge group situated at the end of the side chain (outside). The observed phenomena were also explained by other chemical and physical properties such as charge density and ionic potential. In addition to the original plan of study, other phenomena were observed and later explained, such as the presence of four distinct regions associated with salt concentration and the variation m the degree of hydrodynamic volume change with different molecular weight samples. The application of aqueous GPC equipment (including a differential refractive index detector (DRI)) and principles to the study of polyelectrolyte solution effects minimizes the detection equipment required and, provides sufficient resolution and accuracy for examination of solution properties while remaining time and cost effective. The project discoveries have shown that size exclusion chromatography provides an excellent means of obtaining a complete and accurate set of correlations between polyelectrolyte charge and salt effects. / Thesis / Master of Applied Science (MASc)

Les chemins de l'insertion une étude empirique menée dans cinq pays européens pour une meilleure compréhension des processus d'insertion, d'exclusion et de reproduction des inégalités sociales /

Chevalier, David Blanc, Maurice January 2003 (has links) (PDF)
Thèse de doctorat : Sociologie : Nancy 2 : 2003. / Bibliographie.

Ostracism och aggressivitet : – En litteraturstudie om exkludering och dess effekter

Eldborn, Daniel January 2014 (has links)
Den här studien behandlar fenomenet ostracism/exkludering och dess konsekvenser. Studiens centrala syfte var att undersöka om det finns någon koppling mellan ostracism och aggressivt beteende, och hur kopplingen mellan exkluderade personer och deras aggressiva beteende i så fall kan förklaras. Studien är en litteraturstudie och utgår enbart ifrån artiklar som är hämtade inom det socialpsykologiska forskningsfältet. Den insamlingsmetod som har använts är inspirerad av ett systematiskt tillvägagångssätt. Artiklarnas påvisade samband mellan ostracism och aggressivt beteende har tolkats utifrån ett antal teoretiska begrepp och förklaringsmodeller som exempelvis: frustration, kontroll, hämnd, samt behov-hot modellen. Studiens resultat visar att det finns en stark koppling mellan ostracism/exkludering och aggressivitet, och att aggressivitet manifesteras olika beroende på sammanhanget. Resultatet visade att antisocialt beteende i form av aggressivitet var ett sätt att skaffa fördelar, exempelvis genom att ta kontroll över andra, få ur sig frustration etc. Det visade sig också att kontrollfaktorn var en faktor som var återkommande och viktig. Att inte ha någon makt eller kontroll att förändra negativa skeenden eller hur andra människor agerar verkar vara en starkt bidragande faktor till aggressivitet. Förhoppningen med denna studie är att den ska kunna visa på komplexiteten i fenomenet ostracism och att den ska kunna användas i det sociala arbetet för att bättre kunna förstå orsakerna till beteendet hos exkluderade individer i olika sammanhang. / This study adresses the phenomenon of ostracism/exclusion and its consequences. The main purpose of this study is to examine if there is a connection between ostracism and aggressive behaviour, and if so, how the connection between excluded individuals and their aggressive behaviour can be explained. This litterature review will be solely based on scientific articles derived from the researchfield of socialpsychology. The method for collecting data has been based on a systematic review. The articles proven connection between ostracism and aggressive behaviour has been interpretated on the basis of several theoretical concepts as for example: frustration, control, revenge and the need-threat model. Results of the study shows that there is a strong link between ostracism/exclusion and aggressive behaviour. And that aggression manifests itself differently depending on the context. The result showed that anti-social behaviour in the form of aggressiveness where one way for the individual to gain advantages, for example by taking control of others, relieving frustration e.d. It also showed that the control-factor was a factor that was recurrent and important. Not having any power or control to change the negative course of events or how other people behave was a strong contributing factor for aggressiveness. The hope of this study is that it can demonstrate the complexity of ostracism and that it could be used in the field of social work to better understand the reasons for aggressive behaviour in excluded individuals in different contexts.

A Study of Indonesian,Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese Spouses and Social Exclusion

Sun, Pi-hsia 30 June 2010 (has links)
This thesis begins with the globalization that promoting female transnational migration worldwide. Then, using the social exclusion theory, through the qualitative in-depth interview method, it discusses the social exclusion experience of Indonesian, Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese spouses. It also discusses the effects of Taiwan¡¦s Care and Counseling policies for foreign spouses. Finally, policy suggestions are proposed according to related research discoveries. It finds: First, on the social exclusion, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese spouses are experienced social exclusion, the dimensions are including of economic, political, social relation, cultural, spatial, and welfare. Moreover, the Vietnamese spouses tend to have greater experience of social exclusion on the dimensions of economic, political, social relation and cultural; Indonesian spouses tend to have greater experience on the economic and political dimensions; Mainland Chinese spouses tend to have greater experience on the political and welfare dimensions. However, no matter they are Indonesian, Vietnamese or Mainland Chinese spouses; they¡¦ll experience political exclusion if they don¡¦t gain their citizenships. Second, on the family adaption type, foreign spouses from Indonesia and Mainland China tend largely to belong to the ¡§adaptive type¡¨ group. By contrast, Vietnamese spouses tend to be the ¡§castle type.¡¨ As a whole, by and large most foreign spouses put great effort into adapting to their new family environment. In addition, their husband¡¦s families provide the support required for their daily lives, and accept them, allowing them to adapt to the new family environment. As such, the number of foreign spouses experiencing difficulties is minimal. Third, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Mainland Chinese spouses whose family adaption type is ¡§difficulty prone type¡¨ have higher tendencies to fall into the situation of social exclusion. By contrast, the ¡§adaptive type¡¨ group have lower tendencies to have social exclusion. Therefore, the family adaptive situation of foreign spouses has close relationship to social exclusion experiences. Among those, the acceptances of the husbands¡¦ families and individual mobility also have high influences. Fourth, the Taiwan¡¦s Care and Counseling policies for foreign spouses: 1. there are still lots of interviewees who haven¡¦t used government services. As for the ones who have used, no matter on Indonesian, Vietnamese or Mainland Chinese spouses, they mostly use the ¡§national health insurance.¡¨ And then, Indonesian and Vietnamese spouses use ¡§life adaption counseling¡¨ and ¡§supplementary and continuing education.¡¨ Mainland Chinese spouses take ¡§economic assistance,¡¨ ¡§vocational training and job referral.¡¨ 2. Most foreign spouses state that after using government services, they find them useful and with positive effects. However, family adaptive situation will influence the effects on using government services. 3. Though government services can only provide limited effects on people with low social exclusion, its services are the main supports for people with high social exclusion.

Senegalese transmigrants and the construction of immigration in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

Riccio, Bruno January 2000 (has links)
No description available.

The noble Duke of York : James Duke of York and Albany, the early modern prince as Lord High Admiral, imperialist and entrepreneur, 1660-1685

Callow, John January 1998 (has links)
No description available.

Towards a better deal for lone parents : a feminist analysis of social policy

Wright, Jo January 2003 (has links)
No description available.

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