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Elevernas kunskapsutveckling och motivation inom matematik och det kooperativa lärandet / Students' knowledge development and motivation in mathematics and cooperative learning

Bolbolian, Sonja, Lopez Åström, Emelie January 2021 (has links)
This study examines how students benefit from working with cooperative learning in mathematics lessons. Furthermore, the study investigates whether the motivation to work with mathematics can be increased through cooperative learning. The study is based on these two questions to examine relevant research regarding this specific area. The search process has been carried out through several databases such as ERIC and Google scholar. Through these databases an amount of nine scientific articles has been compiled. With the help of previous research, the study has shown that cooperative learning has a major impact on the development of students' knowledge. Additionally, cooperative learning has been proven to benefit the motivation of the students, thus playing an important role in their learning process. The result of this study also shows how cooperative learning can be one of the most meaningful teaching methods. This contributes to higher participation and creates a higher knowledge development than the traditional learning methods. Through cooperative learning the students get the chance to act as learning resources for each other in the classroom, which strengthens the learning value. This is based on the indication that the cooperative teaching method forms a collaboration between the students, thus promoting their knowledge and social abilities at the same time.

The study of work choice motivation and workers' interaction in influencing job attitude and work performance for contingent workers

Yang, Chin-ann 14 July 2009 (has links)
The aim of this dissertation was (1) to examine the work choice motivation for accepting the contingent employment in relation to various outcomes (job satisfaction, job involvement, and psychological contract) and the effect on work performance (obedience, and work expectation), and (2) to test whether workers¡¦ interaction may assist in explaining difference between the various outcome and the effect on work performance. The results of this study challenged earlier assumptions on the importance of volition in temporary work research. Analyses were based on a sample of 415 contingent workers from various organizations and types of the contingent employment. The most striking findings were that work choice motivation did not consistently associate with favorable outcomes and the effect on work performance, and that the relationship between work choice motivations related to work performance outcomes were non-significant. By way of contrast, self-fulfilling motive has positively effects on job satisfaction and job involvement, work-life balance motive and self-constrain motive have positive effect on psychological contract, and work control motive has negative effect on job involvement, and psychological contract. Also, this dissertation established that workers¡¦ interaction may have potential to improve the variations on predictions. The result showed that task-related interaction between standard and contingent workers has positive effect on job satisfaction, job involvement, work expectation, and obedience. Moreover, the non-task related interaction has negative effect on obedience. The interaction effects of work choice motivation and workers¡¦ interaction on job attitudes and work performance were also examined in this study. The result shows that the interaction between work-life balance motive and non-task related interaction has positive effect on psychological contract. Moreover, the interaction effect of self-constrain motive and non-task related interaction also has positive effect on psychological contract. The implications were also discussed in this study.

Racionalismus a empirismus v etice sociální práce / Rationalism and empiricism in ethics of social work

PATEROVÁ, Jana January 2013 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with ethical theories in social work. Evaluates the contribution of ethical theories for social work in general and after that also specifically by elaborating three chosen ethical theories- Kant?s rationalistic ethics, Hume?s empiristic ethics and ethics of care. This thesis points to the importace of ethically correct decision making, which is related to the knowledge of fundamental ethical values. Both are an essential part of professionalism of social worker. Ethical theories contribute to a better understanding of ethics and come with theoretical instructions how to apply ethical values in practice.

Návrh motivačního systému společnosti / Proposal of the Motivation System in the Company

Novotná, Zuzana January 2014 (has links)
This thesis focuses on the proposal of the motivation system in newly formed company. The current state of this company is analyzed using interviews with employees. Based on the results of analysis the new motivation system of the company is designed. This motivation system should increase employee motivation and lead to their total satisfaction.

Analýza spokojenosti zaměstnanců / Analysis of the satisfaction of employees of Prague branch of company XY

Montšková, Kristýna January 2012 (has links)
This thesis analyses the satisfaction of employees of the Prague branch of company XY. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Job satisfaction is defined in the theoretical part. There are individual definitions of job satisfaction and selected theories dealing with this issue. The practical part is devoted to the presentation of XY, methodological apparatus and the characteristics of the sample of respondents who participated in the research. The processing and interpretation of the empirical data then follows. The work has two parallel goals. The first objective is to analyze the job satisfaction of employees of the Prague branch of XY. Their satisfaction is determined using a questionnaire and on the basis of a proposal of improvement. The second objective is to evaluate measures introduced through interviews with management and employees themselves XY year after the execution of the research. This allows an objective determination of the impact of the research and furthermore how each of the implemented changes contributed to employee job satisfaction.

Arbetsmotivation på äldreboenden : en intervjustudie med chefer och medarbetare

Löfgren, Björn, Borg Engberg, Anna-Lena January 2011 (has links)
Den här studien handlar om arbetsmotivation på två äldreboenden i Gävleborgs län. Vi gjorde en jämförelse mellan ett privat äldreboende och ett kommunalt äldreboende för att undersöka hur arbetsmotivation diskuteras på enheterna. Syftet med studien var att se om det fanns skillnader mellan det privata och det kommunala boendet samt mellan chef och medarbetare i definitionen arbetsmotivation. För att få svar på våra frågor använde vi oss av en kvalitativ semistrukturerad intervjuform. Det vi i huvudsak kom fram till var att arbetskamraterna, de boende och att prestera bra var de mest framträdande faktorerna till arbetsmotivation. De enda skillnader som vi funnit är att det privata boendet ansåg hjälpmedel vara en motiverande faktor vilket inte framkom hos det kommunala boendet. På det kommunala boendet ansåg medarbetarna att lön var motiverande vilket inte framkom som en motivationsfaktor på det privata boendet. / This essay is about motivation in two nursing homes (elderly care) within the county Gävleborg. We have made a comparison between a private and a municipal nursing home to investigate how work motivations are discussed in the units. The purpose of this study was to see whether there were differences between the private and the municipal housing and between managers and employees in the definition of work motivation. To get answers to our questions, we used a qualitative semi structured interview form. What we essentially came to was that fellow workers, residents and to do well was the most prominent factors of job motivation. The differences that we found is that the staff on the private elderly care felt that tools to facilitates work was a motivating factor, which is not found in the municipal elderly care. At the municipal elderly care staff felt that salary was motivating which did not emerged as a motivating factor on the private elderly care.

Motivační program vybrané vzdělávací instituce / Motivational program of chosen educational institution

Madarová, Kateřina January 2011 (has links)
The diploma thesis aims to explore work motivation and satisfaction of employees in chosen company, based on the assumption that these are at the lower level. On the ground of gained information subsequently proposes a suitable motivational program for language school employees. Considering low number of respondents there are several research methods used in the thesis, including personal and written questioning of employees, interviews with former employees, Bales interaction analysis, and comparison with another institution of similar nature. Based on the research has been confirmed the hypothesis about dissatisfaction of employees on the workplace. Taking into account the structure of statements is whole research and its conclusions grounded in Herzberg theory of work motivation and proposed program includes both hygienic and motivational elements.

Všímavost v souvislosti pracovního zaujetí. / Mindfulness in the context of work engagement.

Arbet, Petr January 2021 (has links)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the analysis of the connection between mindfulness, work engegament and authentic behavior. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes the sources of work motivation. The second chapter deals with the relationships between employees and personal resources that lead to engaged behavior. In the third chapter, I describe the appropriate interventions and impacts that lead to increased engagement and work related well-being. The work thus evaluates a specific theory of personal, work and motivational resources that affect further work engagement and satisfaction. The research part of the work consists of quantitative research, in which we have verified the mediation analysis of the relationships between mindfulness and engagement, where authenticity is considered a mediator of these relationships. Based on the results of the mediation analysis, it was proved that the relationship between mindfulness and engagement is fully mediated by authenticity. While the direct relationship between mindfulness and engagement ceased to be significant (β = -.0632, p = .543), the indirect relationship was significant (β = -.2196, p < .001). Key words Engagement, authenticity, mindfulness, work-related motivation, proactivity,...

Motivační systém firmy / Motivation System of the Company

Kotasová, Monika January 2020 (has links)
The diploma thesis focuses on motivation system in a selected company. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on theoretical knowledge that helps to understand the topic. There is description of the motivation, employee evaluation, recognition and rewarding employees, employee benefits and work atmosphere. The second part is a brief description of the selected company and the characteristics of the current motivational system in the company. In the main part there are the results of the analysis based on a questionnaire survey and the results of hypothesis testing. The last part contains suggestions for improving the motivation system which were determined on the basis of analysis and hypotheses.

Pracovník v nízkoprahových službách / Social worker in youth drop-in centres / services

Jandová, Martina Ania January 2013 (has links)
The diploma thesis "Social worker in youth drop-in centres / services" in the theoretical part delineates borders of the field ,,drop-in service" and describes the importance of contact workers in terms of reaching the true sense of the youth drop-in service. In the practical part it answers the research question: "Which positive and negative factors influence motivation for remaining in this field?" The answer has been found using open coding analytical tool of the Strauss and Corbin's Grounded Theory in responses of (the representative sample of) ten social workers, which have been active in youth drop-in service longer than two years. The important output from the practical part of the diploma thesis is the finding that there are many motivation factors, which can be influenced by social workers themselves or by their direct and/or indirect superiors. Final part of the diploma thesis presents the list of factors. They are classified from the point of view "we can/cannot do something with it". There is also recommendation for supporting the motivation of the social workers to remain in the youth drop-in services, especially by weakening negative factors and strengthening the positive ones.

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