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Mine Production Assurance Program- Development and Application

Lanke, Amol January 2016 (has links)
ssuring production forms a crucial part of mining business profitability. Factors related to various mine operations, activities and business processes can threaten required/planned mine production.   To address problems and ensure production level in mining, it is necessary to implement a mine production assurance program (MPA). In order to propose a guideline and its component, this study started by reviewing four such techniques used in process industries. Comparing the tools, techniques   and focus with mining productivity and production factors, it was observed that applicability of these methods for mining is limited due to lack of focus on equipment focus, cost focus and other parameters. Similarity of objectives and requirements of equipment focus lead to conclusion that PAP from oil and gas industry seems to be method which can guide MPA.\parAs a basis of MPA, an index is required to create a clear relationship between different situations which can occur in mining operation and production loss. A literature review on mining productivity improvement methods shows availability, utilisation and production performance of equipment are the key factors in determining overall production. A single index applicable for chain operation in mining is needed. A Mine Production index (MPi) is thus proposed. This index involves all three parameters for equipment productivity mentioned above.  Weights associated with MPi calculation for bottleneck equipment can point out critical factors in equipment operation. Once bottleneck equipment and relevant critical factors are known, further analysis can be carried out to determine the possible causes of production loss. By using MPi for machine operations, it is possible to rank machines in terms of production effectiveness. When the study applied MPi to chain operations in a mining case study, a crusher was determined as bottleneck equipment.\parMining operation is heavily influenced by internal and external uncertainties. Operational uncertainties related to equipment includes its key factors leading to production i.e. availability, utilisation and performance. These factors are in turn dependent upon downtime, idle time, rated capacities. External parameters related to weather are based upon location of mining operation. Influence of these factors on production volume, could be used for better decision making during mining operations optimization. To effectively propose a method for correlating internal and external parameters with production volume, case studies in an open pit mine were conducted. During these case studies a multi-regression modelling methodology is used. It was found that at system level availability is important criteria for increasing production. At level of shovel and truck fleet, availability and utilisation are most important characteristics to be focused for reduction in production uncertainty. Environmental factors are although correlate to less variation in production volume compared to operational factors.  Amongst considered environmental factors snowfall is highly influencing followed by rainfall.  At system level  use of maximum capacities of equipment and availability are key point for increasing production. Based on analysis of internal operational factors, it was concluded that capacity of shovel and trucks is underutilised. For shovels availability and idle time are influential factors. For trucks utilisation is highly correlated to production volume generated.  Analysis of environmental factors concluded that, period of zero snowfall and rainfall are perfect condition for equipment production increase. Period when either snowfall or rainfall stabilisation are also equivalent to achieve higher production. Although these production levels are significantly less than period without snow and rain

Technical and economic evaluations of the battery energy storage systems for a residential building along with the photovoltaic system

Amjadi, Hamid Reza January 2017 (has links)
Photovoltaic (PV) system and the battery energy storage system are promising to supply power for residential buildings. Solar panels along with the battery energy storage (BESS) presents an opportunity for the households to use a much greater proportion of the solar photovoltaic (PV) to generate the electricity and minimize the need of purchasing expensive electricity from the electricity grid. This project presents a framework for conducting the economic and technical analysis of residential house along with the integration of solar panel units and the BESSs. In this study, the electricity consumption of a multi flats building (Magnolia) in Helsingborg and the PV production profile under local weather conditions are compared and analyzed. The proposed framework is developed by considering different prices of electricity of the existing electricity market in Sweden as well as the investment costs for the solar PV units and BESSs. The economic analysis is carried out based on different economic measures such as electricity price, simple payback analysis, net present value, payback analysis based on funding and without funding, and reduction in carbon-di-oxide (CO2) emissions. Technical evaluations of the BESS are carried out based on peak shaving purpose and overproduction from the solar panels. and The results show that ten 28 kWh of the BESSs in Magnolia building is required in order to meet the customer electricity demand and reduce the stress on the electricity grid as well as power cost and size of the fuse. Furthermore, the customer saves 154256 kr yearly, with the payback period of 14 to 20 years, which is almost similar to the expected lifetime of such a BESS.

En undersökning av on-site-faktorers påverkan på en e-handelsplattform

Brandt, Daniel, Fasth, Frida, Gustavsson, Adam, Janfalk, Elsa, Kimiaei, Felix, Lindholm, Victor, Palmlund, Victor, Swensson, Styrbjörn January 2019 (has links)
As a result of trends identified in the report and marketing plan, the importance of a search engine optimized platform for e-commerce is established. In order to further examine the implementation of such, a website was constructed with this purpose in mind. The of said website was designed based on user stories which in their turn partly came from competitor's websites and partly from preference. In order to optimize the website for search engines, four established factors were optimized to the best of the group's ability. These factors were responsivity, custom 404-page, sitemap and keywords. Testing these factors against Google, the tests were ran partly through the search engine itself and partly through the third-party programmes WebSite Auditor and SERPROBOT. In accordance with expectations, the keywords had a considerable effect on the acquired results, but the remaining factors had nothing more than a marginal contribution; this was not expected. The experiment had many sources of error and and low reliability, cheifly on account of the chosen instruments for measure and a statistical uncertainty as a result of few observations. The conclusion made is that keywords have a greater effect than the other evaluated factors.

SNMP-Proxy för SMF marknaden : Kan SNMP-proxy vara lösningen för att realisera SNMP som tjänst till SMF marknaden?

Börjesson, Johan January 2019 (has links)
No description available.

Adapting competence to technologcal shifts : A case study about collaboration and managing the dynamics of core competencies within technicalbased firms

Fast, Johan, Måneblad, Richard January 2016 (has links)
No description available.

Kreativitet & integration mellan nyanlända ungdomar i Eskilstuna kommun : Studien fokuserar på kreativitet och integration hos nyanlända undomar utifrån ett föreningslivsperspektiv

Dawood, Tasneem D., Eshaghi, Hooman E. January 2017 (has links)
No description available.

Förutsättningar för utveckling av självkörande skyttelbussar i kollektivtrafiken / Conditions for the development of self-driving shuttlebusses in public transport

Hökars, Felicia January 2019 (has links)
The most sustainable way to incorporate self-driving vehicles into our transportation system is to combine them with high capacity public transport. Unlike other forms of self-driving vehicles, in recent years self-driving shuttles have been tested to provide shorter transportation services. In a near future these shuttles could serve as feeders to and from stations, which will increase accessibility to public transport for more people. A first aim of this study was to examine the conditions for future development and use of self-driving shuttles as a complement to public transport in Sweden. The theoretical framework Technological Innovation Systems (TIS) was used in order to analyze the development. A second aim of this study was to examine whether TIS is appropriate for answering the first aim. Qualitative interviews were conducted with representatives from actor groups that were considered important for the development. The thesis suggest that the development is in a demonstration phase. The pilot tests with self-driving shuttles have played an important role in order to coordinate actors and create networks for knowledge diffusion. Identified blocking mechanism found are the complicated process of obtaining permission for conducting tests and uncertainties around technology development and use. In order to reach a niche market phase and commercialization the study suggest a continued support for more pilot tests and simplification of the permission process.

Use of precise point positioning techniques in GNSS applications

Baños García, Adrián January 2019 (has links)
No description available.

Uppkopplad utrustning för insamling av data : Och hur det kan förbättra en lastbilsmontering

Hagland, Emma January 2019 (has links)
No description available.

The phenomenon of rural depopulation in the Swedish landscape : Turning the trends

Manakou, Afroditi January 2018 (has links)
The objective of the study at hand is to explore the phenomenon of rural depopulation and more specifically to find out what are the methods that a region can apply in order to reverse it. Rural depopulation is a phenomenon that started taking place at the beginning of the century in Sweden. Lately the interest about urbanization and how to deal with it has increased tremendously, thus rural population decline was neglected. Some researchers though identified the problematic situation and the threats behind the phenomenon. The present paper focuses on Sweden, a country which is one of the most sparsely populated in Europe and where the phenomenon is also observed. Even though the overall population of the country keeps increasing, the number of inhabitants residing in certain peripheral municipalities decreases. The fact that Sweden experienced a significant influx of immigrants and asylum seekers during the last years doesn’t seem to have worked in an alleviating way for rural areas. As argued by previous researchers, this particular group could be a rejuvenating source for depopulated regions. Nevertheless the aforementioned group also seems to prefer relocating to the bigger centers due to better job opportunities. Starting from a research-based view the present paper will attempt to list the patterns advocating why people choose to move, and most importantly study the different initiatives that municipalities can follow in order to turn this trend that rural areas have to encounter.

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