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Socialpsykologisk studie om samarbete : En studie om vilka sociala förhållningsätt som är betydande för samarbete i arbetslivet

Särndahl, Josefine, Hellström, Andreas January 2015 (has links)
Our post-modern society is being continually more characterized by the working life, where corporate relations and the understanding of human momentum, limitations and knowledge is the basis of the quality of the corporation. In other words, it is of the greatest importance to keep in mind the attitudes, behaviour, stress levels and motivations that constitute a good working environment. We find it interesting to study what social psychological approaches and social processes could be of importance to good cooperation. The research has its starting point in a qualitative method focused on semi- structured interviews, where we have interviewed eight respondents working within the psychiatry. The research has strengthened our pre-understanding but also made clear the existence of other social processes and approaches that affect cooperation. How people look at each other in the social contexts which they are currently in, as well as people’s childhood conditions and psychological development having a large impact on how man will relate to other relations and consequently situations of collaboration, is of the utmost importance. Respect, communication, a sense of belonging, trust and social connections but also conformity and like-mindedness are all concepts that are of the greatest importance to good cooperation. However, it is also of significance to find a balance between these concepts whereas emphasizing one concept more than the others will not result in a well-functioning collaboration. The essay discusses and analyzes the empirical material we have achieved from a social psychological point of view where theorists like Scheff, Collins, von Wright, May and Gastil ́s concepts and theories are being applied. Scientific articles which we also apply and which have a significant impact in the study is Justice and Effective cooperation, Workplace Friendships and Organizational Outcomes, Adult attachment styles in the workplace and Workplace Communication Problems. / Vårt postmoderna samhälle präglas allt mer av arbetslivet och där samarbetsrelationer och förståelse för människans drivkrafter, begränsningar och kunskaper är en grund för verksamhetens kvalité. Det är med andra ord av vikt att tänka på frågor som berör attityder, beteenden, stressnivå och motivation för att ett gott arbetsklimat skall kunna existera. Vi finner det intressant att studera vilka socialpsykologiska förhållningssätt och sociala processer som kan vara av vikt för ett gott samarbete. Undersökningen har sin utgångspunkt i en kvalitativ metod inriktad på halvstrukturerade informant intervjuer där vi har intervjuat åtta respondenter som arbetar inom psykiatrin. Uppsatsarbetet har förstärkt vår förförståelse men också tydliggjort att det existerar många olika sociala processer och förhållningssätt som påverkar samarbete. Att det är av vikt hur människor ser på varandra i de sociala kontexter de befinner sig i och att människans uppväxtförhållanden och psykologiska utveckling har en stor inverkan på hur människan kommer att förhålla sig till andra relationer och därmed också i samarbetssituationer. Respekt, kommunikation, tillhörighet, tillit och sociala band men också konformitet är begrepp som är av stor vikt för ett gott samarbete. Dock är det av vikt att finna en balans mellan dessa begrepp då mer tyngd åt den ena eller andra aspekten inte gynnar ett väl fungerande samarbete. I arbetet diskuteras och analyseras det empiriska materialet utifrån ett socialpsykologiskt perspektiv där teoretiker som Scheff, Collins, von Wright, May och Gastils begrepp och teorier tillämpas. Vetenskapliga artiklar som vi även tillämpar och som har en betydande inverkan i studien är Justice and effective coopertion, Workplace Friendships and Organizational Outcomes, Adult attachment styles in the workplace och Workplace Communication Problems.

Taming Japan's democracy: the making of homogeneous Japanese citizens through education.

Oka, Yoko 16 April 2012 (has links)
Although the significance of education is widely recognized, the content and regimentation of education is not often discussed in contemporary Japan. This thesis analyzed the Japanese education system from Meiji Restoration to today, revealing how the Japanese education system has molded citizens in favor of state power. The persistent system, which has produced citizen conformity, eventually created mindless self-censored citizens. As a result, because of the repeated education dogma, Japanese youths are desperately trying to be ideal Japanese citizens. Nevertheless, the ramifications of the education system in Japanese society, have led to the Hikikomori (or hidden youths) and high suicide rates. The findings of this thesis are based on the education guidelines from the Japanese education ministry and from interviews with various Japanese people. The conclusion is that if the Japanese education system keeps ousting the freedoms of students, the system may once again have a devastating effect on democracy as was seen in Japan in the 1930s. / Graduate


坂本, 剛, Sakamoto, Gou 27 December 1999 (has links)

Influence structure, decision-making process and compliance structure on nominated issues related to collective bargaining

Nicholson, Theodore H., January 1967 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin, c1967. / Typescript. Vita. eContent provider-neutral record in process. Description based on print version record. Includes bibliographical references.

Bounded set trends and conformity to group norms at a non-denominational church

Durham, Jennifer M. January 2005 (has links)
Thesis (D. Min.)--Ashland Theological Seminary, 2005. / Abstract. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 146-151).

Adolescent religiosity and conformity to parents is sex a moderator? /

Summers, Rebecca Kim. January 2006 (has links)
Thesis (M.S.)--West Virginia University, 2006. / Title from document title page. Document formatted into pages; contains iv, 64 p. : ill. Vita. Includes abstract. Includes bibliographical references (p. 50-58).

Gestão ambiental baseada na conformidade legal com a utilização do programa SMSnet no auxílio a tomada de decisões: estudo de caso na empresa Petróleo Brasileiro S.A

Rocha, Ronaldo Augusto Nascimento da 19 May 2008 (has links)
Made available in DSpace on 2015-04-11T13:55:14Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 1 Ronaldo Augusto.pdf: 979383 bytes, checksum: 50637606823686dff8357d48e3c6f117 (MD5) Previous issue date: 2008-05-19 / The environment is the supplier of the natural source used in the process of transformation for attainment of the consumer goods and capital asset. The legal base, following the evolution of the necessities and human knowledge, regulates the actions of the individuals and companies for a socially responsible action rationalizing the use of these natural goods and minimizing the decurrent negative consequences of the transformative process. Amongst the industrial transformative activities of bigger damage to the environment it is of oil refining. The oil refineries consume great amounts of natural resources, generate enormous and varied negative consequences, that related pertinent the ambient legislation in the federal, state and municipal scope, taken care of with only form to minimize the negative consequences, form the report of legal conformity, tool of the ambient system of management. With the intention to investigate the prevalence of ambient legal conformity in the UN-REMAN, ours I besiege of collection of data, was verified the report of Legal Conformity, interviews with managers to determine the degree of interest in the preservation of the Environment, knowledge of the report of legal conformity for the consideration in the power to decide system of the company. The study disclosed that in 2007 the managers had considered the report of legal conformity of the company important as tool of the management system, however a little more of the half one know the SMSnet with its modules of consultation and they had assisted in the elaboration of reply to the legal requirements. One becomes necessary, therefore, informative actions of the ambient legislation associates the UN-REMAN for knowledge of the managers and influence in the construction of work plans / O Meio-ambiente é fornecedor do bem natural utilizado no processo de transformação para obtenção dos bens de consumo e bens de capital. O base jurídica ambiental, acompanhando a evolução das necessidades e conhecimento humano, regulam as ações dos indivíduos e empresas para uma ação socialmente responsável racionalizando a utilização desses bens naturais e minimizando as externalidades negativas ambientais decorrentes do processo transformativo. Dentre as atividades industriais transformadoras de maior dano ao meioambiente está a de refino de petróleo. As refinarias de petróleo consomem grandes quantidades de recursos naturais, geram enormes e variadas externalidades negativas, que relacionadas à legislação ambiental pertinente no âmbito Federal, Estadual e Municipal, atendidas com única forma de minimizar as externalidades negativas, formam o relatório de Conformidade Legal, ferramenta do sistema de Gestão Ambiental. Com o intuito de investigar a prevalência da Conformidade Legal ambiental na UN-REMAN, nosso sitio de coleta de dados, foi verificado o Relatório de Conformidade Legal, entrevistas com gestores para determinar o grau de interesse na preservação do Meio Ambiente, conhecimento do Relatório de Conformidade Legal para consideração no sistema decisório da empresa. Sendo realizada entrevistas com 11 gerentes, dos 12 possíveis, 09 supervisores e não supervisores. Sendo que 95% consideram importante a preservação do Meio Ambiente e cerca de 90% afirma conhecer e utilizar as informações contidas no relatório de Conformidade Legal no sistema decisório. O estudo revelou que em 2007 os gestores consideraram importante o Relatório de Conformidade da empresa como ferramenta do sistema de gestão, porém um pouco mais da metade conhecem o SMSnet com seus módulos de consulta e auxiliaram na elaboração de resposta aos requisitos legais. Faz-se mister, portanto, ações informativas das legislações ambientais associadas a UN-REMAN para conhecimento dos gestores e influência na construção de planos de trabalho

The Effect of Culture on Consumer Choice: The Need for Conformity vs. the Need for Uniqueness

Liang, Beichen, He, Yanbin 01 May 2012 (has links)
This paper investigates whether East Asians are more likely than Westerners to purchase a brand presented as a best-seller given that East Asians tend to have a higher need for conformity and Westerners tend to have a higher need for uniqueness. Results show that East Asians are more likely than their Western counterparts to purchase such brands when the perceived risk is low. However, when the perceived risk is high, both East Asians and Westerners tend to prefer a brand presented as a best-seller. Results also show that, in a three-option set in which the C option is dominated by the B option but not by the A, both East Asians and Westerners are more likely to select option C when it is presented as a best-seller than when it is not. Managerial implications and the study's limitations are also discussed.

Standing Up for the Self: The Role of Resistance in Self-Concept Clarity

Johnson, Jesi Elise 17 August 2013 (has links)
I examined whether expressing minority opinions enhances self-concept clarity and whether need for uniqueness (NfU) moderates this predicted relationship. I used an experimental survey with a 2 (Pre-existing Position: opposed, in favor) × 2 (Majority Position: opposed, in favor) × 2 (Participant Action: resist, conform) design. Participants identified themselves as primarily for or against granting legal rights to homosexuals and completed an NfU measure. Participants were then randomly assigned to read that the majority of MSU students either oppose or support granting legal rights to homosexuals. After reading arguments consistent with the majority position, participants were asked to offer arguments that either supported or refuted the majority. Contrary to hypotheses, arguing the minority position did not enhance self-concept clarity. Anti-gay rights participants were higher in self-concept clarity than pro-gay rights participants, and they became even higher in self-concept clarity when arguing with an opposed majority than when arguing against one.

Vidskepelse som social konformitet i Pehr Stenbergs Levernesbeskrivning 1758–1807 / Superstition as a Form of Social Conformity in the Life Description of Pehr Stenberg 1758 - 1807

Nilsson, Olle January 2023 (has links)
No description available.

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