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A language of its own? : approaches to the body and mental illness

Phillips, Louise January 2003 (has links)
No description available.

The beholder's share : pictorial representation and imagination

Brady, Emily Suzanne January 1992 (has links)
No description available.

The bearing of empirical studies of religious experience on education

Hay, D. January 1988 (has links)
No description available.

The Influence of Experiential Grounding on Attributions of Initial Trustworthiness at Work

Roussin, Christopher Jay January 2008 (has links)
Thesis advisor: William F. Stevenson / An important and basic question, highly-relevant to managerial practice, which has been only partially asked and answered in the organizational literature, concerns the development of initial trust among co-workers. In this dissertation, I develop and test the theoretical idea that individual reflection upon affectively-charged work experience will have considerable influence on present attributions of initial trustworthiness to co-workers. The theory is primarily based in the scholarly literature on attribution theory, affective forecasting and trust concepts. Empirical results from testing across three distinct vignette-based scenarios show that the valence of relevant indirect experience is significantly and positively related to the level of initially attributed trustworthiness. Two experiential indicators, relational self-efficacy and organizational identification, are also found to be situationally and positively related to the level of initially attributed trust. The discussion details important implications for scholarship and management practice. / Thesis (PhD) — Boston College, 2008. / Submitted to: Boston College. Carroll School of Management. / Discipline: Organization Studies.

Perceptions of Physician Empathy: Effects of Demographic Features

Letizia, Jessica January 2014 (has links)
Thesis advisor: Andrea Heberlein / Expressions of empathy are considered a core component of a physician’s treatment of their patients. It is imperative to the establishment of open communication, which aids in facilitating a good interpersonal relationship, exchanging information and making treatment-related decisions. Although empathy is widely viewed as essential, it is also commonly viewed as burdensome. We propose that empathy can be divided based on the characteristics in which we evaluate another’s mind. Previous research indicates that we attribute mental capacities based on two distinct dimensions: experience and agency, described as the capacity to feel and the capacity to act, respectively. By dividing physician empathy into an understanding of a patient’s feelings and an understanding of a patient’s goals, it may be possible to extract what we are assuming to be the emotionally taxing component by focusing just on the patient’s agency. 270 participants were surveyed regarding their opinions of their physician’s communication in an attempt to identify trends within demographic populations for preferences for goal-directed or emotional empathy. Results indicate significant effects of age, gender and combined income. As age and combined income increase, appreciation for agency-related communication decreases. Females also expressed significantly higher appreciation for an experience-related style of communication. / Thesis (BA) — Boston College, 2014. / Submitted to: Boston College. College of Arts and Sciences. / Discipline: College Honors Program. / Discipline: Psychology.

Emotions and Religious Experience

Studt, Eric Michael January 2018 (has links)
Thesis advisor: Richard Lennan / Thesis advisor: J. Randy Sachs / Thesis (STL) — Boston College, 2018. / Submitted to: Boston College. School of Theology and Ministry. / Discipline: Sacred Theology.

The ‘Experience of Grace’ in the Theologies of Karl Rahner and Bernard Lonergan

Petillo, L. Matthew January 2009 (has links)
Thesis advisor: Frederick Lawrence / The first chapter begins by delineating Lonergan’s philosophy of development. It then applies this philosophy to a range of literature on grace and discerns, in the historical data, a basic line of intellectual progress. For this reason, this chapter implements a genetic method. More specifically, the chapter proposes an explanatory framework for understanding the contemporary transposition of scholastic metaphysics. Special attention is placed on the notion of grace as experience in relation to the evolution of theology as a science. The first chapter implements a genetic method to chart the developments in the history of the theology of grace. The last section of that chapter sketches the basic contours of a development that enabled a transposition from the second to the third stage of meaning—a development that made possible a description of grace in terms of consciousness. The second chapter addresses the question of grace and consciousness in the context of Lonergan’s thought. In this chapter, I bring to light the complexities and challenges of identifying and describing grace as a datum of human experience. I also attempt to offer the Lonergan scholar some guidance by developing a set of normative criteria that will assist him in navigating these complexities and surmounting these challenges. The chapter is not an exercise in foundational theology but is written from a dialectical and methodological viewpoint. The dialectical and methodological work of the second chapter will prepare for the task of the third chapter. Chapter three compares Rahner’s and Lonergan’s theologies of grace; it focuses on a comparison of Lonergan’s notion of ‘being-in-love unrestrictedly’ and Rahner’s notion of the ‘supernatural existential’ in order to clarify their respective positions and to demonstrate an affinity in their writings on grace. Chapter four uses Rahner’s and Lonergan’s account of grace in terms of experience, developed in chapter three, to work out a theology of religion that responds to the challenges posed by post-modernism. My thesis in chapter four is that Rahner’s and Lonergan’s theologies of grace can ground the notion of a common consciousness of grace and take seriously the claim of a genuine variety of religious experiences. / Thesis (PhD) — Boston College, 2009. / Submitted to: Boston College. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. / Discipline: Theology.

Caries experience of preschool children in Johannesburg

Kalil, Abdalraof Benaessa January 2017 (has links)
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Dentistry. School of Oral Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Johannesburg, 2017. / Introduction Although the prevalence of dental caries experience among the children in the world has decreased significantly in the last fifty years, dental caries is one of the most predominant chronic childhood diseases worldwide, and it is a public health problem, both for individual children and families who choose to deal with young children suffering from a toothache. Aims and objectives The purpose of this study was to determine caries experience and associated factors contributing to the condition among preschool children in Johannesburg. The objectives were to determine the dmft status, the pufa index of the children and to compare the prevalence of caries between age-groups. Furthermore, the association between demographic characteristics and the caries experience was assessed. Methodology A cross-sectional study was carried out at six sites in Johannesburg on children aged 2-5 years. Data was collected by means of a parental questionnaire covering demographic information and oral dietary habits. This was followed by an oral examination using two indices: Decayed Missing Filled Teeth (dmft) and Pulp Exposure Ulceration Fistula Abscess (pufa). Results Two hundred and twenty-two preschool children aged 2- 5 years participated in this study (n= 222): girls (n= 125) (56%), slightly outnumbering boys (n= 97) (44%). The mean dmft at 2, 3, 4 and 5 years was 0.96, 1.93, 3.44 and 3.38 respectively. The prevalence of dental caries of the children was 47.74% with a mean dmft of 2.41 (SD ± 3.60). The mean age of the children in the study was 3.5 years (SD ± 1.01 years). The results showed statistically significant difference among the age groups. The 4 and 5-year olds had higher levels of dmft than the 2 and 3 year olds (P < 0.001). There were no significant differences (P = 0.3566) in the mean dmft between the boys and girls in the study. There were negligible pufa scores, only 2.2% of the children had pufa scores. The largest contribution was the abscesses. The average dmft value for the children in Berea/Yeoville area was significantly higher (3.8; SD± 4.2) than the one for the children in OR Tambo Diepsloot immunization clinic (1.5; SD± 2.8), (P < 0.001). Household size and parental education had no significant influence on the dmft. Conclusion The prevalence of dental caries was found to be high among 2 to 5-year-old preschool children in Johannesburg, and the mean dmft was directly proportional to the age. / MT2018

Exploring a delinquent past : women's experiences as adolescents involved in delinquent activities

Kruger, Holly Anne 07 July 2009
Historically, research on adolescent delinquency has focused on statistically determined causal risk factors and has been conducted utilizing male participants (Barron, 2000; Chesney-Lind & Sheldon, 2004). As summarized by Chesney-Lind and Sheldon (2004) delinquency theory has ignored girls and as a result there is considerable question whether existing theories that were developed to explain boys delinquency can explain girls as well (p. 98). Using a basic interpretive qualitative research design (Merriam, 2002b), the studys purpose was to explore and gain a better understanding of the personal experiences of women who were involved in delinquent activities during adolescence. Five women between the ages of 19 and 59 years participated in three interviews. The data collection interview focused on the womens experiences as an adolescent female involved in delinquent activities. The participants descriptions lead to the identification of four descriptive categories: experiences with abuse, experiences with substance use, experiences with challenging and complicated relationships, and experiences that made a positive difference. These four categories of experiential description are discussed in terms of application(s) to counselling practice and future research.

Bodybuilders upplevelse av hälsa

Ghavami, Sara, Wallberg, Camilla January 2011 (has links)
No description available.

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