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Sjuksköterskans upplevelse och hantering av stress på en akutmottagning

Funke, Fredrik, Bergquist, Stig January 2012 (has links)
SUMMARY   The purpose of this study was to explore how nurses in the emergency department experience and cope with stress in their workplace. The study had a qualitative, descriptive approach and was based on nine individual, semi-structured interviews. They were then processed using content analysis. The content analysis of interviews resulted in two categories, "the nurse's experience of stress," "the nurses coping with stress." Together, the categories highlighted how nurses experienced stress during and after their shifts. The study showed clearly that all nurses experienced and coped with stress in their daily work activities..The authors noticed that stressful time for the nurses were repeated at each session and were similar in character. The organization does not seem to address the core of the problems leading to increased work load for the nurses. Sometime the nurses had to deal with the prolonged stress outside their working hours. Most of them felt to be skilled at dealing with acutestress.The working model in the emergency department has serious shortcomings in how the nurses should be able to complete their tasks more efficiently. This has consequences that the nurse easily ends up in a stressful situation that reduces her effective working capacity. For some time now a more favourable working model has been put in place, which will shorten, working hours.Keywords: Stress, nurse, management, emergency department, physiological / psychological effects of stress.

Entwicklung eines computeradaptiven Tests zur Erfassung von Stresserleben (Stress-CAT)

Kocalevent, Rüya-Daniela. January 2005 (has links)
Berlin, Freie Universiẗat, Diss., 2005. / Dateiformat: zip, Dateien im PDF-Format.

Der Einfluss von chronischem Stress auf die Cortisolkonzentration im Speichel : Gesamtkonzentration, Tagesprofil und Cortisolreaktivität auf alltägliche Stressoren /

Ockenfels, Margit. January 1995 (has links)
Zugl.: Trier, Universiẗat, Diss., 1994.

Social och studierelaterad stress i prestigeutbildningar : En enkätstudie med fokus på psykologstudenter och civilingenjörsstudenter i informationsteknologi vid Linköpings universitet

Harangi, Márta January 2012 (has links)
Undersökningens syfte har varit att studera och synliggöra social och studierelaterad stress i två professionsorienterade utbildningar samt att studera genusaspekter i anslutning till detta. Studien är grundad på kvantitativ ansats, baserad på gruppenkät och efterföljde statistiska bearbetningar. Resultatet redogör för studenternas sociala och studierelaterade stress med fokus på psykologstudenter och informationsteknologstudenter, inklusive genusaspekten. Enligt resultatet uppskattade respondenterna sina stressnivåer på en medelhog grad. Det finns en grupp individer (cirka 15 procent) som visar psykosomatiska symptom på långvarig stress. Studenterna upplever studierelaterade stressfaktorer, stressorer som rör studieteknik, prestation, kontroll över den egna studiesituationen och rädslan inför framtiden, samt stressorer som relateras till olika sociala förhållanden. De viktigaste stressfaktorerna är: ständig tidspress och tidsbrist i studierna, de går på ständigt högvarv och de känner sig aldrig lediga från studierna. De är ständigt trötta och de har svårt att använda PBL. Det förekom könsrelaterade skillnader: kvinnor uppvisar en högre stressnivå än män.


Boyer, Catherine Lee, 1954- January 1982 (has links)
No description available.


Scharf, Christine Grant. January 1983 (has links)
No description available.

Mécanismes d'assemblage des granules de stress dans des conditions de stress oxydatif et osmotique / Mechanisms of stress granules assembly under oxidative and osmotic stresses

Bounedjah, Ouissame 14 March 2014 (has links)
Les granules de stress (GSs) sont des entités cytoplasmiques très dynamiques et dépourvues de membranes, ils apparaissent suite à des conditions de stress. En raison du fait que les GSs sont instables et dépourvus de membranes, leur isolement biochimique n'a pas été accompli. En effet, toutes les fonctions qui sont attribuées aux GSs se basent principalement sur l'observation par microscopie optique de quelques protéines régulatrices des ARNm. A travers cette étude, nous avons déterminé la composition des GSs à l'échelle nanométrique dans deux conditions de stress différentes (stress osmotique et stress oxydatif). Nous avons d'abord cartographié les GSs par microscopie électronique puis ces mêmes granule sont été analysés par microscopie ionique. Grâce au marquage isotopique de l'ARN, nous avons montré que ces structures sont très riche sen ARN, par rapport au reste du cytoplasme et ceci dans les deux conditions de stress. Le deuxième volet de notre étude nous a permis de mettre en évidence un rôle fonctionnel des GSs dans la réponse au stress osmotique. En effet, l'augmentation de la force ionique et de l'encombrement macromoléculaire (deux paramètres qui sont accentués dans les conditions de stress osmotique) permet la dissociation des polysomes et l'assemblage des GSs. Néanmoins, quelques heures après, l'accumulation des osmolytes compatibles dans le cytoplasme par les transporteurs spécifiques réduit la force ionique et l'encombrement macromoléculaire permettant ainsi la dissociation des GSs et le retour progressif de la traduction. Nous avons démontré également que le préconditionnement des cellules avec des osmolytes compatibles avant leur exposition à un stress osmotique sévère bloque la formation des GSs et augmente le taux de survie des cellules. L'ensemble de ces résultats prouve que les osmolytes compatibles favorisent la survie cellulaire et l'adaptation des cellules aux conditions de stress osmotique partiellement via la dissociation des GSs et la reprise de la traduction. / Stress granules (SGs) are highly dynamical cytoplasmic bodies laking encapsuling membarnes which appear in reponse to a wide variety of stresses. Due to their lack of membranes and their instability, their biochemical isolation from cells has not yet been accomplished. All functions attributed to SGs are mostly based on optical microscopy observations of key proteins involved in mRNA processing. In the first part of our study, we explored the RNA composition SGs at a nanometric scale and their biophysical properties in two different conditions (osmotic and oxydative stresses). To do so, we imaged and identified the SGs by electron microscopy and analyzed the distribution of N15-uridine labeled-RNA via ionic microscopy. We show that the SGs are enriched in RNA compared to rest of cytoplasm in the two stress conditions. The second part of our study, we tackled the functional role of the SGs in response to osmotic stress. The increase of ionic strength and macromolecular crowding which are the hallmark of osmotic stress lead to SGs assembly in cells after polysome disassembly. However, several hours after the onset of stress, the compatible osmolyte accumulation in the cell by specific transporters reduces the ionic strength and macromolecular crowding thus allowing the diassembly of SGs and the progressive return of translation. In line with this, celle preconditioning with compatible osmolytes before their exposition to severe osmotoc stress prevents the assembly of SGs and increases the rate of cell survival. Together, these results show that compatible osmolytes favors cell survival and adaptation to osmotoc stress via the disassembly of SGs ans recovery of translation.

Stress among medical doctors working in public hospitals of the Ngaka Molema District (Mafikeng Health Region), North West Province

Mutunzi, Elie Kiraga January 2010 (has links)
Thesis (Family Medicine))--University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus), 2010. / There is growing concern about stress among public hospital doctors. Studies about stress in South Africa are lacking. The aim of our study was to ascertain the prevalence and level of stress among NMM district doctors; establish relationship if any, between stress and working condition, and compare the results with findings of a study done among general practitioners in a private practice. Methods A cross-sectional study using a standardized questionnaire was carried out among medical doctors working in 4 hospitals of the Ngaka Modiri Molema (NMM) district, North West Province, from 5th March 2010 to 21st April 2010. The 12-item GHQ was used to measure the prevalence and the level of stress. The data were analyzed using statistical software SPSS 17.0. A variety of statitistical analyses were applied to the data, including cross-tabulation, analysis of variance (ANOVA). Duncan’s post hoc was applied to establish relationship between stress and working conditions. Results Of the 67 participants in the study, 89.6% claimed feeling stressed, while 50.7% were found to be objectively stressed. The result also revealed that 26.8% of the participants were highly stressed (morbidly). Despite the evidence of heavy workload among doctors in NMM district, no significant association was found between levels of stress and working conditions. x Conclusion: The prevalence and level of stress among medical doctors working in NMM district are very high and they are much higher than the prevalence and level of stress found amongst General Practitionners in Kwa-Du kuza. Doctors were all stressed irrespective of their gender, number of patients seen per day and hours worked per week.

Stratégies de coping chez le sportif

Carton-Caron, Annie. Hautekèete, Marc. January 2004 (has links)
Reproduction : Thèse de doctorat : Psychologie : Lille 3 : 2004. / Titre provenant de l'écran-titre. Bibliogr. f. 404-425.

Promoting challenge appraisals of stress : effects on reactivity, immunity, and health /

Dolbier, Christyn Lisette, January 2000 (has links)
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 2000. / Vita. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 207-217). Available also in a digital version from Dissertation Abstracts.

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