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Hodnocení provozu kotle na biomasu z pohledu emisí

Zbojková, Monika January 2017 (has links)
This thesis is aimed to evaluate the biomass combustion boiler service in the emission point of view. There is summarized description and features of biomass energy utilizati-on in termochemical transformations as well as in-the-house use within solving of advantages and disadvantages. In theory part the biomass boiler distribution is descri-bed. The practical part is aimed to monitor and evaluate service modes of biomass boiler in the way of energetic use, individual polutant monitoring especially in the human health and air protection. In the conclusion the municipality use is mentioned.

Návrh vytápění rodinného domu

Zeman, Tomáš January 2016 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with architectural design of a family house, including its main constructions and assessment of selected details. Two main alternatives are presented: recommended value of a standard heat transfer coefficient and recommended value for passive houses. The work continues with determination of heat loss of the entire object, including calculation of thermal bridges effect. According to the calculated heat loss, there are several kinds of heating proposed. Namely: firewood, natural gas, brown coal, black coal, heat pump and electricity. The thesis also includes building envelope energy labels for both alternatives. The proposed family house is designed as a wooden structure with an emphasis on low heat loss.

Modernizace spalovacích zařízení v elektrárně Poříčí

Huvar, Karel January 2016 (has links)
The task of this thesis is the introduction to combustion facilities modernization issues of the Poříčí power plant. Summary and content of the valid legislative regulations concerning the coal power plants is provided in the theoretical section. The original combustion technology of the granulations boilers prior the modernization and the present state of the fluidized bed combustion technology after it are described. Differences and specifications of the stated technologies are explained in the practical section. The impact of modernization from the environmental criteria point of view with production comparison of polluting emissions during fluidized bed combustion of coal and biomass is analyzed. The economic criteria of modernization on the emission fee calculations bases during fluidized bed combustion of coal and biomass are calculated too. The main differences in combusting the mentioned fuels are explained. The further possibilities of the solid fuel combustion technology in fluidized bed combustor at Poříčí power plant are discussed.

Výběr optimálního způsobu vytápění pro potřeby obecního úřadu / Choice of the optimal heating system for particular municipal office

Marcellová, Miluše January 2016 (has links)
The current trends in sources of heat designed for heating the houses are influenced by the consequences, that interfere in the decision making process from the professional point of view (the advisory activity by the expert) as well as from non-professional point of view (the owner or the operator of the house, usually represented by one person). The aim of this thesis is to find the optimal method, that is supposed to secure disinterested decision making, that will be minimally influenced by the subjective experience, customs and also by the advice given by the friends of the decision maker. The thesis concerns the town hall, that will be insulated in the future. Therefore it is eligible to propose to change the heating source, as the current one will be redundant, once the insulation is done. Using the old heating system would be uneconomical. The current heating source is the gas boiler JUNKERS CERAPUR. The energy (heat) loss of the town hall building will be lowered by 50 % once the insulation is done.

Kotel na spalování vysokopecního plynu / Gas Boiler

Štipský, Pavel January 2020 (has links)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to design a gas boiler for blast furnace gas combustion. At the beginning is performed stoichiometry of the used fuel to determine the optimal amount of combustion air and the actual amount of flue gas. Subsequently is determined the overall efficiency, together with heat and steam power of the boiler. The main part of the thesis is focused on the design of the combustion chamber and the dimensioning of heat exchange surfaces. At the end of the thesis are performed hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations to determine the pressure loss on the side of the working medium and flue gas. Drawing documentation can be found in attachments.

Automatický kotel na pelety / Automatic boiler for biomass pellets

Sklenář, Vít January 2015 (has links)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the research of automatic boilers for biomass pellets and their burners, design of automatic boiler for biomass pellets which include calculation part and drawing part and technical-economics assessment for building in the end. Thesis is divided into four main parts. The first part deals with general information about pellets, automatic boilers for pellets, burners and the standard for boiler. In the second part the pellet boiler is calculated. In the third part the automatic pellet boiler is designed. The fourth section compares three possible variants. Comparison is done for economics and the user.

Morphology and lexicon of the Romany dialect of Kotel (Bulgaria)

Kenrick, Donald Simon January 1969 (has links)
This thesis describes the morphology and lexicon of the dialect of Romany spoken in Kotel, Bulgaria. The introduction shows the position of the dialect within Bulgarian Romany and gives brief details of its speakers (pp 12-15). A phonological transcription is used for the morphology and lexicon. This reveals the relationship between Kotel and other dialects, a relationship normally concealed by its phonetic system. The paradigmatic affixes added to nominals are listed with their variants and specimen paradigms are given (pp 16-31) . Verbs are similarly treated, with special notes on medio-passives and impersonal verbs (pp 32-42). The affixes used in building compound-words are listed with their variants and numerous examples (pp 43-59) o A brief note is included on some non-productive methods of word-formation (p. 60). The changes undergone by loan-words from Turkish and Bulgarian are summarized, together with the paradigmatic affixes used with loans from these languages and Greek (pp 61-66). Two texts are given in phonological transcription with a translation and notes, to illustrate the morphology (pp 67-94). A Romany-English lexicon follows, together with some shorter word-lists(pp 95-202) . The lexicon excludes those loan-words which are freely formed by stated rules from Turkish and Bulgarian, languages with which the people are familiar. Finally phonological rules are given which conver the symbols used up to this point into a broad phonetic transcription (pp 203-211), and a text in parallel phonological and phonetic transcription illustrates the application of these rules (pp 212-219). A concise bibliography concludes the study.

Posouzení a rekonstrukce nosné ocelové konstrukce kotle / Assessment and reconstruction of load carrying steel structure of the boiler

Krátká, Markéta January 2019 (has links)
The diploma thesis is focused on the assessment and verification dimensions of the existing supporting steel structure for the K5 boiler in the locality of Olomouc. The ground dimensions of the existing main supporting structure are 24.4 x 12.2 m. The clear construction height is approx. 44 m. The main supporting columns are made of welded box cross sections. The spacing of the individual cross-links is 7.6-8.9 m. The structural stiffness of the structure is secured by transverse and longitudinal bracing. Stainless steel S235 and S355 are used as the main material of the supporting elements. The design has been assessed according to valid EN ISO standards. Part of the thesis is a technical report, a static calculation containing the assessment of the main structural elements of the structure and joints and the drawing documentation.

Kontrolní tepelný výpočet teplovodního žárotrubného kotle / Rating thermal calculation of fire tube water heater

Polášek, Kryštof January 2020 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with thermal calculations of fire tube water heater. The first part of the thesis describes different classifications of boilers and water heaters and provides a basic overview for different types of commonly used boilers. The next part describes thermal calculation model created in Maple software, used formulas and algorithm of the model. Subsequently, the model is applied to the experimental water heater in the form of computational rating. In the last part of the thesis the model is applied to the existing operated industrial water heater to evaluate predictive ability of the calculation model by comparing the essential operating parameters obtained from the calculation with real data measured on the water heater.

Přepočet kotle při změně jmenovitých parametrů / Recalculation boiler at change of nominal parametrs

Haška, Miroslav January 2009 (has links)
This thesis concerns with recalculation of steam boiler. Arrangement for reaching of new steam boiler parameters and temperature of combustion gases was suggested at first. Then it was verified with thermal calculation, all necessities included.

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