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Plynový kotel na zemní plyn 170t/h / Steam boiler burnig natural gas 170t/h

Žaloudek, Martin January 2012 (has links)
The thesis contains calculations of a boiler burning natural gas. For designated values of steam pressure, temperature and steam power is made a proportion design and heat calculations.

Kotel na spalování smrkové kůry-18t/h / Steam boiler for spruce bark burning-18t/h

Dračka, Lukáš January 2012 (has links)
To design a grate boiler with a natural circulation for burning of a pine bark with an output 18t/h is a primary objective of this dissertation. Individual parts of a boiler and it´s heat transfering surfaces were calculated after the working out of stoichiometric calculations from given element analysis of fuel. All computations have to fulfill several parameters: boliler output, temperature and pressure of an overheated steam.

Parní kotel na dřevní štěpku 25t/h, 5,5MPa, 475°C / steam boiler for wood biomass 25t/h,5,5MPa, 475°C

Pecháček, Michal January 2013 (has links)
The work deals with design of steam grate boiler with a output of 25 t/h, parameters of steam output p = 5.5 MPa, t = 475 °C and a temperature of feed water 105 °C. It is a boiler with natural water circulation by evaporation surfaces. Wood biomass is boiler fuel. The proposal consists of stoichiometric calculations, determination of boiler efficiency, thermal calculations and determinion geometric parameters of the boiler and its heat transfer surfaces. The boiler drawing is a part of the work.

Návrh kotle na spalování slámy,sytá pára 143°C 3MW, a pro CZT 6MW / Steam boiler for straw,saturated steam 0,4MPa output 3MW, and for distric heating system 6MW

Řezníček, Jan January 2013 (has links)
The work is focused on the design heat generation source in my chosen location. The entire facility should be designed to meet the basic requirements of the client. The primary objective of this work is alternatively propose solutions to perform basic balance calculations and determine the performance of each device. Based on the location selected diagram to produce annual heat needs and recommend the best possible solution.

Roštový kotel s přirozenou cirkulací na spalování slámy z pšenice,žita a ječmene,20t/h / The Boiler with natural circulation for burning wheat,rye and barley straw,20t/h

Němec, Radim January 2013 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to propose a grate steam boiler for combustion of straw from wheat, rye and barley output of 20 t / h The calculation is performed by stoichiometric calculation of elemental analysis to calculate the dimensions of a boiler heating surfaces. Default superheated steam can be used mainly for electricity generation.

Návrh parního kotle na odpadní teplo 0,8Nm3/s, 450°C / Design HRSG 0,8Nm3/s, 450°C

Hatiar, Peter January 2013 (has links)
This master’s thesis deals with the issue of design heat recovery steam generator. In the first part is realized calculation of stoichiometry and further the thermal balance of the boiler. The boiler was divided on the basis of thermal analysis in two heating surfaces that have been designed separately. The thesis also includes structural design and drawings of evaporator, economizer and their compilation.

Horkovzdušný kotel na dřevní štěpku, množství vzduchu 2Nm3/s, 500°C / Hot-air boiler for wood mass burning, air 2Nm3/s, 500°C

Ralbovský, Peter January 2013 (has links)
This thesis describes the design of hot air boilers for burning wood chips for the production of process air at 500 ° C and a given flow rate 2 Nm3 / s. The work deals with general combustion and fuel economy of biomass boilers.

Navrhněte parní kotel na spalování zemního plynu / Steam boiler for natural gas

Křivánek, Robin January 2014 (has links)
This diploma thesis describes the design of steam boiler for combustion natural gas, which has a steam power 80t/hour. In the first phase is performed calculation of stoichiometric amount of combustion air and flue gas. After that follows constructional proposal of the combustion chamber. Furthermore continue by calculation heating surfaces of the boiler. In conclusion, the thesis is focused on designing the injections. To check the accuracy of the results is recalculated heat balance the whole boiler.

Návrh roštového kotle s přirozenou cirkulací na spalování slámy z pšenice,žita a ječmene / Steam boiler with grate firing burning wheat straw

Křivák, Petr January 2014 (has links)
The aim of the thesis is the design of the steam grate boilers of 40 t/h for straw burning. The required parameters are generated steam temperature 420 ° C and a pressure of 5.5 MPa. The specified fuel is cereal straw with a calorific value of 9.5 MJ/kg. The calculation is made from the stoichiometric calculation of elemental analysis, to calculate the individual dimensions and heating surfaces of the boiler.

Výpočtový model kotle KWH / Computational Model of KWH Boiler

Koiš, Jiří January 2014 (has links)
The subject of this thesis is the computational model of existing KWH boiler. There is a short research in the introduction, which deals with combustion heat of considered boiler.  The stoichiometric and balance calculations of gasification chamber ZKG are performed first. The Balance calculations are based on the boiler thermal loss calculations, the losses were determined experimentally. The entire calculation is processed in a computational program for purposses of debugging and manipulation with partial calculations. The computational model that is proposed in this thesis provide better boiler proces understandig. The real boiler measurement is performed for evaluation. The next point is the result analyses, that shows potential boiler efficiency improvements.

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