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Kotle na spalování biomasy / Steam boiler for biomass

Knichal, Jaroslav January 2008 (has links)
At present, people already fully aware of how expensive it is energy dependence on fossil fuels. Trying to reduce this dependence goes hand in hand with environmental limits, which restrict the production of dangerous compounds. Biomass is a fuel that does not create large amounts of sulfur and carbon dioxide generated during combustion is in a closed cycle. Different types of biomass have different calorific value, and therefore different demands on the quantity needed to produce MWh. It is therefore necessary to choose the fuel with regard to the availability of in the site.

Odsíření spalin fluidního kotle. / Desulphurisation of flue gas fuidized bed boiler.

Miklík, Tomáš January 2009 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to design a desulphurization device for the fluid boiler. In the fluid boiler, fuel with extremely high sulphur content is burnt and the combustion products are not desulphurized to the required level, therefore it is necessary to build a desulphurization device. The thesis consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part I stated the emission limits of sulphur dioxide, elaborated possible desulphurization methods and described the sorbets suitable for desulphurization. In the practical part I chose a dry desulphurization method with fluid reactor, to which a dry sorbent on the basis of lime hydrate is dosed. For the required parameters, I designed the whole desulphurization equipment including cloth filters, all necessary silos and major components. It is a design proposal with a layout and a spatial model.

Roštový kotel na spalování peletek / Steam boiler with wood pelets firing.

Zekič, Daniel January 2010 (has links)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the construction design of the steam boiler burning pellets. Set parameters: 450°C; 5,2 MPa; 30t/h. Decision procedure: stoichiometric calculation, energy balance, calculation of combustion chamber and heat delivery surface.

Roštový kotel na spalování dřeva / Steam boiler with wood grate firing

Jakeš, Pavel January 2010 (has links)
This diploma thesis deals with proposal of the steam boiler on combustion uncontaminated wood. For the specified parameters have been implemented stoichiometric calculations and calculations enthalpy burnt gas. In the next part have been dealt with heat balance of the boiler, the efficiency of the boiler, design of the combustion chamber and calculation of particular rating surfaces. The output parametres are temperature, pressure and the amount of steam.

Bilanční model jednotky pro energetické využití biomasy / Heat and mass balance model of unit for biomass combustion

Tomšů, Ondřej January 2010 (has links)
This work deals with the creation of a mathematical model for calculating mass and energy balances of the energy units for utilizing the biomass combustion by computational software W2E and it is engaged in necking the validity of the balance model for the real technology unit for combustion different types of biomass. There are presented basic informations of balances and described the procedure how to solve balance calculations of energy units. Introductory part deals with biomass as a renewable energy source, which has a large potential in energy system. There are presented all its important parameters, its types, methods of treatment and utilization power production. Next chapters focus on biomass combustion devices, theirs classification and theirs technological principles. For the specific type of biomass boiler (of capacity 1 MW with movable, inclined grid) - here was created balance model. The choice of this equipment is preferred primarily by the fact that the middle capacity power boilers can be considered as the most suitable heat sources in terms of efficient combustion of biomass. Another motivation is a key objective of this work, which is creation of balance model of the unit which energy utilizes of biomass, which belong into this category of heat sources and is available for real measurements. There are presented the available computing systems for balance modeling with the preference of the analysis program W2E and MS Excel. They are verified as the best instruments for creation balance model at the practical chapter of this work. The main output of presented thesis is thus balance model developed in W2E program which has been compared and modified to the real characteristics of biomass boiler. For this purpose were used the archived data from previous measurements and new actual measurements, which focused on the acquisition of the missing operational data and verifying the reasons of variance of the model and real status. In the conclusion, there are evaluated the basic operating parameters of the technology in various operating states by W2E analysis model.

Parní kotel na spalování lihovarských výpalků 50t/h. / Steam boiler burning fytomass waste

Plot, Rostislav January 2010 (has links)
This thesis deals with the calculation of the boiler on stillage. Nowadays, when there's fossil fuels are just biomass seems adequate compensation. The great advantage of biomass boilers is a small amount of emissions, especially the greenhouse gas CO2. Of a given fuel composition is made thermal calculation and dimensioning of heat transfer surfaces of steam boilers. The resulting calculation must follow the parameters of steam at the outlet from the boiler.

Vysoce efektivní kondenzační kotel na zemní plyn / Heigh effective condensation boiler feeded by natural gas

Renfus, Jaromír January 2010 (has links)
The dissertation is concerned with a problem of condensing boilers. The attention will apply to the condensing boiler which is filled in an absortion springle for a better an-nealing of exhaust gas. On this account the dissertation is possible to divide by some parts. There is a generally resolution of a condensing boiler´s principle and an effective annealing of exhaust gas for low temperatures in the first part. A description of an ab-sorption circulation follows in the second part. A practical part solves a suggestion of the condensing boiler with an absorption afterheat removal springle, an assesment of working parameters and a calculation of heat transfer surfaces. A technoeconomic ana-lysis of a proposed arrangement is made in the final part.

Kotel na spalování čistého dřeva 60t/h / Steam boiler burning wood 60t/h.

Dufek, Adam January 2011 (has links)
The aim of the work is to design a plain wood combustion boiler of 60 t/h output. Fuelling component analysis has been added to the basic boiler parameters. Stechiometric calculations were performed for given fuel composition. Thermal efficiency was set after making thermal balance. Separate convective areas and boiler proportions were designed together with separate steam output parameters (temperature, pressure, amount). Design documentation was added.

Dvoutlaký horizintální kotel na odpadní teplo za spalovací turbinu;121,3kg/s spalin, 456 C / Heat recovery Steam generator-HRSG two presurre levels,121,3kg/s flue gas ,456 C.

Maar, Tomáš January 2012 (has links)
This thesis deals with a heat recovery steam generator for gas turbine. According to the given parameters of the flue and steam, thermal balance boiler was design and configuration of the heating surfaces. Furthermore, the parameters calculated in the thermal balance of the individual heat transfer surfaces designed and drawn in the drawing.

Odsíření práškového granulačního kotle K3 na Tp Olomouc / Desulphurisation of flue gas from pulverzided coal boiler,Tp Olomouc

Kozumplík, Ondřej January 2012 (has links)
The aim of this thesis is to design a desulphurisation device for the pulverized coal boiler K3 in heating plant Olomouc. In this boiler, coal with sulphur content is burnt. Emissions SOx from the boiler output are much higher than the emission limits for SOx, which comes into force 1.1.2016. Therefore it is necessary to build a desulphurisation device, which will cause a significant reduction of SOx emissions and compliance with the emission limits. The thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part states SO2 emission limits and describes various methods for flue gas desulphurisation. In the practical part I chose a semi-dry desulphurisation method with fluid reactor. It determines a stoichiometric amount of combustion air and determines the boiler efficiency. For the required parametres is given a calculation of desulphurisation, the design of some parts of the device and design arrangement.

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